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Microchip provides total system solutions for smart, connected and secure designs. These designs can leverage everything from our smart processors, intelligent analog, certified wired and wireless connectivity and state-of-the-art security solutions along with ready-to-use software and tools, partnerships with the largest cloud computing companies and world-class support. This complete offering makes the development of smart, connected and secure systems easy, getting you to production faster and speeding up your revenue stream.

Applications include Smart City, Smart Grid, Industry 4.0, Connected Car, Medical, M2M, Smart Home and Smart Building, and many more.

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Effortlessly meet the ever-changing requirements of modern electronics with our portfolio of scalable 8-, 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers, digital signal controllers and microprocessors. Flexible peripherals and functions make it easy to create differentiated applications that set you apart from your competition. Our intuitive design environments and visual configuration tools provide a straightforward getting started experience while proven reference designs and professionally-tested software libraries lower your design risk.


Effortlessly meet the ever-changing requirements of modern electronics with our portfolio of scalable 8-, 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers, digital signal controllers and microprocessors. Flexible peripherals and functions make it easy to create differentiated applications that set you apart from your competition. Our intuitive design environments and visual configuration tools provide a straightforward getting started experience while proven reference designs and professionally-tested software libraries lower your design risk.


Find the right performance, low-power options and advanced security capabilities for your application with Microchip’s 32-bit microprocessors which offer a broad set of peripherals and interfaces to enhance your design. Effortlessly move through the hardware development process by using the available development boards, tools and support. Rapidly develop your software with our mainlined Linux®, RTOS and drivers, all of which are provided for you without charge.

Featured Products


The PIC16(L)F184xx 8-bit product family features high resolution Analog, Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) and communication along with eXtreme Low-Power (XLP) technology for a wide range of general purpose and low-power applications. The family offers a 12-bit ADC with computation (ADC2), multiple communications interfaces, a temperature sensor; along with memory features like Memory Access Partition (MAP) and Device Information Area (DIA). The 12-bit ADC2 automates Capacitive Voltage Divider (CVD) techniques for advanced touch sensing, averaging, filtering, oversampling and automatic threshold comparison. The products also have a highly effective power management features such as CPU IDLE/DOZE modes, peripheral module disable (PMD) and peripheral pin select (PPS).

Microchip's PIC16(L)F184xx 8-bit product family


The ATtiny161x is a member of the tinyAVR 1-series of microcontrollers, using the 8-bit AVR® processor with hardware multiplier, running at up to 20MHz and with 16KB Flash, 2KB of SRAM and 256B of EEPROM in a 14-, 20- and 24-pin package. The tinyAVR 1-series uses the latest technologies with a flexible and low power architecture including Event System and SleepWalking, accurate analog features and advanced peripherals. Capacitive touch interfaces with proximity sensing and driven shield are supported with the integrated QTouch® peripheral touch controller.

Microchip's ATtiny161x microcontroller


The ATmega4809 microcontroller of the megaAVR® 0-series is using the AVR® processor with hardware multiplier, running at up to 20 MHz, with a wide range of Flash sizes up to 48 KB, up to 6 KB of SRAM, and 256 bytes of EEPROM in 28-, 32-, or 48-pin package. The series uses the latest technologies from Microchip with a flexible and low-power architecture including Event System and SleepWalking, accurate analog features and advanced peripherals. The devices described here offer a Flash size of 48 KB in a 32-pin package.

Microchip's ATmega4809 microcontroller


32-bit MCUs (up to 2 MB Live-Update Flash and 512 KB SRAM) with FPU, Audio and Graphics Interfaces, HS USB, Ethernet, and Advanced Analog. The MIPS32 M-Class Microprocessor core in PIC32MZ EF family devices contains several logic blocks working together in parallel, providing an efficient high-perfor­mance computing engine.

Microchip's 32-bit MCUs


Microchip Technology packed two dsPIC digital signal controller (DSC) cores into a single chip to produce the dsPIC33CH, for high-end embedded control applications. The dsPIC33CH has one core that is designed to function as a master while the other is designed as a slave. The slave core is useful for executing dedicated, time-critical control code while the master core is busy running the user interface, system monitoring and communications functions, customized for the end application. The chip is designed specifically to facilitate independent code development for each core by separate design teams and allows seamless integration when they are brought together in one chip.

