Infineon propels transportation of tomorrow

From autonomous driving to electrification, the biggest mobility megatrends of our time are shaping the field of commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles (CAV). Semi- and fully-autonomous vehicles present a range of new opportunities in terms of efficiency, precision and safety. Electric drivetrains help manufacturers comply with the latest emissions and energy regulations while operators look forward to greater yield rates.

OPTIREG™ linear voltage regulators

The TLF4277 family is the ideal companion IC to supply active antennas for car infotainment applications. The adjustable output voltage makes the TLF4277-2EL capable of supplying the majority of standard active antennas such as:

  • FM/AM
  • DAB

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Infineon voltage regulator IC chip

CAN transceiver

The TLE9252VLC is a transceiver designed for HS CAN networks with Flexible Data-rate up to 5 Mbit/s in automotive and industrial applications.

The CAN (control area network) serial bus with multi-master capabilities was originally developed for use in automobiles with data rates up to 1Mbps as defined by the ISO 11898 international standard. Because of its ability to function in harsh automotive environment, CAN has found its way into different applications within modern vehicles, like body, safety, powertrain and infotainment.

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Infineon control area network transceiver chip

LIN transceiver

The TLE7258D is a transceiver for the local interconnect network (LIN) with integrated wake-up and protection features. It is designed for in-vehicle networks using data transmission rates up to 20 kbps. The TLE7258D operates as a bus driver between the protocol controller and the physical bus of the LIN network. Compliant to all LIN standards and with a wide operational supply range, the TLE7258D can be used in all automotive applications.

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Infineon local interconnect network IC chip

OptiMOS™ 5 80 V

With 80 V TOLL we address the power requirements of 48 V applications offering compact form factor without compromising on thermal and switching performances.

The portfolio combines best-in-class OPTIMOS™ 5 frontend technology with a leadless TOLL (PCB) or as an alternative the TOLG package targeting AI core isolated metal substrates (IMS), both offering the highest current capability on a 10x11mm2 footprint.

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Discrete IGBTs

Infineon's Discrete IGBT TRENCHSTOP™ and Fieldstop technology for 600 V automotive applications offers very tight parameter distribution, high ruggedness, temperature stable behavior and very high switching speed.

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Infineon discrete IGBT device

EiceDRIVER™ IGBT driver IC

The 1ED020I12FA2 EiceDRIVER (automotive) is a galvanic isolated single channel insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) driver IC.

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Infineon microchip

EconoDUAL™ 3 power module

With the EconoDUAL3 family, Infineon supports the complete current ranges from 100 A up to 600 A at 600 V / 650 V / 1200 V and 1700 V. Excellent mechanical robustness, power cycling capability, the option of PressFIT pins as well as the availability of TIM makes it a reliable, cost effective solution for applications in drives, CAV, wind turbines, solar, and hybrid vehicles. EconoDUAL 3 modules are available in 3-level, half-bridge, H-bridge and chopper topologies for efficient inverter designs.

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Video: Thermal interface material – provides increased system performance, reliability and lifetime.

Infineon-EconoDUAL 3 power module


It’s an exciting time for commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles (CAVs) – machines that operate everywhere from the Arctic Circle to the Sahara Desert and beyond. With systems fitted with the latest technologies, CAV owners and operators enjoy a host of advantages, from cost savings to enhanced safety.

The basis of these innovations: dedicated IGBT modules from Infineon that fulfill CAVs’ high demands in terms of power density, load cycle capability, mechanical robustness and ease of use, such as PrimePACKCAV.

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Infineon-PrimePACK power module


The newest PROFET™+2 family of protected high-side power switches (8mΩ to 200mΩ) in PG-TSDSO-14 exposed pad package provides state-of-the-art diagnostics and protection features. The family offers market first BEST form factor, the lowest RDS(ON) (2x8mΩ) / smallest package (PG-TSDSO-14) pin pitch 0.65mm. The whole family is compatible with the hardest reverse battery requirement on the market, with ReverSave™ available for the first time in market on a single chip product. The family offers outstanding energy efficiency with reduced current consumption, advanced current sense accuracy (kILIS), benchmark low cranking voltage capability and faster switching/slew rate with no impact on EMC.

