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Intel® NUC I Intel® Compute Card

Latest generation of Intel® NUCs

Built with Intel® Optane™ memory, the Intel NUC kits, are available with a range of processors from Intel Atom® to Intel® Core™ processors and embodies the flexibility of a customizable Mini PC, with the computing power of a desktop PC. Built with a customizable board and chassis, ready to accept a wide variety of memory, storage and operating systems, the kit allows you to build the PC you envision.

Whether you’re building a connected device for home security or creating a next level of gaming application, find out how this customizable kit and its features can be configured to meet your requirements.

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Intel NUC Specs


Intel® Compute Card

Small enough to fit in your wallet, but revolutionary enough to transform computing and connectivity in the most unexpected of places. Coming September 2017, the Intel Compute Card is the new compute standard for smart devices and delivers the power of a PC in a device – including RAM, storage and WiFi.

Intel® Compute Card’s modularity and flexibility allows for internal or external integration with certified devices via a compute card slot. Companies will be able to extend capabilities for devices such as digital signage and kiosks, All-in-Ones, smart TV’s and appliances – all while reaping the benefits that modular computing can offer, such as simplifying inventory management and serviceability.

Also available is a dock that enables all four Compute Cards available to create a range of products for home or businesses. Take advantage of simplified product development leading to powerful smart devices that are easy to upgrade and service. Talk to us to get started with the Compute Card Device Guideline Document, which outlines all the requirements you must meet to be able to use an Intel Compute Card in your design, along with ideas on the best way to build compute into your specific device.


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Intel® NUC Product Brief

Power, Capabilities, and Performance in four inches square – find out how the Intel® NUC built on an i5 CPU can accelerate your next build.


Build it Your Way with an Intel NUC Kit Video

Featuring new technology and built with flexibility, you can design your ideal NUC for a wide range of applications.


Talk to Us about the Intel® Compute Card

Find out how you can get your very own powerful PC on a card delivering next level computing capabilities for your devices.


Intel's New NUC Kits

Made with new technology and flexibility, allowing you to design your ideal NUC just right for your build and application.