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ON Semiconductor's MEMS motion sensing solutions

ON Semiconductor takes a system-based approach to its MEMS motion sensing solutions, making it easy for designers to achieve both high performance and fast time to market. All products come bundled with ON Semiconductor's high-performance 9-axis sensor fusion algorithms, XKF3™, and the company’s IMUs include an on-chip AttitudeEngine™ motion processor for longer battery life.

The ON Semiconductor FIS series of IMUs provides high performance with the lowest unit cost, while the FMT series of modules provides a complete motion subsystem with integrated IMU, magnetometer, and MCU for high performance with minimal engineering investment. Both are bundled with ON Semiconductor’s proprietary XKF3 9-axis sensor fusion.

FMT10x0 Series - See Part Details

The FMT10x0 series (FMT1010/FMT1020/FMT1030) are turnkey motion tracking modules with embedded sensor fusion. This industrial grade module family includes accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, 10 ppm crystal and a dedicated MCU. All components are individually tested and calibrated with strap down integration and onboard pitch, roll, and yaw solutions. The FMT10x0 products are ideal for industrial applications requiring a short time to market, such as drones, autonomous vehicles, unmanned systems, construction, agriculture, virtual reality (VR) headsets and camera and platform stabilization.

The FMT1010/FMT1020/FMT1030, fully-tested, self-contained modules can output 3D orientation data (Euler angles—roll, pitch, and yaw, rotation matrix (DCM) and quaternions), orientation and velocity increments (∆q and ∆v) and sensors data (acceleration, rate of turn, magnetic field). FMT10x0 series modules are available as the FMT1010 an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), FMT1020 a Vertical Reference Unit (VRU) and the FMT1030 an Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS). Depending on the product, output options may be limited to sensors data and/or unreferenced yaw.


Motion Tracking Module with MT Software Suite

FEBFMT1030 - Request Info.

The FMT1000-series is a module outputting 3D orientation, 3D rate of turn, 3D acceleration and 3D magnetic field. It is specifically designed for industrial applications featuring vibration rejection, a robust sensor fusion algorithm and a high update rate. The FMT1000-series can be configured for any application.

The FMT1000-series Evaluation Kit is anexcellent tool to start working with the FMT1000-series. It has a pre-mounted FMT1030 AHRS and comes with the extensive MT Software Suite and USBcabling. The MT Software Suite is full-featured, with logging and visualization options, intuitive configuration windows and possibilities to export data for use in other programs.The Software Development Kit contains source code for communication and libraries for data processing.


  • Easy to use Development Board
  • Delivered with FMT1030 Mounted
  • Complete MT Software Suite
  • MT Manager Logging and Visualization GUI
  • Support for Windows and Linux
  • SDK for Windows, Linux
  • Source Code/Drivers (platform-independent)
  • Magnetic Field Mapper
  • Drivers and Examples on ARMR mbedTM
  • Full Functionality
  • USB, RS232, UART, SPI, I2C Interfaces





FIS1100 - See Part Details

All FMT1000 modules feature ON Semiconductor’s FIS1100 (an accelerometer/gyroscope combo-sensor), a magnetometer, a high-accuracy crystal and a low-power MCU. The MCU coordinates synchronization and timing of the various sensors, applies calibration models (e.g. temperature modules) and output settings, and runs the sensor fusion algorithm. The MCU also generates output messages according to the proprietary XBus communication protocol. The messages and data output are fully configurable to limit the load, and hence power consumption, on the application processor.

The FIS1100 is the world's first consumer IMU to provide pitch, roll, and yaw specifications. It comes bundled with ON Semiconductor's high-performance 9-axis sensor fusion algorithms, XKF3™, and includes an on-chip AttitudeEngine™ motion processor for longer battery life, easy adoption, and enhanced user experience. It's ideal for a range of applications such as wearable sensors for sports, fitness, and health; pedestrian navigation; autonomous robots; and virtual and augmented reality.



6D Inertial Measurement Unit with Motion Co-Processor and Sensor Fusion Library

FEBFIS1100 - See Part Details

The FIS1100 evaluation kit supports evaluation of the FIS1100 6-axis IMU with the easy to use MT Manager Windows GUI application. It also supports embedded integration using the extensive FIS1100 SDK.


  • Easy to use development board including ARM Cortex M4+
  • Arduino Shield for the FIS1100 Sensor
  • World’s first complete consumer Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
  • Includes sensor fusion library to specify orientation accuracy: ±3° pitch and roll, ±5° yaw/heading
  • Integrated AttitudeEngine™ motion co-processor with vector DSP delivering improving accuracy while reducing processor MIPS, power, and interrupt requirements




Sensing solutions

Avnet provides the solutions and technical expertise to assist product designers choose the proper sensing solution, leading to reduced design cycles and time to market.