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Power: it’s a requirement for every piece of equipment or product you develop. What’s more, you need to get your power right to get maximum performance. So out of all of the available options on the market, how do you find the right power solution for your performance needs, without exceeding your power budget?

Supporting an almost limitless number of applications, markets and voltage/current rating requirements, Avnet supplies a comprehensive range of standard power supply products to meet your specific design needs. In partnership with our innovative suppliers, we’re proud to offer a broad portfolio of industry-leading AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters and discrete power conversion solutions for a wide range of applications including automotive, industrial, instrumentation, IT, lighting, military, medical, telecommunications and transportation.

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Power Linecard

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Bel Power Solutions

Bel Power Solutions

Bel offers medical & industrial power supplies for your design needs. Products include: AC/DC, DC/DC, DIN rail and more!

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Pulse Electronics

Your power solution for battery management, high efficiency computing, automotive and industrial products.

Delta Electronics Power Solutions

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delta electronics, standard power supplies

Delta Electronics

Delta offers AC/DC power supplies for all applications, including industrial and medicals. Products include open frame, enclosed, adapters, DIN rail and LED drivers.

Sic Power devices

ROHM SiC Power Devices

MOSFETs enable low loss and high temperature operation in smaller form factors compared to standard silicon. Reserve recovery times in Schottky Barrier Diodes provide high speed switching that’s impossible with silicon FRDs.

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Maxim Power Solutions

Maxim offers a wide range of integrated circuits for power conversion, control and battery management applications in industrial, communications, automotive, consumer and medical markets.

Dialog Power Solutions

Dialog offers programmable mixed-signal matrix devices and high performance integrated power switches for your power design needs

microchip evaluation board


Read more about Microchip’s power modules, DEPA (digitally enhanced power analog)/PWM Controllers, analog switching regulators (buck & boost), LDOs and MOSFET Drivers.

Vishay power solutions component pieces


VISHAY offers a wide variety of devices to assist in all of your power design needs. Products include capacitors, inductors, resistors and full MOSFET portfolio all optimized to support your next discrete power conversion project.