PUI Audio Sound Solutions

MEMS Microphones

PUI Audio, featuring exclusive technology developed by Vesper Technologies, presents the world’s first and only piezoelectric microphone which provides superior performance and quality in all environments.

PUI Audio’s new PMM-3738-VM1000-R is a low noise, low part-to-part variation, high dynamic range, single ended analog output piezoelectric MEMS microphone. This microphone consists of a piezoelectric sensor and circuitry to buffer and amplify the output. It is ideal for voice user interface, IoT products, wearables, smartphones, smart home devices and other applications where low noise, high stability and durability are desired.

PMM 3788 Receiver



  • Unique piezoelectric MEMS transducer
  • Very low noise floor
  • Low part-to-part variation
  • Extreme Particle Resistance
  • Fast startup time
  • High dynamic range
  • Stable performance in all conditions
  • Dust and water resistant to IP57

Part Number


Instead of following the design of traditional capacitive MEMS microphones, trapping air and contaminants between layers, PUI Audio’s piezoelectric MEMS diaphragm travels freely with sound making for improved fidelity and noise-rejection. The PMM-3738-VM1000-R has a small 3.76mm X 2.95mm X 1.1mm package and is reflow solder compatible with no sensitivity degradation.

Audio Sound eXciters

PUI New eXciters Grouped

Transform nearly anything into an audio generating device without the challenges of speakers: complex chambers, the worry of environmental damage, or the need to change the look of your product with speaker holes just to have it make sound. They are driven just like a speaker, so your product that uses speakers is already compatible without any redesign…perfect for making your device completely water and dust proof!

Audio exciters are built on the same principal as speakers, where there is still a permanent magnet and a moving voice coil to generate sound, directly proportional to an audio signal. A speaker relies on the diaphragm (attached to the voice coil by a former) to modulate air and make sound.

Exciters, instead, rely upon the voice coil being coupled directly to the inside surface of an object, transforming that object’s outer surface into an invisible, protected speaker by imparting vibration from the exciter’s moving mass into the surface.

The vibration of the surface modulates air in such a way that sound is created in planar-wave fashion. What this means is that on and off-axis frequency response is nearly linear.

Exciter Planar Dispersion


  • Available in 4 ohm or 8 ohm
  • 71 dBA - 85dBA
  • No need for complex chamber/enclosure design to optimize output
  • Linear on and off-axis frequency response
  • Not only use the interior of a device as an enclosure, the coupling with a surface creates an annular seal, preventing cancelation
  • Employ double-sided tape on their mounting rings for quick, safe and secure surface coupling

Part Family


Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasound (or ultrasonic) refers to the band of audio above 20 kHz, which is over the range of human hearing. This band of audio is very directional and reflective due to the very small wavelengths of these frequencies.

PUI Audio’s new line of ultrasonic sensors are designed for use in distance measuring, fluid flow and fluid level systems, ultrasonic cleaning systems, or for detecting glass breakage. Each part is custom-built with an integrated piezo-electric bender that has a resonant frequency targeted for ultrasonic use, and works identically to that of other piezo-electric benders.

Ultrasonic receivers (UR parts) convert high frequency into an AC voltage when activated with the target frequency. Ultrasonic transmitters (UT parts) convert high frequency voltage into an audio signal for triggering ultrasonic receivers.

The UTR-1440K-TT-R is a stand-alone, IP65-rated ultrasonic transmitter/receiver unit; which is great for use outdoors and in dusty, humid environments!

Part Number Description  
12.8mm diameter Receiver (UR) and Transmitter (UT) designed to work together 12.8 mm diamater receiver
16.2mm diameter Receiver (UR) and Transmitter (UT) designed to work together 16.2mm Diameter Receiver
Stand-alone, IP65-rated Receiver/Transmitter combined unit IP 65 Rated Receiver
Ultrasonic Benders designed for very high frequency, high voltage circuits meant for ultrasonic cleaning or atomizing liquids PUI Ultrasonic Benders

Full Range Point-Source Speakers

PUI Audio’s all-new Full Range, Point-Source Speakers are designed for audio applications where maximum output and high resolution response are required. Both designs cover more than 85% of the entire audio band!

Part Number Features  
  • 66.8 square flat panel
    • 26.5mm profile
  • 4 ohm or 8 ohm
  • Sustained high fidelity output (from 150 Hz to 20 kHz) of up to 92 dB from 1 meter
66.8mm Flat Panel
Part Number Features  
  • AS09208AR-RM
  • 92 mm diameter
  • Weather resistant due to its anodized aluminum aluminum cone, steel frame and rubber surround
  • Top-notch musicality and vocal performance
  • Bass response down to 60Hz
  • Up to 94dB output at 1 meter
92mm Diameter Speaker

Slim-Line Micro Speakers

PUI Audio slim line micro speakers

PUI Audio’s new line of slim-line micro speakers are purpose-built for space-limited, modern electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, as well as wearable technology and IoT devices such as WiFi-enabled thermostats.

Speakers: 15 x 11 mm

Part Number Features  
  • Class-leading resonant frequency below 600 Hz for realistic sound
  • AS01508AO-SC-R has pre-installed double-sided adhesive for quick, easy installation
  • AS01508AO-LW25-R is terminated with 25mm lead wires
  • AS01508AO-3-R and AS01508AO-3-SC-R have a multi-magnet motor for more output and lower sound distortion
  • AS01508AO-WP-R and AS01508AO-SC-WP-R have an IP65 rated face
  • Overall thickness of 4.5mm or less

Speakers: 18 x 13 mm

Part Number Features  
  • Low resonant frequeny of 320 Hz
  • AS01808AO-WP-R and AS01808AO-SC-WP-R have an IP65 rated face
  • Overall thickness of 3.1mm or less



New MEMS Microphones

PUI Audio’s new PMM-3738-VM1000-R is a low noise, low part-to-part variation, high dynamic range, single ended analog output piezoelectric MEMS microphone.