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The demand for power continues to grow on a global scale every year while fossil fuel reserves continue to be depleted, further contributing to global warming. Our planet needs power solutions that can make more effective use of our limited resources and provide greater sustainability. To help save energy and reduce our carbon footprint, ROHM offers a broad portfolio of next-generation Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Devices. Applications for SiC include the power, automotive, railway, and consumer sectors.

SiC is a compound semiconductor comprised of Silicon (Si) and Carbon (C). Compared to conventional Silicon Power Devices, SiC Power Devices deliver higher voltage breakdown, lower ON resistance, faster switching, and higher temperature operation. This translates to lower switching losses, reduced power loss, and smaller module size, allowing designers to make more robust products using fewer components.


Material Property Comparison between Si and SiC, Rohm Semiconductor

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ROHM SiC MOSFETs switch without producing any tail current. This enables higher speed switching which reduces switching loss. In addition, low ON resistance and small die size result in lower capacitance and gate charge. SiC exhibits minimal ON resistance increase at higher temperatures compared to standard silicon devices, where the ON resistance can more than double. Applications range from solar inverters, DC/DC converters, and switch mode power supplies to induction heating and motor drives.

SiC-MOSFETs Turn-OFF characteristics chart
SiC-MOSFETs ON-Resistance Temperature characteristics-chart

3rd generation Trench MOSFETs

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Using Trench MOSFET technology allows ROHM to achieve lower RDSon and faster switching than our previous leading-edge family of parts when using the same package. Trench technology provides additional benefits including improved reliability with no intrinsic body diode degradation.

Package Rated Voltage 17mΩ 22mΩ 30mΩ 40mΩ 60mΩ 80mΩ 120mΩ 160mΩ
TO-247N 650V SCT3017AL SCT3022AL SCT3030AL SCT3060AL SCT3080AL SCT3120AL
[3Pin] 1200V - SCT3022KL SCT3030KL SCT3040KL SCT3080KL SCT3160KL

2nd generation Planar MOSFETs

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ROHM’s Planar MOSFETs feature a market-proven, high reliability design. They are used in a variety of applications ranging from automotive systems to industrial industrial equipment. The lineup delivers a wider V max rating and higher voltages.

Package Rated Voltage 80mΩ 120mΩ 160mΩ 280mΩ 450mΩ 750mΩ 1150mΩ
TO-220AB [3Pin] 650V SCT2120AF
TO-247 [3Pin] 1200V SCT2080KE
TO-3PFM [3Pin] 1700V SCT2H12NZ
TO-268-2L [3Pin] 1700V SCT2750NY SCT2H12NY

*SCH Series – Embedded SBD in Parallel with MOSFET


SiC Schottky barrier diodes (SBD)

ROHM SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes are majority carrier devices featuring ultra-fast reverse recovery. As a result, switching loss is reduced, enabling high-speed switching operation. In addition, unlike silicon-based fast recovery diodes where the reverse recovery time (trr) increases with temperature, SiC devices maintain constant characteristics that improve performance. SiC SBDs are ideal for applications such as inverters and chargers for EV and solar power conditioners.

Reverse Recovery Characteristics

ROHM-charts, Rohm Charts Semiconductor

3rd generation lineup

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ROHM’s 3rd Gen products improve performance by offering much lower Forward Voltage (VF) under high temperatures, higher Forward Surge Current (IFSM) capabilities, and low leakage current (IR).

Package Rated Voltage 2A 4A 6A 8A 10A
TO-220AC [2Pin] 650V SCS302AP SCS304AP SCS306AP SCS306AP SCS310AP
TO-263AB (LPTL/D2PAK) [4Pin] 650V SCS302AJ** SCS304AJ** SCS306AJ** SCS308AJ** SCS310AJ**
TO-220FM [2Pin] 650V SCS302AM** SCS304AM** SCS306AM** SCS308AM** SCS310AM**

**Coming soon (Contact ROHM for more Information)


2nd generation lineup

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ROHM’s 2nd Gen products have a long production history demonstrating their robust, reliable design. The expanded lineup includes a wider voltage range and higher current capabilities. An automotive-grade series is also available for applications requiring even higher reliability.

Package Rated Voltage 5A 6A 8A 10A 12A 15A 20A 0A 40A
TO-220AC 650V SCS206AG^ SCS208AG^ SCS210AG^ SCS212AG^ SCS215AG^ SCS220AG^
[2Pin] 1200V SCS205KG^ SCS210KG^   SCS215KG^ SCS220KG^    
TO-263AB (LPTL/D2PAK) [4Pin] 650V SCS206AJ^ SCS208AJ^ SCS210AJ^ SCS212AJ^ SCS215AJ^ SCS220AJ^
TO-220FM [2Pin] 650V SCS206AM SCS208AM SCS210AM SCS212AM SCS215AM SCS220AM
TO-247 [3Pin] 650V SCS215AE SCS220AE
SCS230AE21 SCS240AE21
  1200V SCS210KE2^1 SCS220KE2^1 SCS230KE2^1 SCS240KE2^1

^ Automotive grade products available (Contact ROHM for more information)
1 Dual chip in single package (SCS2xxAE2 and SCS2xxE2 Series)



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