We’ve certainly come a long way from the advent of the first electric vehicle more than 150 years ago. In fact, for the first time, global sales of new electric vehicles (EVs) ¬– either pure electric vehicles (BEVs), range-extended electric vehicles (REEV) or plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) – passed 1 million units. Under the current growth trajectory, EV producers could almost quadruple that achievement by 2020, moving 4.5 million units – or around 5% of the overall global light-vehicle market.

Global automakers will reportedly launch approximately 340 BEV and PHEV models in the next three years, significantly reducing supply as a barrier to further market uptake. That original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, are paying increased attention mainly reflects tougher emissions targets, especially in China and Europe. What’s more, announcements that several countries, as well as cities around the world, intend to set end dates for the sale of diesel- and gasoline-powered vehicles are also driving change. Norway, for example, wants BEVs to account for 100% of its new-car sales by 2025, and California, France and the United Kingdom have declared they will end sales of internal combustion engines (ICEs) by 2040.

Widespread EV adoption will require more than just increased government action, greater OEM attention, rising customer acceptance and ingenious suppliers. These vehicles rely on sophisticated electric and/or traction motors, as well as some combination of off-vehicle power sources and self-contained sources such as batteries, solar panels or electric generators.

The moment is primed for near revolutionary growth. This quickly expanding industry segment represents a huge opportunity for technological development, and Avnet’s ecosystem can help you bring to life EV applications that will have your customers clamoring. Learn how you can take advantage and become a groundbreaking innovator in the automotive electrification arena, and how you can leverage our extensive resources to do it efficiently and effectively.

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Transportation solutions

From vehicle electrification to automotive infotainment and ADAS, Avnet helps you lead the pack in transportation solutions.

power management device

Infineon Econo Dual 3 power module

With the EconoDUAL™3 family, Infineon supports the complete current ranges from 100 A up to 600 A at 600 V / 650 V / 1200 V and 1700 V.

GridBox-NXP-Inverters MPC5775E

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voltage inverter module

NXP Inverters MPC5775E

NXP’s ASIL-D Automotive system platform is a reference design for enabling high-voltage power inverter control to drive electric vehicle traction motors.

flash memory chip

ISSI NOR Flash module IS25LP080D

The IS25LP080D offers a versatile storage solution with high flexibility and performance in a simplified pin count package.

semiconductor device

Pulse Electronics BMS products HM1188NL

Pulse Electronics offers full Line of isolation transformers and common mode chokes for small to large battery pack systems for serial port safety isolation and EMI noise rejection application.

MOSFET driver chip

Microchip three phase MOSFET drivers

For ease of design, an integrated MOSFET driver provides an interface between the digital signal controller and the six MOSFET array controlling the three-phase motor.

electronic component

ON Semiconductor SiC Diodes FFSB10120A-F085

ON Semiconductor newest family of 650 V silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes offers the combined system benefits of higher efficiency, higher power density, smaller footprints and enhanced reliability.

MOSFET transistor module

Nexperia MOSFETs DFN2020

Nexperia’s AEC-Q101 qualified, 175 °C rated, DFN2020 MOSFETs with side-wettable flanks for AOI, give designers a space saving option for under the hood applications.

integrated circuit chip

STMicroelectronics 3-phase Motor Driver

L9907 is a smart power device realized in STMicroelectronics advanced BCD-6s technology. It is able to drive all PowerMOS transistors for 3-phase BLDC motor applications.

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