GreenChip solutions

Our innovative GreenChip power portfolio is aimed at enabling smarter, more compact and extremely energy efficient power solutions.

NXP GreenChip complete system solutions can be found in everything from highly efficient power supplies to smart fast-charging adapters, innovative fast battery charging, system protection and secure wireless charging.

Our latest GreenChip portfolio provides total system solutions for latest USB Type-C Power delivery and QC4.0 platforms that enable faster charging and best in class thermal power management. These solutions offer the highest power density, highest efficiency and superior protection to ensure safety and reliability - designed for mobile and computing applications.


  • Complete energy efficient end-to-end solution working seamlessly
  • Meets industry’s strictest energy regulations (Energy Star, EuP Lot 6, DoE, CoC)
  • Wide output voltage operating range (2.9V - 20 V)
  • Extended portfolio of AC-DC, power solutions, USB type C, wireless power



  • Industry’s best-in-class power efficiency with high-power density
  • A complete certified and validated solution enabling faster time to market
  • Enables broader set of applications: mobile, consumer, TV, IoT
  • Enabling ease of use and flexibility to customize your design



  • Smart and/or Mobile Charging
  • USB Type-C
  • Laptops, Gaming, TV

Typical End-to-End Mobile Charging System Block Diagram

End-to-End Mobile Charging System Block Diagram

NXP offers an extended portfolio of AC-DC Power Solution that address a wide range of applications such as USB Type-C, laptop, gaming, TV, and others with leading technologies that offer:

  • High efficient AC-DC power conversion
  • Superior safety and reliability
  • Highly integrated and cost efficient system

Our AC-DC solution also meets or exceeds all applicable US DOE and EU CoC energy conservation standards.

Product Families:

  • AC-DC Controllers
  • AC-DC Controllers with Integrated PFC
  • AC-DC Controllers with Integrated Power Switch
  • Secondary Side Controllers
  • Protocol Controller (Q4)



Include efficient IC solutions for Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) controllers IC intended for flyback topologies, automatic discharge for low-power X capacitors, and Synchronous Rectifier (SR) controllers for switched mode power supplies with adaptive gate drive.

SEARCH PARTS:   TEA1708T   |   TEA1833LTS   |   TEA1833TS   |   TEA18361LT   |   TEA18361T   |   TEA18362LT   |   TEA18362T   |  TEA18363LT / TEA18363T   |   TEA19361T   |   TEA19362T   |   TEA19363LT  |   TEA19363T   |   TEA1938T


Controllers with Integrated PFC

AC-DC controllers integrates a Power Factor Corrector (PFC) controller in a multi-chip IC.

SEARCH PARTS:   TEA1713T   |   TEA1716T   |   TEA1731LTS   |   TEA1731TS   |   TEA1733LT   |   TEA1733T   |   TEA1738LT   |   TEA1738T   |   TEA1750T   |   TEA1751LT   |   TEA1751T   |   TEA1752LT   |   TEA1752T   |   TEA1753LT   |   TEA1753T   |   TEA1755LT   |   TEA1755T   |   TEA19161T   |   TEA19162T


Controllers with Integrated Power Switches

These highly integrated devices reduce component count for more cost-effective application design while providing advanced control modes for exceptional efficiency.

SEARCH PARTS:   TEA1721AT   |   TEA1721BT   |   TEA1721DT   |   TEA1721FT   |   TEA1723AT   |   TEA1723BT   |   TEA1723DT   |   TEA1723FT

Secondary Protocol Controllers

The USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) and Quick Charge® 4+ fast charge controllers enables high efficient adapters in extremely compact form factor.

SEARCH PARTS:   TEA19032BT   |   TEA19051BT   |   TEA19051BTK

Secondary Side Controllers

Our extremely efficient and highly integrated GreenChip ICs control synchronous rectification in a compact form factor.

SEARCH PARTS:   TEA1761T   |   TEA1762T   |   TEA176X   |   TEA1791AT   |   TEA1791T   |   TEA1792AT   |   TEA1792ATS   |   TEA1792T   |   TEA1792TS   |   TEA1795T   |   TEA179X   |   TEA1892TS   |   TEA1993TS   |   TEA1995T   |   TEA1998TS   |   TEA1999TK



USB Type-C connector is changing the world of charging for latest portable electronic platforms and devices. Type-C is designed to deliver power with USB PD and Qualcomm Quick Charge that are driving AC-DC solution to be smarter, scalable and continuously expanding broader platform of consumer products.

NXP provides total USB Type-C AC-DC solutions with higher Power density, security and safety with leading technologies that enables customer time to market, solving application challenges and complies to all global Power regulations. NXP offers a wide portfolio of smart protection devices that provide robust protection against any fault events.

Product Families:

  • Primary Controllers
  • Secondary Side (Synchronous Rectifier) Controllers
  • Protocol Controllers
  • Smart Type-C Interface Protection


High-Speed Signal Switches

Provides signal multiplex or de-multiplex function in order to redirect the transmitted signals to same connection port or different connection ports.

SEARCH PART:  CBTL08GP053EV   |   CBTU02043HE   |   CBTL02043ABQ   |   CBTL02043BBQ   |   NX3DV42GU   |   NX3DV221GM   |   NX3DV3899GU   |   CBTL06DP213EE   |   CBTL06GP213EE

Redrivers-Signal Conditioners

Active signal regenerator which utilizes equalizer and amplifier to reshape the bypassed signal in order to remove jitters and reopen the differential signal eyes for longer channel transmission and reduce the bit error rate.

SEARCH PART:   PTN36502HQ   |   PTN36043BX   |   PTN36001HX   |   PTN36241GHX   |   PTN36221AHX   |   PTN36241B


USB PD-PHY and CC-Logic Controllers

Provide USB data link and also power from host to device or vice versus from device to host.

SEARCH PART:   PTN5110   |   PTN5150AHX

NXP provides a wide range of products focusing on mobile power management systems. From comprehensive input protection IC to high-efficiency fast charging charger IC with compact size.

NXP’s mobile power solutions addresses the needs for mobile devices, tablets, laptops and etc, and the integrated solutions suited ideally for achieving best-in-class performance.

  • PCA9468 – High Current, Fast Charger with 98% Efficiency (Available Soon)
  • NX30P6093 – OVP with Moisture Detection
  • NX20P0407 – Type-C CC/SBU Protection (Available Soon)
  • NX5P3290A – USB PD and Type-C Current-Limited Power Switch
  • NX20P5
  • 090 High Voltage USB PD Power Switch

High current faster charger with 98% efficiency PCA9468
OVP with moisture detection NX30P6093
Type-C CC/SBU Protection NX20P0407
USB PD and Type-C current-limited power switch NX5P3290A
High Voltage USB PD Power Switch NX20P5090




NXP® GreenChip™ Solutions Program

Enabling energy-efficient power solutions

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