Microchip Ultra-Low Power 32-bit MCUs

Game-changing, ultra-low power 32-bit MCU ecosystem

Microchip offers a broad range of Ultra Low Power and Low Power MCUs that balance power consumption and performance to meet the needs of power constrained applications seeking high levels of functionality. The portfolio ranges from the smallest SAMD ARM® Cortex®-M0+ based MCUs to the ultra-low power SAML ARM® Cortex®-M0+ to higher performing SAMG ARM Cortex-M4F based MCUs & the PIC®32MX XLP MCUs, each catering to the diverse low power embedded design needs. These energy efficient 32-bit MCUs fit in consumer, industrial, medical & personal care market segments targeting applications that include wearables, Internet of Things (IoT), smart locks, thermostats, LPWAN nodes such as LoRa® & Sigfox, industrial sensors, portable EKG monitors & connected cosmetics.

They are designed from the ground up utilizing the low leakage processes and libraries to provide industry leading low power consumption resulting in less than 35 uA/MHz active and 200 nA sleep currents. They offer various innovative power saving features such as multiple power domains, performance levels, SleepWalking peripherals & Event System that can help extend battery life from years to decades.


  • Under 35 μA/MHz active & 200 nA sleep current
  • Faster wakeup time ~1.2 μS
  • Multiple power domains & performance levels
  • Innovative SleepWalking peripherals & Event System
  • Minuscule package options down to 1.9 mm x 2.4 mm
  • Broad performance options: 32 MHz to 120 MHz
  • Comprehensive low power development platform:
    • Easy to use power debugging tools
    • Reference designs & evaluation kits

Energy Efficient 32-bit MCU Families

Family Power Consumption Performance Memory Key Peripherals Operating Voltage
SAML21 < 35 uA/MHz Active & 200 nA Sleep Current 48 MHz Up to 256 KB Flash & 40 KB SRAM USB D&H, DAC, OpAmps, PTC, AES 1.62 - 3.63 V
SAML22 < 39 uA/MHz Active & 490 nA backup with RTC 32 MHz Up to 256 KB Flash & 32 KB SRAM Segment LCD, USB D, ISO7816, PTC, AES 1.62 - 3.63 V
SAMD1/2x < 70 uA/MHz Active & 3.5 uA Sleep with SRAM retention 48 MHz Up to 256 KB Flash & 32 KB SRAM USB D&H, I2S, DAC, PTC 1.62 - 3.63 V
SAM4L < 90 uA/MHz Active & 1.5 uA Sleep with SRAM retention 48 MHz Up to 512 KB Flash & 64 KB SRAM Segment LCD, USB D&H, I2S, ISO7816, DAC, AES 1.68 - 3.6 V
SAMG < 100 uA/MHz Active & 7uA Sleep with SRAM retention 120 MHz Up to 512 KB Flash & 176 KB SRAM USB D&H, I2S, PDMIC 1.62 - 3.6 V
PIC32MX XLP Sleep currents down to 0.67 uA 72 MHz Up to 256 KB Flash & 64 KB SRAM USB D&H, I2S, PMP 2.5 - 3.6 V

For rapid prototype and quick time to market, designers may take advantage of the comprehensive low power development platform: Evaluation kits & reference designs to ease the development of low power applications; MPLAB REAL ICE Power Monitor, Power Debugger & Data Visualizer to analyze and monitor application’s real-time power profile and XLP Battery Life utility to estimate battery life of the most commonly used batteries in the embedded applications.

Microchip’s proven ultra-low power technology and the simplified development tools provide designers a great deal of flexibility to come up with the most optimized low power solution with ease in no time.

Get started today to develop your cutting edge energy efficient embedded design!




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