Passive and semiconductor components for the power solutions market

Vishay offers a wide variety of products from passives to semiconductors to assist in all of your power design needs.

Vishay, Power Supply

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power solutions, Surface-Mount Polymer Tantalum Molded Chip Capacitors

T55 - vPolyTan™ Surface-Mount Polymer Tantalum Molded Chip Capacitors

Optimized for power management, battery decoupling, and energy storage in computer, telecom, and industrial applications. Devices in the larger D and V case sizes are optimized for network equipment, computers, and solid-state drives, while capacitors in the compact A and B case sizes are ideal for tablets, smartphones, and wireless cards.

VISHAY, Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor

MKP1848C - Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor DC-Link Capacitor

Environmentally friendly metallized polypropylene film capacitor for DC-link applications offers a broad capacitance range of 1 µF to 500 µF, compact footprints, and voltage ratings from 500 V to 1200 V.

VISHAY, Compact ceramic disc capacitors

VY1*C - Compact Ceramic Disc Capacitors

Industry first ceramic disc safety capacitors to offer high pulse strength to 10 kV while withstanding temperature of 85 °C and relative humidity of 85 % at rated voltage for 1000 h.



WSLF Power Metal Strip Resistor

WSLF - Power Metal Strip® Resistors

Combes a high power rating up to 6 W, element TCR down to ± 70 ppm/°, and extremely low resistance values down to 0.0003 Ω in the 2512 case size, the WSLF2512 provides a power density of 192 W/in^2 (0.3 W/mm^2) to save board space in high power circuits

MPM series, thin film resistor divider

MPM Series - Molded, SOT-23 Thin Film Resistor Divider

Features tight ratio tolerance and close TCR tracking with divider ratios of 1:1 to 100:1 for process controls, test and measurement, instrumentation, signal conditioning, and data acquisition applications.



MOSFET, superjunction technology

IHLP® - Low-Profile, High-Current Inductors

IHLP® low-profile, high-current inductors provide high-performing, space- and efficient solutions for voltage regulator module (VRM) and dc-to-dc converter applications.



E Series High-Voltage MOSFETs

E Series MOSFETs featuring superjunction technology for low maximum on-resistance, and low gate charge for lower conduction and switching losses and increased efficiency.

E Series MOSFETs, superjunction technology
Part Package CH VDS (V) VGS (V) RDS(ON) @ 10 V (Ω) Qg @ 10 V (nC) ID Max. (A) PD Max. (W)
SiHP065N60E TO-220AB N 600 30 0.065 49 40 250
SiHH26N60E PowerPAK® 8x8 N 600 30 0.135 77 25 202
SiHJ8N60E PowerPAK® SO-8L N 600 30 0.52 22 8 89


TrenchFET® Gen IV 30 V to 80 V MOSFETs

TrenchFET® Gen IV next generation technology provides very low on-resistance and ultra-low figure of merit (FOM) that deliver increased power density and efficiency.

VISHAY, TrenchFET<sup>®</sup> Gen IV next generation technology
Part Package Config CH VDS (V) VGS (V) RDS(ON) @ 10 V (Ω) Qg @ 10 V (nC) ID Max. (A) PD Max. (W)
SiZ340DT PowerPAIR® 3x3 Dual N 30 20 0.0051 22.6 40 31
SiR638DP PowerPAK® SO-8 Single N 40 20 0.00088 136 100 104
SiRA20DP PowerPAK® SO-8 Single N 25 16 0.00058 61 100 104


P-, N-Channel 20 V to 30 V MOSFETs

N- and P-channel MOSFETs featuring TrenchFET® technology in an ultra-compact PowerPAK® SC-70 page designed to save space and increase power efficiency in power applications.

N- and P-channel MOSFETs featuring TrenchFET<sup>®</sup> technology
Part Package CH VDS (V) VGS (V) RDS(ON) @ 10 V (Ω) RDS(ON) @ 4.5 V (Ω) Qg @ 10 V (nC) Qg @ 4.5 V (nC) ID Max. (A) PD Max. (W)
SiA468DJ PowerPAK® SC-70 N 30 20 0.0084   17.6   37.8 19
SiA468DJ PowerPAK® SC-70 P -30 12 0.0185   44   24 19
SiA437DJ PowerPAK® SC-70 P -20 8   0.0145   28 -29.7 19


Medium Voltage / ThunderFET® MOSFETs

ThunderFET® technology offers low on-resistances devices in a variety of package types

VISHAY, E Series High-Voltage MOSFETs
Part Package CH VDS (V) VGS (V) RDS(ON) @ 10 V (Ω) Qg @ 10 V (nC) ID Max. (A) PD Max. (W)
SUP70040E TO-220 N 100 20 0.004 76 120 375
SUM80090E D2PAK N 150 20 0.009 63 128 375
SiR610DP PowerPAK® SO-8 N 200 20 0.319 20 35.4 104


Synchronous microBUCK Regulator

SiC462 - Synchronous microBUCK® Regulator

4.5 V to 60 V buck regulator capable of delivering up to 75 W output power. Featuring integrated high and low side MOSFETs and capable of supplying 6 A of continuous current at a switching frequency up to 1 MHz, the SiC462 delivers adjustable output voltage down to 0.8 V from a 4.5 V to 60 V input rail.



Optocouplers, Vishay

VOR1142M4 - Solid-State Relay

Replacing mechanical relays, delivering solid-State reliability, with bounceless, reduced noise generation switching, unlimited life, and small form factors.

Low Input current Optocoupler

VOM618A - Low Input current Optocoupler in low profile package

• Offering nine different current transfer ratio (CTR) ranges from 40 % to 600 %, which provide designers with increased flexibility.



Diodes and Rectifiers  
diodes Vishay Power Solutions

eSMP® - Enhanced Surface-Mount Power Packages

SS1F4 - Solid-State Relay

VS-*EFH02 - Hyperfast Rectifier

Vishay’s eSMP packages enable higher current and power efficiency for better thermal performance and reliability. Vishay diode and rectifier product technologies available in eSMP series packages include ESD Protection Diodes, PAR® TVS Diodes, TransZorb® TVS Diodes, Zener Diodes, Avalanche Rectifiers, FRED Pt® Rectifiers, Schottky Rectifiers, TMBS® Rectifiers, and Ultrafast Recovery Rectifiers. AEC-Q101 qualified. Available in asymmetrical and symmetrical flat type packages.



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AppNote Selecting IHLP Composite Inductors - Grid

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AppNote: Selecting IHLP Composite Inductors

This application note will provide information to assist in the specification of IHLP composite inductors based on given operating conditions utilizing Vishay's IHLP application sheets.

Selevting IHLP Composite Inductors, Vishay, Power Solutions

Operation FOM and Guidelines for MOSFET Selection - Grid

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Operation, FOM & Guidelines for MOSFET Selection

Determine which MOSFET best fits your design with VISHAY’s MOSFET selection application note.

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