NXP i.MX 8M industry-leading solutions for media and general embedded

The concept of the smart home is expanding rapidly, raising expectations for richer user interfaces and transforming the requirements for electronic devices. NXP’s i.MX 8M family addresses the major inflection points currently underway: high video resolution, high performance 3D graphics and high fidelity audio all connected with bandwidth that allows media streaming. The processing performance with connectivity in the i.MX 8M family allows both cloud computing applications as well as edge-node computing.

NXP’s i.MX 8M family of processors offers up to four 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A53 and Arm Cortex-M4 cores. In addition to its high performance and low power consumption the i.MX 8M family has flexible memory options and high-speed connectivity interfaces. The processors also feature full 4K UltraHD resolution and HDR video quality and the highest levels of professional audio fidelity.

The i.MX 8M family is tailored for streaming video devices, streaming audio devices and voice control applications. Capable of driving up to two displays, the new devices include:

  • The i.MX 8M Dual/i.MX 8M Quad, which integrates two or four Cortex--A53 cores, one Cortex-- M4F core, a GC7000Lite GPU and 4kp60, h.265 and VP9 video capability
  • The i.MX 8M QuadLite, which integrates four Cortex-A53 cores, one Cortex-M4F core and a GC7000Lite GPU

NXP’s i.MX 8M family delivers outstanding media capability and addresses a broad spectrum of general purpose applications, with its high performance, reduced power consumption and price starting at $20 USD for 10K quantity; the i.MX 8M targets both the consumer and industrial markets.

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Example applications are smart home and smart mobility applications, digital signage, fitness and healthcare, consumer and industrial tablets, (OTT) set-top boxes, wireless sound bars, A/V receivers, voice control/assistance, industrial IoT, edge computing, machine learning/vision and general-purpose human machine interface (HMI) solutions.

i.MX 8M key features

Best in class video performance

  • Up to 4K video decoding
  • 4Kp75 HEVC / H.265, 4Kp60 VP9, 4Kp30 H.264
  • 1080p60 MPEG2, MPEG4p2, VC1, VP8, RV9, H.263, DiVX
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) support
  • Dolby Vision and HDR10 formats
  • HDMI 2.0a support with HDCP 2.2 / 1.4

Best in class audio interfaces

  • 32-bit @ 384KHz interfaces (some up to 768 KHz)
  • 20+ audio channel inputs/outputs
  • DSD512 Support
  • S/PDIF Tx and Rx
  • HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC)

Scalable CPU performance

  • Dual, Quad Arm Cortex-A53 up to 1.5 GHz
  • Arm Cortex-M4 up to 266 MHz
  • Offload Tasks, Optimize Power, Increase Security
  • HW based resource isolation & safe sharing between Arm Cortex--A and Arm Cortex--M
  • Enables concurrent execution of multiple software environments to provide high performance with real time responsiveness

High performance at low power

  • Scalable power using mobile power architecture
    • Independent power date on each core
    • DVFS support on CPU, GPU and VPU
  • Dynamic DRAM frequency scaling support
  • Flexible clock gating on each IP module
  • Support Arm Cortex--M4 running with A53 and high-speed modules power gated


i.MX 8M platform: powering the smarter edge

Orderable part numbers: i.MX 8M Quad / QuadLite / Dual Family

Family Prod. part number Speed Package
8M Quad
FCBGA 17x17mm, 0.65mm pitch
FCBGA 17x17mm, 0.65mm pitch
8M Dual
FCBGA 17x17mm, 0.65mm pitch
FCBGA 17x17mm, 0.65mm pitch
8M Quad Lite
FCBGA 17x17mm, 0.65mm pitch
FCBGA 17x17mm, 0.65mm pitch


i.MX 8MQuad Evaluation Kit - Grid

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i.MX 8MQuad evaluation kit

Enabling rapid prototyping and development


i.MX 8M family of applications processors

Transforming interactions in ways you’ve never imagined

i.MX 8M Mini

NXP’s lowest power and lowest cost quad-core applications processor for audio, video, smart home and smart industrial applications.