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Everyday applications might call for high precision sensing or require fine control. For other applications such as automotive or computing, a security-conscience solution is needed. To meet a variety of applications, Infineon offers a wide range of products.

Application Product Short description


DPS310 Digital Barometric Air Pressure Sensor


LED Driver
Flexible 0-10V Dimming Solution
Constant Current DC-DC Converters
High Voltage Power Switches


32-bit Microcontroller with embedded Hardware Security Module (HSM)
3D Magnetic Field Sensor
Smart High-Side Power Switches


OPTIGA TPM Trusted Platform Module

Pressure applications

Everyday applications, such as alarm systems check for an unknown presence in a room or a drone senses its altitude to maintain position. Applications like these call for sensitive pressure sensors that can give precise readings to detect if a door was opened or to calculate altitude.

Mixed Media - Digital Biometric

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Digital barometric pressure sensor for devices on the move: DPS310

Compacted in a 2.0 x 2.5 x 1.0mm3 LGA package, the DPS310 is a digital pressure sensor with precision in the hectoPascals. Sensitivity provided by this sensor allows systems to detect minute changes in an area, determining if a door is being opened or closed or improving accuracy of navigational systems. In addition, this sensor consumes just over 3 μA on average when measuring both the temperature and pressure of its environment. Capacitive sensing technology makes the DPS310 robust against temperature changes, ideal for mobile applications.

Infineon, Pressure Applications, Avnet
Application Short description Infineon evaluation board


Digital Barometric Air Pressure Sensor EVAL SHNBV01

Lighting applications

Lighting sees trends in brightness controllability and smaller form factors to enable quality lighting conditions in different environments. Therefore, these trends lead to the development of power efficient transistors and a dimming device that, while providing high resolution PWM, boasts a tiny footprint.

Miniaturized flexible, 0-10V dimming solution IC: CDM10V

As the only integrated solution in the market to offer 0-10V dimming control, the CDM10V shrinks design size and simplifies lighting control.

Infineon, Lighting Applications, Avnet

This dimmer outputs PWM at a frequency up to 1-2kHz at a duty cycle as low as 1%, guaranteeing no flicker and a wide, continuous range of brightness levels. The flexibility of this device to take analog or digital input, its maximum input voltage of 25V, and its Dim-to-off feature also allow it to be applicable in a variety of lighting applications.

Application Short description Infineon evaluation board


0-10V Dimming Solution COOLDIM PRG BOARD


Mixed Media - Switch Mode Power Supplies

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Switch mode power supplies supporting quality lighting: LED drivers

LED drivers from Infineon handle single stage to triple stage designs, efficiently delivering constant current to the system, and supports lighting features such as dimming. While the common flyback topology is supported, the drivers do not limit the design choice and can handle other topologies such as buck or LLC resonant converters. Power factor correction is also implemented, so ensuring the system does not impact grid voltage is easier.

Infineon, Switch Mode Power Supplies, Avnet
Application Short description Infineon evaluation board


Constant Current Single Stage Flyback controller with PFC EVAL-LED-ICL8105E1


High Voltage Resonant Controller with PFC EVAL-LED-ICL5101E2

Keeping high voltage systems cool with Power MOSFETs: CoolMOS Family

Dealing with AC to DC conversion demands high voltage handling capability, something in which members of Infineon’s CoolMOS™ family excel. These power MOSFETs have low losses during conduction, switching and driving, so they are able to stay relatively cool while providing higher power density. With a plethora of members to choose from, designers will be able to meet their requirements, whether efficiency, power density, EMI, commutation behavior, or others are most desired.

Application Short description Infineon evaluation board


900V CoolMOS™ C3 EVAL-3kW-2LLC-C7-20


800V CoolMOS™ P7 EVAL-45W-19V-Flyback-P7


700V CoolMOS™ P7 EVAL-3kW-2LLC-C7-47


650V CoolMOS™ C7 EVAL-3kW-2LLC-C7-20


600V CoolMOS™ C7 EVAL-45W-19V-Flyback-P7


500V CoolMOS™ CP EVAL-45W-19V-Flyback-P7

Automotive applications

Automotive control systems are growing more complex to provide efficiency, safety, and features. To reduce the complexity, modern control or sensor device families need to be power efficient, contain hardware security elements and be scalable.

