Expanding on its more than 30 year sensing history, NXP has unveiled a new era of sensing with the Sensing Solutions portfolio. This new brand of sensors is designed with the right combination of intelligent integration, logic and customizable software on the platform to deliver smarter, more differentiated applications.

With NXP sensing solutions, our vision is to offer a diverse and differentiated product portfolio to meet the expanding needs of the automotive, consumer and industrial segments. NXP solutions offer ideal blends of functionality and intelligence designed to help our customers differentiate and win in highly competitive markets.

Motion sensors

NXP 3-, 2-, and 1-axis accelerometers are designed to detect changes in force resulting from fall, tilt, motion, positioning, shock and vibration. For products that require a fast response time, high sensitivity, low current consumption, low voltage operation and a standby mode in a small profile package, our accelerometers are an ideal solution. For IoT, IMM and automotive applications, NXP MEMS accelerometers offer broad sensing ranges and robust design solutions to help you to innovate and develop your next-generation measurement solutions. The sensors highlighted below are a subset of NXP's full portfolio. For additional information on the sensors listed below and for NXP's automotive portfolio, please search for sensors on NXP.com

Part Family

  • MMA8491Q: 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer  Ultra Low Power, Tilt Sensor
  • MMA845xQ: 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer Linear, Low Noise, High Performance Sensors
  • MMA865xQ: 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer Small, Low Power, Mass Market Sensors
  • FXLS8471Q: 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer Linear, Low Noise, High Performance Sensor with SPI Inferface
  • MMA955xL: Intelligent Motion Sensing Platform, High Resolution, 3-Axis Accelerometers with 32-bit Low Power, Embedded MUC and 16K Flash
  • FXLC95000CL: Intelligent Motion Sensing Platform 3-Axis Accelerometer with 32-bit ColdFire MCU

NXP offers a magnetic sensor portfolio that has extremely high resolution, low-power and is compatible with NXP's E-Compass Software. These sensors address applications such as security, wearables, smart home, automotive safety, robotics and portable navigation devices.

Part Family

  • MAG3110: 3-Axis Digital Magnetometer Highly Accurate, Small, Low Power, Magnetic Sensor
  • KMA2XX/KMZMxx: Mangetoresistive Angular Sensor High Angle Range, Linear Sensor with over voltage protection

NXP offers 6-axis accelerometer+magnetometer solutions that have extremely high resolution, low-power and are compatible with our eCompass Software. These solutions address highly accurate electronic compass functionality for augmented reality, e-readers, medical applications, home appliances, portable navigation devices, smartphones and tablets.

  • FXOS8700CQ: 6-Axis Digital Sensor Highly Integrated, Low Power Sensor with High Dynamic Range

NXP's intelligent gyroscope combines angular rate resolution, programmable interrupts, power saving features and software algorithms to meet the requirements of different applications, ranging from controllers and sports monitoring, to location tracking and personal navigation.

  • FXAS21002C: 3-Axis Digital Gyroscope Low Power Sensor with a Wide Dynamic Range

Pressure Sensors
NXP supplies a very large pressure sensor portfolio containing a wide variety of pressure ranges, diverse packaging and porting options. MEMS-based pressure sensors provide robust solutions for the appliance, medical, consumer, industrial and automotive markets. High sensitivity and excellent long-term repeatability make NXP pressure sensors suitable for the most demanding, high performance applications.

Part Family: Digital Pressure Sensors

  • MPL3115: Absolute Digital Pressure Sensor Altimeter Wide Operating Range of 20kPa to 11kPa
  • FXTH87: Absolute Digital Pressure Sensor, Accelerometer and RF Transmitter, Operating Range of 100kPa to 900kPa


Part Family: Analog Pressure Sensors

  • MPXxx61115A: Absolute Pressure Sensors Operating Ranges from 15 kPa up to 400 kPa, Ported Options and Media Reistant gel options.
  • MPxx5004: Absolute Digital Pressure Sensor, Accelerometer and RF Transmitter, Operating Range of 100kPa to 900kPa
  • MPX2300D: Differential, Medical Pressure Sensor, Range 0 to 40kPa
  • MPVx4006: Gauge Pressure Sensor Range 0 to 6kPa

Kits and tools

Freedom Sensor Toolbox

NXP’s new Freedom Sensor Toolbox is the complete ecosystem for each phase of product development with NXP sensors. It encompasses NXP's wide spectrum of new sensor boards and software tools cross various compatible Kinetis low power 32 bit microcontrollers, enabling ‘out of box’ sensor demonstrations, sensor evaluation, sensor application development and prototyping.

  • Demonstration is enabled by NXP Freedom Sensor Toolbox – Community Edition STB CE software and demonstration kits for an impressive ‘out of box’ experience.
  • Evaluation of sensor capabilities is enabled by Sensor Shield development boards with compatible Freedom development boards using Intelligent Sensing Framework (ISF) and the STB- CE.
  • Development of sensor applications is enabled by using any Kinetis microcontrollers with ISF.
  • Prototyping sensor based products is enabled by using breakout boards


Reference Designs

RD-KL25-AGMP01 - See RD-KL25-AGMP01 Details


Sensing solutions

Avnet provides the solutions and technical expertise to assist product designers choose the proper sensing solution, leading to reduced design cycles and time to market.