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At this very moment, millions of machines are talking to each other all over the globe. And the machines in the most critical applications communicate through Digi.



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Always connected

Digi International, Inc. (Digi) was formed in 1985—long before anyone coined the term the Internet of Things. We’ve always focused on connecting things, starting with intelligent multiport serial boards for PCs.

As wireless data technologies evolved, we invented right along with it, expanding our product lines with RF modules, gateways, and cellular routers to build critical communications infrastructures, plus embedded wireless system on module (SoM) and single-board computer (SBC) offerings for makers of next generation connected products.

Putting machines to work

Today, Digi goes to work where the machines work. Vast oil fields. Intensive care units. Crowded freeways. Factory floors. Often, in very demanding environments. We connect the millions of sensors, valves, and components that make these critical infrastructures function. Digi provides the essential layer of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications — the remote monitoring and management that critical applications depend on.

Built for the real world

There’s a lot of buzz these days about M2M and the Internet of Things. At Digi, it’s all about the Internet of Getting Things Done. Our customers have mission-critical goals to achieve. Budgets to meet. Deadlines to hit. This is machine connectivity with an ROI.

Digi puts proven technology to work for our customers so they can light up networks and launch new products. Machine connectivity that’s relentlessly reliable, secure, scalable, managed—and always comes through when you need it most. That’s Digi.


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Digi Remote Manager ®

Digi International Remote Manager


Manage and Control Devices from a Central, Secure Platform

  • Automate updates and keep your deployed assets in compliance
  • Monitor the status and location of remote devices to improve asset management
  • Access data from edge devices that were previously out of reach
  • Monitor network and device health with bi-directional communications
  • Integrate device data through open APIs to gain deeper insights
  • Receive reports and immediate alerts on data conditions


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Digi International

Embedded systems

Ultra-compact and highly integrated embedded System on Modules (SoM) and Single-Board Computers (SBC) for building intelligent and secure connected devices that require long-term availability and support for Linux, Android and Windows Embedded


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Digi International

Digi XBee® / RF solutions

Short and long-range wireless modules, gateways and accessories. Digi XBee offers reliability, security and scalability with design flexibility using compatible through-hole and surface mount (SMT) form factors.


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Digi International

Cellular routers and gateways

Digi’s extensive line of 3G, 4G LTE and LTE-A cellular M2M solutions offer secure cellular routers and gateways with robust and reliable connectivity to perform secure business transactions