Digi XBee® / RF solutions

Short and long-range wireless modules, gateways and accessories

Digi offers one of the industry’s broadest selection of pre-certified wireless networking options, allowing you to easily start and then scale. Many of the largest energy companies, utilities, industrial and transit agencies rely on Digi’s RF solutions. Digi XBee offers reliability, security and scalability with design flexibility using compatible through-hole and surface mount (SMT) form factors.

Digi XBee is more than a module. It's a complete ecosystem of wireless modules, gateways, adapters, and software, all engineered to accelerate wireless development for global deployments. One socket allows you to connect to IoT networks around the globe. With the authentic Digi XBee footprint, you can future-proof your design and know that Digi has you covered for new technologies as they emerge.


Digi XBee3: Now with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

With the latest firmware update, Digi XBee3 ® now supports Bluetooth ® Low Energy (BLE).

  • Perform wireless custom configuration locally on devices using the Digi XBee Mobile application over BLE
  • Digi XBee Mobile application delivers the same configuration capabilities as XCTU enabling local wireless configuration
  • Digi TrustFence ® provides secure remote password authentication and AES-256 encryption to prevent unauthorized access

Note: Requires firmware upgrade on existing product built before 11/14/18. 11410 (XB3 LTE-M/NB-IoT), 31010 (XB3 Cat1), 1005 (XB3 ZB) releases are available by automatic updates in XCTU via the FTP site and in the Digi Support page. New product revisions are provided in attached table. Digi XBee Mobile applications are available in the Apple App Store for IOS and Play Store for Android.


Digi International

Digi XBee3® Cellular LTE-M / NB-IoT

NOW WITH BLUETOOTH CAPABILITY! Compact, flexible cellular connectivity for IoT devices and gateways: Up to ~350Kbps Down / Uplink; PSM (Power Saving Mode) and eDRX (extended Discontinuous Reception) supported for ultra-low power consumption.

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Digi XBee3® ZIGBEE 3.0

Easy-to-add connectivity in a compact, low-power, low-profile footprint.

Digi International

Digi XBee® Wi-Fi

The XBee Wi-Fi embedded module brings the popular Digi XBee platform to Digi Remote Manager, allowing developers to build cloud-connected Wi-Fi products quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

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Digi XBee® Industrial Gateway

Programmable gateway connects Digi XBee enabled devices to remote applications over Cellular or Ethernet for flexible broadband connectivity.