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Expanded automation and sensing solutions are becoming common in a number of new applications. As a result, customers need components that can be easily integrated into next generation designs. Safeguard the operation of your systems with a complete range of products and solutions for the connection of sensors and actuators. You want to transmit your data reliably so Molex has a portfolio of connector products for just about every on board or off board Sensor power or signal requirement.

Molex Brad® Ultra-Lock® connection system - See Part Details

Micro-Change® (M12) connectors are designed to withstand harsh-industrial and weather environments with superior quality that assures very reliable connections for control elements in automated equipment. These high-quality connectors allow fast and simple replacement of sensors, encoders, switches and other input and output devices in industrial machinery.

Available in 2- through 5-, 8- and 12-pole IEC compliant configurations, single- and dual-keyway designs, with straight and 90° plugs, the Micro-Change comprehensive offering provides a complete connectivity solution. With the introduction of Harsh Duty receptacles, Molex expands the applicability of M12 connectors to more demanding environments, Brad Micro-Change M12 Harsh-Duty Receptacles offer a sealed connection with superior EMI/RFI shielding in high-vibration systems, which makes them ideal for petrochemical, and commercial-vehicle Class 2 applications.

  • Push-to-lock technology offers simple and fast operator-independent connection
  • Receptacles accept Ultra-Lock or standard M12 threaded cordsets, providing customers with option to use either format
  • Radial O-ring supplies superior protection against water-Ingres rated to IP67/IP69K




Universal Serial Bus (USB) Type-C connectors and cable assemblies - See Part Details

More compact USB Type-C connectors offer greater PCB savings while enabling high-frequency mating in data, consumer and other I/O applications. Additionally, because of their 5.0A current rating, USB Type-C connectors reduce battery-charging time by 64% compared to micro-USB 2.0, which support 1.8A. High-temperature Nylon insert-mold receptacle housing increases connector strength to reduce potential shorting between mid-plate and terminals. Availability of cable options meeting USB 2.0 and 3.1 speeds suits a variety of users depending on application requirements.

  • New Type C replace relatively large size and internal volume constraints of the Standard-A and Standard-B versions of USB connectors.
  • Additionally, as platform usage models have evolved, usability and robustness requirements have advanced and the existing set of USB connectors were not originally designed for some of these newer requirements.
  • This specification establishes a new USB connector ecosystem that addresses the evolving needs of platforms and devices while retaining all of the functional benefits of USB that form the basis for this most popular of computing device interconnects.




SlimStack™ Hybrid Power SMT Board-to-Board connectors - See Part Details

Achieve up to 10A of power and electrical reliability in an ultra-compact design with SlimStack Hybrid Power connectors, designed for battery and other power applications for mobile devices such as cellphones, Tablet PCs and portable medical equipment. Narrow pitch and width, ultra-low profile and short length offers maximum space savings. Dual-contact design for both power and signal contacts assures contact reliability and  withstands shock and vibration. By incorporating a dual contact design for all terminals, this assures that one pair of the power and signal contacts will remain connected if subjected to shock or vibration. This is critical to maintain functionality in mobile applications, which are always at risk of being dropped or shaken.

  • Metal covers available on SlimStack Armor™ connectors prevent housing damage during mating.
  • Innovative housing design provides secure terminal retention.
  •  Wide alignment area helps operators guide the connectors together for mating more easily.




Standard Antenna Products - 2.4/5GHz, Combo GPS*/Wi-Fi flexible antenna with balanced transmission - request info

Compact and easy-to-install, transmission-balanced GPS/Wi-Fi antennas combine ground-plane independence with high-radiation efficiency to support wide operating frequencies in a variety of wireless applications. The Series 146186 GPS/Wi-Fi-ready Combo Flexible Antenna is available in cable lengths of 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300mm. Poly-flexible, double-sided adhesive tape on antenna enables easy peel-and-stick mounting anywhere within the device casing. Coaxial cable to center-fed antenna attachment with over 18.0N of pull force ensures robust antenna reliability and connectivity to radio device. Balanced antenna with ground-plane-independent design reduces engineering resources and costs needed to mitigate PCB ground-induced radiation.

  • Combines high-efficiency, ground-plane independent designs that are easy to tune. Requires minimal in-house customer RF expertise
  • Provides shortened customer product development cycles with proven Molex experience. Custom antenna designs offered if needed ( MID solutions | LDS solutions, etc.)
  • Offer integrated design, test and manufacturing services for standard and customized LDS or coax antenna designs



Sensing solutions

Avnet provides the solutions and technical expertise to assist product designers choose the proper sensing solution, leading to reduced design cycles and time to market.