RSL10 SIP – Bluetooth® 5 System-in-Package

The RSL10 SIP offers the easiest way to bring the industry's lowest power Bluetooth low energy technology to wireless applications.

Fully certified to worldwide wireless standards (FCC, CE, IC, KCC*, MIC), the RSL10 SIP significantly reduces time to market by removing the need for any additional antenna design considerations.

The ready-to-use RSL10 SIP features an integrated antenna, RSL10 Radio SoC, and all passive components in a single, miniature package.


  • Fully-certified to worldwide regulatory standards 
  • Ultra-Low-Power:
    • Industry's lowest power consumption in Deep Sleep Mode (62.5 nW) and Rx in Receive Mode (7 mW)
    • Industry's best EEMBC® ULPMark™ scores (1090 ULPMark CP @ 3 V; 1260 @ 2.1 V)
  • Complete solution
  • Advanced multi-protocol wireless functionality
    • Supports Bluetooth Low Energy and 2.4 GHz proprietary/custom protocols
    • Rx Sensitivity: -93 dBM
    • Transmitting Power: -17 to 0 dBm
    • Supports Firmware Over The Air (FOTA)
  • Other key technical features
    • Built-in power management
    • Advanced dual-core architecture
    • 1.1 to 3.3 Voltage Supply Range
    • 384 kB Flash, 76 kB Program Memory, 88 kB Data Memory
    • IP protection feature to secure flash contents
    • Configurable analog and digital sensor interfaces (GPIOs, LSADs, I2C, SPI, PCM)

ON Semi's RSL10 SIP: System-in-Package


  • IoT edge-node applications
  • Bluetooth low-energy technology
  • Energy harvesting
  • Wearables

Block diagram for ON Semiconductor's RSL10

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RSL10 System−In−Package (RSL10 SIP) is a complete solution that provides the easiest way to integrate the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth low energy technology into a wireless application.

The RSL10 SIP features an on−board antenna, RSL10 radio SoC, and all necessary passive components in one package to help minimize overall system size. Already fully qualified to FCC, CE, and other regulatory standards; RSL10 SIP removes the need for additional antenna design considerations or RF certifications.

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RSL10-SIP-001GEVB: RSL10 SIP Development Board

With an Arduino-compliant form factor and on-board J-Link adaptor, the RSl10 SIP development board is used to effortlessly develop Bluetooth® low energy applications based on the RSL10 System-in-Package (SiP).

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RSL10-USB001GEVK: RSL10 USB Dongle

The RSL10 USB Dongle enables rapid prototyping of peripherals for Bluetooth® Low Energy devices. Using the included Bluetooth® Low Energy Explorer software, engineers can develop, test, and evaluate Bluetooth-based applications quickly and easily. Using a 2 Mbps connection, the RSL10 USB dongle acts as a generic central device during the development process and can be used to scan for available devices, establish connections, pair, bond, and list services and characteristics.

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