Renesas Activity Tracking Monitor

Looking for a new way to step up the sensor game?

Then you’ve barked up the right tree.

The market is flooded with fitness trackers for humans looking to count steps or monitor sleep. But the Renesas activity monitor is an integrated sensor application that can:

  • receive signals (such as noise or movement)
  • provide signal integrity
  • feed information to the MCU
  • and process data so it can be displayed and read

Sporting advanced analog and timing control, the monitor is ideal for sensor-based applications, as well as a low power consumption design that extended battery life, a high end op-amp for noise detection and a PC application on the backend for fixing settings and reading data. The Synergy Platform allows the RTOS, middleware, communication stacks, user interface, and detailed MCU functions to be accessed entirely through the API. Developers can immediately start developing end-product application code at the API level, thus eliminating the learning curve for software and MCU operation below the API.

But the best news? Using this base design, developers can get inspired to build all kinds of other innovations from pressure, humidity, lighting and geotracking based on the same serial PMOD connection.

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What’s inside

  • ISL9120 Buck-Boost Regulator: Extends battery life by maintaining the 3V requirement. Reduces (bucks) battery voltage when voltage is high, and increases (boosts) when the battery power drops below requirements
  • ISL9230 Battery Charger: Specifically designed for charging/recharging a single-cell battery. Options are set by resistors and pin-strapping with no programming required.
  • Renesas MCU: The Synergy S3A3 minimizes component count and showcases abundant peripherals in the Synergy MCU product line. The S3 family supports advanced analog and timing control that is a great fit for sensor applications.
  • ISL28133 Op Amp: Key for noise detection by processing sound from the microphone and boosting the signal to the ADC function of the Synergy MCU
  • PMOD: Serial communication interface can be used to connect to external modules (not utilized in this design)

Inside view Renesas pet activity monitor showing components


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