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With a long operating history of innovation in power magnetics, as well as the ability to ramp quickly into high-quality, high-volume production, Pulse Electronics has become one of the world’s most trusted electronic components partners. It’s our mission to help our customers build the next great product by providing the needed technical solutions simply and easily.

Pulse Electronics Power BU offers a complete line of power magnetics for voltage conversion applications in a broad range of packaging options from through hole to surface mount. This includes power inductors and transformers used in AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters, power inductors, high-frequency power transformers, gate drive transformers, current sense magnetics, common mode chokes, and low-frequency transformers.

Our experts also have the capacity to design and manufacture a wide array of custom and application specific magnetics.

Battery management systems

The battery has inched its way into our modern lives and is now so ubiquitous to how we live that they are almost invisible and often go without much thought. Most of how we communicate, gather our news, are entertained, and increasingly, how we transport ourselves relies on a battery of some sort.

Increasingly, it has become more important that we not discard to the landfills these little givers of energy. To do this, we need to be able to safely regenerate the energy inside these batteries and keep them in service, almost indefinitely. Today’s Battery Management Systems (BMS) have been developed to help us do exactly that.

The BMS manages the recharging of batteries by controlling load environment, monitoring battery state, and accordingly balancing the charging. A battery management system is useful for ensuring prolonged life of batteries, preventing battery damage due to overcharging and voltage fluctuations, managing optimal state of charging for the battery and facilitating BMS interfaces with host application to provide real-time information regarding battery health. BMS follows three types of topologies, which are distributed, centralized and modular. Distributed BMS has a single communication cable controller and battery; a cell board is installed at each cell. Centralized BMS has a single controller, which is connected to battery cells with the help of communication wires. Modular BMS has multiple controllers that handle certain number of cells and communicate with each other.

The global battery management system market is primarily segmented on the basis of verticals into automotive, energy, telecom and drones.

  • Automotive includes EVs, HEVs, PHEVs, BEV, racing vehicles and electric heavy vehicles, golf cart, medical mobility vehicles, and e-recreational vehicles
  • Telecom is dominated by industrial UPS systems
  • Energy includes utility/grid, solar/wind, portable battery packs, energy storage systems, and UPS
  • Drones are both personal and industrial in nature
Pulse battery management system chartPA2517.XXXNL PA2517.XXXNL PA3815.XXXNL PA3815.XXXNL PH9084.XXXNL PH9084.XXXNL PH9400.XXXNL PH9400.XXXNL PH9185.XXXNL PH9185.XXXNL PA3209NL PA3209NL

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Power beads for high-efficiency computing

The increasing power requirements of today’s micro-processors, ASICs, FPGAs and memory modules, coupled with a lowering of their operating voltage, continues to push operating currents higher and higher. This trend, along with the need for improved efficiency and higher power density, demands smaller, more tightly toleranced and efficient magnetic components that are suitable for the complex power delivery topologies. The Pulse power bead inductor product family has been instrumental in these developments and it perfectly suited for these requirements.

The Pulse power bead uses a gapped-ferrite core structure and a low winding resistance, down to 120μOhms. The Ferrite cores have roughly 20 times lower core loss than traditional solutions for a given flux density and frequency. This property allows for a dramatic reduction in core losses. In addition, ferrite, unlike some traditional solutions, is not susceptible to thermal aging, which is a process by which the binder in the cores breaks down at elevated temperatures, causing an increase in core losses as well as more heat and a thermal runaway condition.

Pulse has been on the leading edge of supplying this type of high efficiency inductor since the development of the first Intel VR specification. We continue to focus on these products by extending our product line from the single phase, high current models, to our multi-phase integrated and coupled bead inductors for today’s highest efficiency demands.

While starting life as a product dedicated for the server compute space, the Pulse power beads have found additional applications where the use of high load switching frequencies and thermal performance are just as demanding. Some of these alternate applications include SMP modules, laptop and mobile computing, graphics cards, datacom and telecom switching gear and storage systems utilizing high power ASICs and FPGAs.

Pulse power beads for high efficiency computingPA4390 PA4390 PA2607 PA2607 PA3784 PA3784 PA3146 PA3146 PA3144 PA3144

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Coming soon! Automotive products

Pulse Electronics is a recognized worldwide leader in electronic component design and manufacturing. With an extensive line of state-of-the-art catalog products and custom capabilities, we are a key supplier of electronic components to OEMs, contract manufacturers and CEMs around the world.

The recent addition of TS16949 certification of our Power BU design and manufacturing centers allows us to now bring our 70 years of design innovation and high volume manufacturing expertise to the Automotive industry. The Pulse Power BU can design and manufacture a full range of PCB mounted power components for the automotive & transportation markets. Our Catalog offering contains transformers, inductors and common mode chokes alongside our ability to offer unique and custom power solutions for a variety of EV, PHEV systems and traditional body and safety systems in today’s vehicles. These products are designed and qualified to meet the stringent requirements of AEC-Q200, and are manufactured under our ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System.

Pulse Automotive ProductsPM2161 PM2161 PA434X PA434X PM2175 PM2175 PM2190 PM2190 PM2155 PM2155 PM2165 PM2165

Industrial products

Key Products in Industrial Applications, Pulse Power Solutions

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Pulse Electronics Power BU offers a complete line of power magnetic components for industrial applications such as automation, process control, energy management, security displays, smart grid, and building technologies. The requirements of the industrial market are satisfied with our robust surface mount and through hole solutions which have been qualified by rigorous environmental testing. Catalog products include power conversion, isolation, current & voltage sensing and filtering solutions. Customization of products is also available. Our on-line parametric search helps you quickly identify the correct component for your application, and LTSpice & 3D models are available to help with your electrical and mechanical simulations, and samples are always free.

Pulse Industrial Products chartPA441X PA441X PA434X PA434X PA0476 PA0476 PH9385 PH9385 2813 2813 PA1005 PA1005

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Pulse Electronics

Pulse Electronics Power Guide

Helping design your next great product with new products and a wide range of magnetics for high-frequency switching power supply and current sense applications.

Pulse Electronics Power Guide

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Switching Power Supply Block Diagram

A switching power supply is used to convert a given input voltage to a regulated output voltage current. Depending on the input voltage level, output power & regulatory requirements a switching power supply can consist of many blocks.

Pulse switch mode power supply diagram

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Using BMS for More Reliable EVs and PHEVs

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