Design expertise

Countless customer engagements have shown that a one-size-fits-all approach to design support isn’t nearly as effective as deploying technical resources on a case-by-case basis to meet specific customer needs.

Our broad portfolio of power products and technologies enables our team of field based field application engineers and regional power supply specialists offer the best solution for each customer. These specialists consider each aspect of the application before recommending the ideal power architecture. This includes verifying system requirements, pointing out associated reference designs, presenting supplier product roadmaps and optimizing bill of materials.

Discover a few ways we can help “power” your next design:

Find the right technologies that match your requirements, without exceeding budget

Most projects will start with a preliminary power budget. However, board level design coupled with system level design requires knowing all the parameters to determine:

  • The type of power needed
  • Overall power rail budget and the breakdown of each section
  • Associated load
  • The breakouts
Engineer working on circuit boards

Avnet’s local and corporate experts can help match technologies with requirements to deliver the right solution without exceeding a customer’s power budget and providing ways to improve customer time to market.

Gain support from the initial PCB layout and beyond

Copying the reference circuit of a selected power solution is easy to do schematically. Since these systems are analog in nature, extra care and experience must be taken to properly lay them out on the PCB. Avnet and our supplier partners are uniquely positioned to provide support and assistance on customer power designs.

For example, design tools provide a good first pass analysis of how the solution should work but in the real world, there are always limitations to what a simple simulation model can do. Avnet’s field application engineers can support the process with development tools, evaluation boards and suggested design methodologies.

Leverage real-world design expertise in AC/DC power supply requirements

Avnet’s regional power specialists are available through our local field application engineering and account management teams to support customers and their AC/DC power supply requirements. Up-to-the-minute knowledge of manufacturer product roadmaps along with real-world design experience is leveraged across a wide breadth of applications. Services and support are driven by customer requirements with the ultimate goal of delivering the best solutions.


Jump starter: the Avnet/AVAIL Block Diagram App

Your local field application engineering team is armed with Avnet AVAIL Block Diagram App, an interactive engineering tool built on the Microsoft Visio platform. The systems allows Avnet to take advantage of an elite knowledge base of engineering talent and manufacturer information. We have developed specific subsystem block diagrams for power that feature solutions and reference designs to support your power requirements.

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