What’s involved and what we support

Build or buy? Custom design or off-the-shelf supply? These are only a few of the decisions you’ll run into as you begin to design power into your system. No matter which route you choose, our experts will help you align technologies with your requirements to deliver the ideal power architecture without exceeding your power budget.


The Avnet approach to power

  • Customer requirements drive services and support with the ultimate goal of delivering the best solutions

  • Applications leverage real-world design experience

  • Up-to-the-minute knowledge of manufacturer product road maps, reference designs, tools and design
circuit board and tools over a circiut design

One-stop shopping experience for customers in need of total power solutions

Avnet is a leading distributor of power management integrated circuits (ICs), power components and power supplies, creating a one-stop shopping experience for customers in need of total power solutions.

Avnet works at a system level approach looking at supporting AC/DC power supply requirements along with any board level DC/DC power requirements. We specialize in supporting automotive, communication, healthcare, industrial, healthcare and lighting markets.

Beyond traditional distribution services and socket-level design support

Avnet offers more than just traditional distribution services and socket-level design support by making it a point to understand total system power requirements for each customer design. The important thing is that the customer gets power right to get maximum performance.

Customers can use simulation tools and online product review for research. But in the end, if power supply design is not a core competency, customers should to talk to someone for design support.

Power technologies matched with customer requirements, without exceeding budget

Avnet local and corporate experts can help match technologies with requirements to deliver the right solution without exceeding a customer’s power budget. We can help provide the right power solution whether customers are designing power components onto a board or using an AC/DC supply to power a system. Customers need a power solution not a part number. Avnet’s regional power specialists and field application engineers are there to provide power solutions.


Power supplies

  • Power supplies
  • AC/DC - DC/DC (isolated)
  • Point of load DC/DC (non-isolated)
  • Switching regulators (non-Isolated)
  • AC/DC and DC/DC LED driver modules
  • Batteries and battery packs
  • AC/DC external adapters

Power components

  • LED driver IC
  • Power management IC (PMIC)
  • Battery management IC
  • Power conversion IC
  • Energy harvesting IC
  • Passive components
  • Power magnetics
  • Power connectors
circuit boards

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