Amphenol Advanced Sensors

Amphenol Advanced Sensors is a global leader in highly engineered sensing technology and devices with one of the most extensive portfolio of sensing measurements. With over 75 years of technology development, application specific design and high-volume customized manufacturing innovations, Amphenol is an industry leader with heritage brand recognition including Themometrics, NovaSensor and Telaire.

With extensive application- and market-specific sensing domain expertise, Amphenol provides innovative solutions through customer and industry collaboration serving the Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Medical and Industrial HVAC markets. Amphenol Advanced Sensors has a global customer reach with worldwide centers of excellence in design, manufacturing, sales, application support and world-class R&D facilities.

Temperature Sensors

  • Epoxy and glass coated NTC thermistors
  • PTC Heaters & resettable fuses
  • Non-contact infrared temperature sensors
  • Inrush current limiting thermistors
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Pressure Sensors/MEMS

  • MEMS-based piezoresistive pressure die
  • Senstable® technology for world-class accuracy and low drift
  • Low pressure 2” H20 to 3000 PSI
  • Broad product range from sensing element to fully packaged and signal conditioned
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CO2 Sensors

  • Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)
  • Patented self calibrating with lifetime calibration warranty
  • High accuracy
  • Small footprint
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Humidity Sensors

  • Bulk polymer (capacitive and resistive)
  • Various calibrated outputs (digital and analog)
  • Fully integrated Humidity and Temperature
  • Harsh environment probes
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Dust Sensors

  • Laser and LED Versions
  • PM 2.5 and PM 10 measurements
  • Analog and digital outputs
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Amphenol Advanced Sensors

Global Leader in highly engineered sensing technology and devices including temperature, pressure, humidity, Co2 and dust.

Amphenol Air Quality Sensor - Grid

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Amphenol Air Quality Sensor Evaluation Board

The AAS-AQS-UNO engineering evaluation board is used to evaluate the Telaire air quality sensors and can support T9602 temperature and humidity sensors, T6713 carbon dioxide sensors, SM-PWM-01C dust sensors and other sensors from the Amphenol range.


Avnet LightSpeed IoT LED Greenhouse Lighting

View the demonstration of a sensor-enriched, dynamic spectrum IoT-controlled LED greenhouse leveraging photobiology, visualization and predictive analytics, and Avnet’s Global Cellular Connectivity kit


Amphenol Advanced Sensors in Horticulture

Amphenol Advanced Sensors’ new industrial grade environmental sensors are ideal for the next generation of high-yield LED greenhouses.