Microchip's dsPIC33CH digital signal controller


Microchip’s dsPIC33CK family of digital signal controllers (DSCs) features a single 100 MIPS 16-bit dsPIC® DSC core with integrated DSP and enhanced on-chip peripherals.  These devices are ideal for high-performance, robust applications. 

Microchip’s dsPIC33CK

PIC18F Q10 family MCUs

The PIC18 Q10 family of MCUs from Microchip is optimized for robust, real-time control with integrated intelligent analog, configurable peripherals, and 5 V operation for increased noise immunity. They are well-suited for a broad range of applications and market segments including industrial controls, consumer, automotive, touch-sensing, and Internet of Things (IoT). These devices include a full complement of core independent peripherals (CIPs) for safety-critical applications (CRC/memory scan, windowed watchdog timer, and hardware limit timer), PWMs, and multiple communications interfaces. 

Microchip's PIC18 Q10 family of MCUs

Adding connectivity is easy as our MCUs and MPUs are designed to be compatible with our wired and wireless devices. Adding connectivity is easy as our MCUs and MPUs are designed to be compatible with our wired and wireless devices. Avoid getting stuck in the complex world of communication regulations by designing with certified modules.

Communication & Networking

Robust, reliable, high-speed connectivity and control is possible when Ethernet networking is added to embedded designs. Ethernet enables systems to be monitored securely over the Internet, allows for precision control of industrial motors at production facilities and enables new IoT products with common MCU interfaces like PCI/PCIe®, SPI, USB and 8-/16-bit parallel bus. Microchip's Ethernet solutions include highly integrated Ethernet PHYs, bridges, controllers and switches complemented by a full line of PIC32 MCUs and SAM Arm® Cortex®-based MCUs and MPUs.

Wireless & RF

With the massive growth of the Internet of Things, wireless connectivity has never been more important. Quickly incorporate connectivity to your designs with wireless ICs, modules, software and development kits that make connecting effortless for your customers. Our comprehensive wireless portfolio has the technology to meet your range, data rate, interoperability, frequency and topology needs.  Wireless technologies include: WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, IEEE802.15.4, Sub-GHz, RF remote controls, IR and RFID.


Microchip Technology Inc. is also a leading provider of peripheral semiconductor components for Smart Connected and Secure end products, such as Analog and Sensors, Clock and Timing, FPGA, Development Tools and Power Management. Its easy-to-use development tools and comprehensive product portfolio enable customers to create optimal designs which reduce risk while lowering total system cost and time to market.

Featured Products


Microchip has a LoRa® technology wireless solution to address increasing demands on end-devices for long range connectivity, low-power for battery operation, and low infrastructure cost for volume deployment. The SAM R34/R35 is a highly-integrated LoRa® System-in-Package (SiP) family which includes an ultra-low power, high-performance 32-bit microcontroller (MCU), LoRa transceiver and software stack. With certified reference designs, and proven interoperability with major LoRaWAN™ gateway and network providers, the SAM R34/35 SiPs significantly reduce time to market.

Microchip's SAM R34/R35 is a highly-integrated LoRa® System-in-Package


Microchip's SmartConnect ATWILC1000 is an IEEE 802.11 b/g/n IoT link controller module. The ATWILC1000 connects to Microchip AVR/SMART MCUs, SMART MPUs, and other processors with minimal resource requirements with a simple SPI/SDIO-to-Wi-Fi interface.  The ATWILC1000 supports single stream 1x1 802.11n mode providing tested throughput of up to 46 Mbps UDP & 28 Mbps TCP/IP. The ATWILC1000 features a fully integrated Power Amplifier, LNA, Switch and Power Management.

Microchip's SmartConnect ATWILC1000


The ATWINC3400-MR210CA is an IEEE 802.11 b/g/n RF/Baseband/Medium Access Control (MAC) network controller module with Bluetooth Low Energy technology that is compliant with Bluetooth version 4.0. This module is optimized for low power and high performance mobile applications. This module features small form factor when integrating Power Amplifier (PA), Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA), Transmit/ Receive (T/R) switch (for Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth), Power Management Unit (PMU), and Chip Antenna.

