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IDT New RF Products

IDT New RF Products

IDT offers high-performance and full-featured radio frequency (RF) products that deliver exceptional performance in compact packages.  All IDT RF signal path devices are silicon-based, offering inherent advantages.

This landing page includes a portion of IDT products for RF applications. You can find additional products in each category by reviewing each specific category.

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IDT digital step attenuators

RF Attenuators

Monolithic silicon RF Attenuators utilize either digital or analog control and offer broad bandwidth, low insertion loss, high linearity with high attenuation accuracy, and low error.

Applications supported by these RF attenuators include wireless infrastructure base stations, broadband infrastructure (CATV), microwave radios, satellite and data terminals, general purpose communication equipment, and test and measurement equipment.

Part Families

  • F1912: 6-bit 0.5 dB Glitch Free™ Wideband Digital Step Attenuator
  • F1950: 7-bit 0.25 dB Glitch-Free™ Digital Step Attenuator
  • F1951: 6-bit 0.50 dB Glitch-Free™ Digital Step Attenuator
  • F1953: 6-bit 0.50dB Glitch-Free™ Digital Step Attenuator with Internal DC Blocks
  • F1956: 7-bit 0.25db, Glitch-Free™ Digital Step Attenuator
  • F1975: 6-bit 0.5 dB, 75Ω, Glitch-Free™ Digital Step Attenuator
  • F1977: 7-bit 0.25 dB, 75Ω, Glitch-Free™ Digital Step Attenuator
  • F2250: 50 to 6000 MHz Wideband Voltage Variable RF Attenuator with 0 to 2.8V Vcontrol
  • F2255: 1 to 3000 MHz Wideband Voltage Variable RF Attenuator
  • F2258: 50 to 6000 MHz Wideband Voltage Variable RF Attenuator with 0 to 3.6V Vcontrol

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IDI Monolithic RF Attenuators

RF Switches

Increasing demand by consumers for more data at higher throughput continues to drive systems standards to evolve to address these needs across multiple markets segments and applications. These evolving standards require RFcomponents with much higher RF performance that will improve a system’s Signal to Noise Ratio, SNR, to increase data rates and throughput.

Part Families

  • F2912: High Reliability, High Isolation Single-Pole-Double-Throw RF switch
  • F2914: High Reliability SP4T Absorptive RF Switch
  • F2915: High Reliability SP5T Absorptive RF Switch
  • F2923: Constant Impedance K|z| SP2T RF Switch
  • F2932: High Reliability SP2T Absorptive RF Switch
  • F2933: High Reliability SP2T Absorptive RF Switch
  • F2972: High Linearity Broadband SP2T Reflective RF Switch
  • F2976: High Linearity Broadband SP2T Reflective RF Switch

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IDI RF mixer

RF Mixers

IDT’s family of RF mixers featuring patented Zero-Distortion™ technology dramatically improve the maximum signal levels (IM3 tones) that a receiver can withstand at a desired Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR.) These devices are scalable, so alternately, one can run the devices in modes that reduce power consumption significantly while still maintaining linearity.

Part Families

  • F1100: RF to IF Dual Downconverting Mixer
  • F1102: Dual 400-1000 MHz RF to IF Mixer
  • F1150: Dual 1700 to 2000 MHz RF to IF Downconverting Mixer
  • F1152: Dual 1400 to 2200 MHz RF to IF Downconverting Mixer
  • F1162: Dual RF to IF Downconverting Mixer for LTE
  • F1178: Dual 3300 - 3800 MHz RF to IF Mixer
  • F1192: VersaMixer™ Wideband / Low-Power Dual Channel
  • F1701: Ultra-linear Single-channel 600 to 1060 MHz Mixer for Rx Applications
  • F1751: Ultra-linear Single-channel 1400 to 2500 MHz Mixer for Rx Applications
  • F1763: Ultra-linear Single-channel Mixer for Rx Applications
  • F1972: F1792 VersaMixerTM Wideband / Low-power Single Channel

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IDI Variable gain Amplifier

Variable Gain Amplifiers

Digitally-controlled intermediate frequency (IF)  and radio frequency (RF) variable gain amplifiers (VGA) with FlatNoise™ technology, an innovative technology where noise does not degrade as gain is reduced. IDT's low-noise devices improve quality-of-service (QoS) and ease the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) requirements of the downstream data converter to reduce system cost.