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Video: PROFET™+2 - New high side switches for energy efficiency

OPTIREG™ PMIC DC-DC converters

Infineon Technologies offers several switching converters serving applications with extended requirements like supply for 32-bit μC and airbag applications. In our portfolio you can find step-up (Boost) and step-down (Buck) OPTIREG™ Switcher (TLF51801ELV) as well as OPTIREG™ PMIC (TLF35584QKVS2) cascaded internally with linear regulators and trackers.

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Infineon DC-DC converter chip

DC-DC converter (Automotive) OPTIREG™ PMIC (TLF51801ELV)

The TLF51801ELV is a PWM step-down DC/DC controller with external power switches, packaged in a small, thermal enhanced PG-SSOP-14 with exposed pad. The regulator is capable to drive external power-stages (n/n-MOS) for loads up to 10 A. The current limitation function is using either the RDS(ON) of the HS-switch or a external shunt resistor. The output voltage with a 2% tolerance is adjustable. The device can run with a duty cycle larger than 99%. The bootstrap diode is integrated to save external components. The switching frequency can be set between 100 kHz and 700 kHz or can be synchronized to an external clock. During start-up the integrated soft-start limits the in rush current peak and prevents from an output voltage overshoot. The enable function, in shutdown mode with less than 2 μA current consumption, enables easy power management in battery-powered systems. The TLF51801ELV includes protection features such as a cycle-by-cycle current limitation, over-temperature shutdown and input under voltage lockout. With a temperature range Tj from -40°C to 150°C the device is suitable for harsh environment of automotive applications.

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Infineon DC-DC controller chip

DC-DC converter (Automotive) OPTIREG™ PMIC (TLF35584QKVS2)

The TLF35584 is a multiple output system supply for safety-relevant applications supplying 3.3V-μC, transceivers, and sensors by an efficient and flexible pre-/post-regulator concept over a wide input voltage range. The wide switching frequency range allows optimization in respect of efficiency and usage of small filter components. A dedicated reference-regulator supplies the ADC independent from μC-load steps and acts as tracking-source for the 2 independent sensor-supplies. The flexible state machine, wake-up concept including timer, and the stand-by-regulator favors the usage in numerous applications.

Infineon voltage regulator chip
TLF35584 Block Diagram

Multiple safety features enable easy realization of ASIL-D together with various Microcontrollers (μCs). The TLF35584 is coming in a thermally enhanced LQFP-64 (QK-version) capable for automated optical inspection.


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Infineon voltage regulator chip

AURIX™ family – TC29xTX

AURIX™ is Infineon’s current family of microcontrollers that serve the precise needs of the automotive industry in terms of performance and safety. Its' innovative multicore architecture, based on up to three independent 32-bit TriCore™ CPUs, has been designed to meet the highest safety standards, while simultaneously increasing perfor­mance significantly.

Using the AURIX™ platform, automotive developers will be able to control powertrain and safety applications with one single MCU platform. Developments using AURIX™ will require less effort to achieve the ASIL-D standard than with a classical lockstep architecture.

Customers wanting to reduce their time-to-market can now cut down their MCU safety development by 30 percent. By the same token, a performance surplus of 50 up to 100 percent allows for more functionality and offers a sufficient resource buffer for future requirements, keeping the power consumption on the single-core microcontroller level. While protecting IP, and preventing theft and fraud, AURIX™ provides an already built-in hardware security module.

Thanks to its special feature set, AURIX™ is the perfect match for powertrain applications (including hybrid and electrical vehicles) as well as safety applications (such as steering, braking, airbag and advanced driver assistance systems).

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Infineon Aurix microcontroller chip

CAN transceiver

The CAN (Control Area Network) serial bus with multi-master capabilities was originally developed for use in automobiles with data rates up to 1Mbps as defined by the ISO 11898 international standard. Because of its ability to function in harsh automotive environments, CAN has found its way into different applications within modern vehicles, like body, safety, powertrain and Infotainment.

Recently the automotive industry newly established the CAN FD (flexible data-rate) protocol for faster CAN communication up to 5Mbit/s and CAN PN (partial networking) for improved energy efficiency.

Dependent on the respective vehicle network architecture and the related ECU supply path, different transceiver types are used. Infineon transceivers ensure reliable in-vehicle communication and help minimize the current consumption and the related CO2 emissions at the vehicle level. The Infineon transceiver products provide the best value with its high performance, ruggedness and reliability.

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Infineon automotive CAN transceiver module

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