Microchip MPLAB® Harmony Software

Embedded connectivity is now a matter of plug & play with the MPLAB® Harmony software building blocks!

Microchip MPLAB Harmony Software Building Blocks

MPLAB Harmony is a flexible, abstracted, fully integrated firmware development platform for PIC32 microcontrollers. It provides a framework that includes modules for embedded connectivity applications, such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi®, USB, Bluetooth®, CAN and Serial. These modules are built upon device drivers and system services and abstract away device-specific details so that they can be ported across multiple PIC32 Devices. They are modular and allow the user to add or remove any of these connectivity blocks with little or no change to the application code.

MPLAB Harmony also features a powerful configuration tool (MHC) that enables users to add various connectivity blocks with just “point & click”. It also provides numerous configuration options that can be selected with the click of a mouse, which in a traditional embedded development environment, require you to write code and test for every desired configuration.

These Connectivity building blocks provide the benefit of rapid prototyping, especially for applications that require interpreting complex protocols and significant processing. This will drastically reduce the development time and effort, resulting in faster time to market.

Key Features

  • Highly modular & interoperable for seamless integration
  • Easily portable across multiple PIC32 families
  • MPLAB Harmony Configurator (MHC) tool for point & click development
  • Facilitates rapid prototyping & quick time to market

MPLAB Harmony Block Diagram

Microchip Harmony Diagram




PIC32MX1/2/5 Starter Kit DM320100

New Family of Microcontrollers


PIC32MZ EF Starter Kit DM320007

Embedded Connectivity Microcontroller Starter Kit


MPLAB Harmony Software

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