Part Families

  • F0480: Matched Broadband RF VGA with Glitch-Free™ and Zero-Distortion
  • F1200: Low-noise Digital IF VGA with FlatNoise™
  • F1240: Low-noise Dual IF VGA with FlatNoise™
  • F1241: Low-noise Dual IF VGA with FlatNoise™

RF Timing

With a clock IC portfolio 10 times greater than any other supplier, IDT is in a unique position to address the needs of virtually any application. IDT’s industry-leading portfolio of timing devices consists of clock generators, buffers, dividers,multiplexers, crystal oscillators, and jitter attenuators with frequency translation - many with programmable capabilities for maximum flexibility. Application-specific clock ICs address needs for RF timing and network synchronization, includingJESD204B, synchronous ethernet, IEEE 1588, PDH, and SONET / SDH.


Very low additive phase jitter clock fanout buffers with multiple low-skew outputs and optional frequency dividers to scale a high input frequency to a lower frequency. All devices support a differential architecture and frequencies in the high-MHz and GHz range.

Part Families

  • 8V79S: JESD204B Compliant Fanout Buffer and Divider
  • 8P34S: 1.8V Low Power, low noise LVDS Clock Fanout Buffer
  • 8SLVD: Low Noise LVDS Clock Fanout Buffer
  • 8SLVP: Low Noise LVPECL Clock Buffer

Converter Clocks

Very low phase-noise, low-spurious jitter attenuating frequency generators with support for one or multiple RF clock frequencies. Support of input clock redundancy, mid to high clock fanout and optional synchronization signals.

Part Families

  • 844S: Dual Output RF Frequency Synthesizer
  • 8V19: FemtoClock® NG Jitter Attenuator and Clock Synthesizer


IDT offers very low phase noise, low-spurious RF synthesizers / PLLs that address the challenges of frequency generation for high performance mixers, modulators and demodulators in RF board designs. The RF Synthesizers / PLLs are also used to directly provide a clock reference to high speed RF Converters.

Part Families

  • 8V97501: Low Power Wideband Fractional RF Synthesizer with integrates VCO
  • 8V97053: High Performance Wideband Fractional RF Synthesizer / PLL
  • 8V97053L: High Performance Wideband Fractional RF Synthesizer/PLL with excellent PSRR

IDI rd modular demodular

Modulators & Demodulators

IDT’s Zero-Distortion™ and Glitch-Free™ pin-compatible IQ demodulator products offer the world’s lowest power consumption and world’s lowest IM3 distortion while at the same time resulting in less than 0.5dB overshoot ringing during MSB gain transitions. Similarly, IDT’s Zero-Distortion™ IQ modulator products provide very high IP3 and IP2 performance resulting in superb ACLR performance compared to competitive devices.

  • F1320: Low-band DPD Demodulator with Integrated DSA, RF Switch, and LO Switch
  • F1358: High Frequency-band DPD Demodulator with Integrated DSA and RF Switch
  • F1370: High-band DPD Demodulator with Integrated DSA and RF Switch
  • F1653: Broadband ZIF/CIF I/Q Modulator for High Order LTE MIMO Systems

IDI RF Aplifier

RF Amplifiers

IDT offers RF amplifiers with a variety of gain, noise figure and linearity features, in either differential or single-ended input impedances. The RF Amplifier products feature innovative Zero-Distortion™ technology, enabling high output IP3 with very low current consumption – setting them apart from simple gain block amplifiers.

Part Families

  • F1423: Differential Input, Single-ended Output Amplifier


Quietly building a differentiated presence in RF

IDT is developing an RF product portfolio and growing revenue at a double-digit rate.

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IDT RF product overview

Learn more about IDT’s core innovations for highly integrated products.