i.MX RT Series

i.MX RT series is NXP’s line of real-time crossover processors. Products are built using i.MX technology and have performance over 600 MHz. The wider Cortex-M portfolio from NXP is still readily available and continues to grow, especially within the popular LPC and Kinetis portfolios of microcontrollers. Products are built using i.MX technology with the ARM(R) Cortex(R)-M7 core running at 600 MHz. i.MX RT series bridges the gap between the traditional MCUs and the i.MX space, allowing MCU customers a path for significant performance and integration improvements, without sacrificing ease-of-use.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Package: MAPBGA196 | 10x10mm^2, 0.65mm pitch (130 GPIOs)
  • Temp / Qual: -40 to 105°C (Tj) Industrial / 0 to 95°C (Tj) Consumer
High Performance Real Time system
  • Cortex-M7 up to 600MHz , 50% faster than any other existing M7 products
  • 20ns interrupt latency, a TRUE Real time processor
  • 512KB SRAM, configurable to 512KB TCM
Rich Peripheral
  • Motor Control: Flex PWM X 4, Quad Timer X 4, ENC X 4
  • 2x USB, 2x SDIO, 2x CAN, 1x ENET with 1588, 8xUART, 4x SPI, 4X I2C
  • 8/16-bit CSI interface and 8/16/24-bit LCD interface
  • Qual-SPI interface, with Bus Encryption Engine
  • Audio interface: 3x SAI/ SPDIF RX & TX
  • TRNG&PRNG(NIST SP 800-90 Certified)
  • 128-AES cryptography
  • Bus Encryption Engine: Protect QSPI Flash Content
Ease of Use
  • FreeRTOS with SDK
  • MCUXpresso
  • Comprehensive ecosystem
Low BOM Cost
  • Competitive Price
  • Fully integrated PMIC with DC-DC
  • Low cost package, 10x10 BGA with 0.65mm Pitch

i.MX RT1050 Target Applications

Audio Subsystem

High-end, consumer audio devices, including specialty equipment such as

  • Professional microphone
  • Guitar pedals


  • Smart appliances
  • Cameras
  • LCDs

Home and Building Automation

  • HVAC climate control
  • Security
  • Lighting control panels
  • IoT gateways

Industrial Computing

  • EBS
  • PLCs
  • Factory automation
  • Test and measurement
  • M2M
  • HMI control assembly line robotics

Motor Control and Power Conversion

  • 3D printers
  • Thermal printers
  • Unmanned autonomous vehicles
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners

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Crossover processor


Realizing Today’s Security Requirements

Achieving End-To-End Security with a Crossover Processor


NXP i.MX RT1050

Twice the performance at half the cost


Driving the convergence of applications processors

Combining high performance with real time functionality, the i.MX RT series of crossover processors are designed to support the next generation IoT applications with a high level of integration and security balanced with MCU-level usability.

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Crossover Embedded Processors

Bridging the gap between performance and usability.