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From object detection in an automobile to the temperature of a PCB, TI's sensing solutions offer the latest innovations to meet today and tomorrow's sensing needs. Explore TI's solutions that provide the performance, accuracy and power consumption required in your next sensing design. What are you sensing today?

Image sensors

DLP2010NIR - Request Info.

The DLP2010NIR digital micromirror device (DMD) acts as a spatial light modulator (SLM) to steer near-infrared (NIR) light and create patterns with speed, precision, and efficiency. Featuring high resolution in a compact form factor, the DLP2010NIR DMD is often combined with a grating single element detector to replace expensive InGaAs linear array-based detector designs, leading to high performance, cost-effective portable NIR Spectroscopy solutions. The DLP2010NIR DMD enables wavelength control and programmable spectrum and is well suited for low power mobile applications such as skin analysis, material identification and chemical sensing.

Evaluation Module: DLPNIRNANOEVM



DLP4500 - See DLP4500 Details

TI's DLP Technology is offering the DLP4500, a DMD with a 912x1140 micromirror array enabling WXGA video or image display. The DLP4500 is part of the 0.45 WXGA chipset along with the DLPC350 (DLP4500 Controller) and is well-suited for small form-factor end equipment where higher resolutions and multiple brightness options are important. This compact optical MEMS part was developed to enable 3D scanning or metrology with structured light, machine vision, augmented reality, microscopy, spectroscopy, medical instruments, and a variety of other end equipments requiring spatial light modulation (or light steering & patterning).

Evaluation Module: DLPLCR4500EVM



Motion/Position sensors

DRV5053 - See DRV5053 Details

The DRV5053 device is a chopper-stabilized Hall IC that offers a magnetic sensing solution with superior sensitivity stability over temperature and integrated protection features.

The 0- to 2-V analog output responds linearly to the applied magnetic flux density, and distinguishes the polarity of magnetic field direction. A wide operating voltage range from 2.5 to 38 V with reverse polarity protection up to -22 V makes the device suitable for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.



LDC1614 - See LDC1614 Details

The LDC1612 and LDC1614 are 2- and 4-channel, 28-bit inductance to digital converters (LDCs) for inductive sensing solutions. With multiple channels and support for remote sensing, the LDC1612 and LDC1614 enable the performance and reliability benefits of inductive sensing to be realized at minimal cost and power. The products are easy to use, only requiring that the sensor frequency be within 1 kHz and 10 MHz to begin sensing. The wide 1 kHz to 10 MHz sensor frequency range also enables use of very small PCB coils, further reducing sensing solution cost and size.

Evaluation Module: LDC1614EVM



Pressure sensors

PGA900 - See PGA900 details

The PGA900 is a signal conditioner for resistive sensing applications. It can accommodate various sensing element types. The PGA900 conditions its input signals by amplification and digitization through two analog front end channels. With the user programmed software in the on-chip ARM Cortex M0 processor, the PGA900 can perform linearization, temperature compensation, and other user defined compensation algorithms. The conditioned signal can be output as ratiometric voltage, absolute voltage, 4- to 20-mA current loop or PWM. The data and configuration registers can also be accessed through SPI, I2C, UART, and two GPIO ports. In addition, the unique OWI allows communication and configuration through the power supply pin without using additional lines. The PGA900 operating voltage is from 3.3 to 30 V and it can operate in temperatures from –40°C to 150°C.

Evaluation Module: PGA900EVM



Temperature and humidity sensors

TMP107 - See TMP107 Details

The TMP107 digital output temperature sensor supports a total of 32 daisy-chained devices. Each sensor has a unique 5-bit address stored in electrically-erasable programmable memory (EEPROM). The TMP107 is capable of reading temperatures with a resolution of 0.015625°C, and is accurate to within ±0.4°C in the range from –20°C to +70°C. The TMP107 is ideal for replacing NTC and PTC thermistors where high accuracy is required.

Evaluation Module: TMP107EVM



HDC1080 - See HDC1080 Details

The HDC1080 is a digital humidity sensor with integrated temperature sensor that provides excellent measurement accuracy at very low power. The HDC1080 operates over a wide supply range, and is a low cost, low power alternative to competitive solutions in a wide range of common applications. The humidity and temperature sensors are factory calibrated.

Evaluation Module: HDC1080EVM




TDC1000 - See TDC1000 Details

The TDC1000 is a fully integrated analog front-end (AFE) for ultrasonic sensing measurements of level, fluid identification/concentration, flow, and proximity/ distance applications common in automotive, industrial, medical, and consumer markets. When paired with an MSP430/C2000 MCU, power, wireless, and source code, TI provides the complete ultrasonic sensing solution.

Evaluation Module: TDC1000-TDC7200EVM




Sensing solutions

Avnet provides the solutions and technical expertise to assist product designers choose the proper sensing solution, leading to reduced design cycles and time to market.