MARS: Modular Automotive Reference System

Leading edge platform to to optimize automotive image sensor systems

The Modular Automotive Reference System (MARS) is a complete imaging solution for camera system developers and system developers working on automotive imaging applications. MARS gives engineers and software developers the fundamental building blocks needed to create next generation imaging system, while reducing the design effort and resources required to develop a working solution.


Using the modular mix & match approach offered by this unique compact form factor platform, designers can bring together different combinations of image sensors, co-processors (Image Signal Processor) and communications standards. The component boards have consistent signal/power interconnect definitions to enable users to swap individual boards, creating a wide range of options for experimenting, while eliminating the need for constructing custom boards. The result is a highly flexible solution where the various modules are fully interchangeable.

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  • Ready to use camera solutions
  • Compact form factor
  • Modular and interchangeable building blocks
  • Supported by comprehensive ecosystem
    • Software development platforms
    • Lens partners
    • Schematic, gerbers, BOM


  • Accelerates development cycles
  • Reduces need for technical resources
  • Reduces development costs
  • Eliminates redundant work

Featured products

MARS1-AR0231AT7-GEVB - AR0231AT Image Sensor Board

MARS sensor board with 2.3MP, 1/2,7” high dynamic range color AR0231AT image sensor with LED Flicker Mitigation and BSI pixel technology for superior low-light performance

  • Optimized for low light and high dynamic range scene performance
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MARS1-MAX96705-GEVK - MAX96705 Serializer Kit (with FAKRA cable)

The MAX96705 16-Bit GMSL Serializer with High-Immunity/Bandwidth Mode and Coax/STP Cable Drive. Compact 1.6Gbps Serializer with Cross point and CRC Protection of Video and Control Data for ADAS Applications.

  • Optimized for long range setup up to several meters
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MARS1-AR0820ATxx-GEVB - AR0820AT Image Sensor Board

MARS sensor board with 8.3MP, 1/2-inch CMOS digital image sensor with a 3848 H x 2168 V active-pixel array. This advanced automotive sensor captures images in either linear or high dynamic range, with rolling-shutter readout. AR0820AT is optimized for both low light and challenging high dynamic range scene performance, with a 2.1 μm DR-Pix BSI pixel and on-sensor 140 dB HDR capture capability.

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