Ensuring high performance at the highest efficiency: PROFET Family

Beyond controlling motors, these power MOSFETs, able to handle up to 40A, can replace high current relays and fuses. In addition, PROFET™ family members afford better diagnostics of system performance, feeding back vital information. The small form factor also allows more compact and lighter designs, and no matter the criteria, there will always be members of the PROFET™ family to choose from.

Application Short description Infineon evaluation board


1 mΩ Smart High-Side Power Switch PROFET™+ Motherboard


1 mΩ Smart High-Side Power Switch BTS50015-1TAD Shield


DPS310 BTT6050-2EKA Demoboard Adapter (for use with PROFET™+ Motherboard)


80 mΩ Smart High-Side Power Switch for Motorcycles PROFET™+ Motherboard


High Current Smart High-Side Power Switch PROFET™+ Motherboard


Securing automotive applications with a single, multipurpose platform: AURIX™ Family

Automotive control system, Infineon

The AURIX™ family of 32-bit microcontrollers armed with its hexa-core architecture is powerful enough to run complex emission test algorithms and code from AUTOSAR libraries. At the same time, AURIX™ microcontrollers can be scaled to best match the application, whether it is controlling seat belt pretensioners or a set of high voltage motors. To protect against tampering or sabotage, these microcontrollers also boast a physical firewall protecting the hardware security module, in which lie encryption systems. With peace of mind of AURIX™ microcontrollers’ security features and excellent performance, designers can use these microcontrollers for important safety systems such as airbag deployment or collision avoidance systems.

Infineon, automotive applications, avnet


Application Short description Infineon evaluation board
TC29xT 9x Series AURIX™ Microcontroller Starter Kit TC297
TC27xT 7x Series AURIX™ Microcontroller Starter Kit TC275
TC23xL 3x Series AURIX™ Microcontroller Starter Kit TC233


Ultra-Low Current Angular and Linear Motion Sensing

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Ultra-low current angular and linear motion sensing: TLE493D

For automotive applications measuring linear and/or rotational motion, the TLE493D offers a low power, small package solution. Measuring magnetic field strengths in three axes (x, y, and z), this sensor stores data at 12-bit resolution and supports communication by I2C at speeds up to 1 Megabit per second. In addition, this sensor requires only 3.3 V and has multiple power modes, consuming as little as 7 nA in power down mode (standby) or 10 μA in ultra-low power mode. All of this means adding high precision motion sensing capability while barely impacting the system’s supply.

Infineon, Linear applications, avnet
Application Short description Infineon evaluation board
TLE493DA1B6HTSA1 3D magnetic field sensor 3D Magnetic Sensor 2GO Kit

Security applications

Safeguarding Vital Computer Systems and Networks OPTIGA Family

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Safeguarding vital computer systems and networks: OPTIGA™ Trust Family

Growing trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT) or Machine to Machine (M2M) communication has led to a boom in new devices making device usage more convenient for consumers. However, the rising population in these technologies also leads to a growing security hole for virtual attacks. Software-based security solutions help, but they are easily copied, distributed, and analyzed by hackers and other malicious entities. Therefore, the OPTIGA™ family provides hardware-based security for embedded systems, security that is physically and virtually difficult to pierce. With scalable options, the OPTIGA™ family is also designed to be easy-to integrate for clients, so they can more quickly safeguard their products.

Infineon, Computer System Optiga, Avnet
Product Description Infineon board
SLS32AIA OPTIGA™ Trust X - Enhanced security solution 10-Pin USON T/R OPTIGA™ TRUST X EVAL KIT

Video - How to Design an Automotive Power Supply

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Automotive Power


Sensing a Smarter, Safer and Greener Life!

Infineon called on developers to explore the world of 3D magnetic sensors and come up with ideas for new applications to be built using Infineon’s 3D magnetic 2GO kit & Rotator Knob based on their TLE493D. View the ideas!

Infineon Zynq Ultrascale Plus - Grid

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Digi XBee® Cellular Connectivity

Infineon Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC

Infineon’s Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC multi-voltage power supply fits in tight spots and is tailorable to your board’s specific needs

Avnet UltraZed-EGTM system-on-module SOM - Grid

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Avnet UltraZed-EGTM system-on-module (SOM)

This system is flexible and rugged for industrial IoT & small-form-factor IoT devices. Hardware/software includes Mocana’s security software, Xilinx Zynq® Ultrascale+™ MPSoC & Infineon’s OPTIGA™ TPM 2.0 security chip.

 Avnet UltraZed-EGTM system-on-module (SOM) board