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Sensor application guide

Sensors are vital to the next generation of data driven technology. TE's portfolio of intelligent, efficient and high-performing sensor solutions are used for customers across a broad range of industries and applications.

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Higher levels of integration are moving control systems into the drives of robotic arms. Rather than just supplying power, today’s connectors also have to deliver control signals and data, while maintaining signal integrity and reliability.


Reliable interconnects are key to ensuring that industrial machinery can operate 24/7, so PLCs are dependent on quality connectors and cabling. High contact density, EMI shielding and strain relief are key selection factors for such solutions.

Control cabinets

Supporting a wide range of wired interfaces, control cabinet designers need to draw upon a selection of connectors for both IIoT connectivity and power. These could range from high current solutions for harsh environments to ruggedized RJ45.

Industrial communication

Every industrial application is different, with varying demands on vibration, motion, temperature, environment and safety.

Wireless platforms

Whether cellular, low-power or RFID, wireless is an essential element of Industry 4.0. An antenna must be carefully selected and matched to the application and the environment where it is to be used.

TE Connectivity antenna

Antenna selector guide tables: Cellular, GPS, ISM and ISM / WLAN / Wi-Fi / ZigBee / UWB

Pressure Sensors Guide

The design engineer’s guide to pressure sensors provides a comprehensive overview of the technologies, insight into the various applications, and assistance in finding the sensor that’s right for your design.

Antenna design and integration for Industrial IoT applications

Antennas are the backbone of any wireless solution, and careful component selection and board design are critical to ensuring antenna performance is not compromised.

This webinar will provide an in-depth analysis of antenna technology, addressing the important factors to consider when choosing a solution, as well as tips on understanding datasheets.



Designing with Pressure Sensors

Take an in depth look at pressure sensor base technology products and how they are constructed and learn how to choose the right one for your applications. Register below for instant access.


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