Microchip's ATWINC3400-MR210CA


Our low-power SAM R30 series of products utilize IEEE 802.15.4 in the sub-GHz channels of the ISM band. Designed to operate between 769 and 935 MHz, SAM R30 devices deliver superior range when compared to 2.4 GHz networks. Their ultra-low-power sleep modes, which consume less than 1 uA, also enable your products to meet the standard’s defined ability to sleep virtually forever. 

Microchip's low-power SAM R30


The Secure AVR® BLE IoT Node incorporates an ATtiny1617 microcontroller, a fully-certified RN4871 Bluetooth® 4.2 Low Energy module, an ATECC508A CryptoAuthentication device and a 3-axis accelerometer with temperature sensor to demonstrate a complete solution for a typical IoT end node. The board is powered by USB or CR2032 coin cell via a jumper.  It is supported by Atmel START and Atmel Studio Integrated Development Platform (IDE) and comes with full documentation for the software and hardware to significantly reduce design complexity and the time-to-market. 

Microchip's secure AVR® BLE IoT Node


The RN4870 Bluetooth Low Energy module is designed for easy implementation into a broad range of applications.  It delivers up to 2.5x throughput improvement and more secure connections vs. Bluetooth 4.1 based products.  Developers can easily interface to the device via a standard UART R34interface, available on most Microcontrollers and Processors.  The RN4870 has a completely integrated Bluetooth software stack, and offers a shielded regulatory certified version with built-in antenna. 

Microchip's RN4870 Bluetooth Low Energy module


The PIC-IoT WG Development Board combines a powerful PIC24FJ128GA705 MCU, an ATECC608A CryptoAuthentication™ secure element IC and the fully-certified ATWINC1510 Wi-Fi® network controller - which provides the most simple and effective way to connect your embedded application to the Google Cloud IoT Core. The board also includes an on-board debugger, and requires no external hardware to program and debug the MCU.

Microchip's PIC-IoT WG Development Board


The AVR-IoT WG development board combines a powerful 8-bit ATmega4808 MCU, an ATECC608A CryptoAuthentication™ secure element IC and the fully certified ATWINC1510 Wi-Fi® network controller to provide the most simple and effective way to connect your embedded application to Google’s Cloud IoT core platform.

Microchip's AVR-IoT WG development board


Create embedded security solutions that protect your products with the industry’s most comprehensive security portfolio and world-class Security Partner Program available from Microchip. With cutting-edge approaches to security, as well as immediate responses to industry-wide attacks, we provide the flexibility to create custom solutions to fit the individual needs of each design. From authentication devices and trusted platform modules, to crypto-enabled microcontrollers and microprocessors, software libraries and enhanced protocols, explore the possibilities and start building your secured solution today. 

Security ICs: 

Trust is what security is really all about today. Microchip security products make "trust" easy to embed in any system. Flexibility, advanced features, innovative cost-effective architectures and ultra-secure hardware defense mechanisms make Microchip hardware-based security devices an ideal way to add trust by design at scale.

Secure Element Portfolio:

  • CryptoAuthentication™ products — Offers product designers an extremely cost-effective, easy to design, tiny and ultra-secure hardware authentication capability.
  • Trusted Platform Module — The Microchip Trusted Platform Module (TPM) provides strong hardware-based public key (RSA) security on a single device for personal and tablet computers as well as embedded processor-based systems.
  • CryptoMemory® products — The Microchip CryptoMemory family offers a range of cost-efficient, high-security electrically erasable programmable read-only memory chips (EEPROMs) and host-side security for applications requiring comprehensive data protection.
  • CryptoRF® products — Microchip CryptoRF is a 13.56 MHz RFID device family employing a 64-bit embedded hardware encryption engine, mutual authentication and up to 64 Kbits of user memory.

Security-focused 16-bit and 32-bit MCU’s

With the rapid adoption of connected nodes, cloud-based infrastructure and the increasing frequency of security threats, security in embedded systems is a necessity. When it comes to security, customers have needs that scale depending on the types of security needed, cost of implementation, level of risk tolerance and ease of development. To meet these needs, Microchip’s microcontrollers (MCUs) have some of the most comprehensive and scalable security solutions in the market.

Security-focused MPU’s

From basic security implementations all the way up to a segmented processing element known as a secure enclave, the  microprocessors (MPUs) provide a wide range of security options to protect your design. Whether you need cloud provisioning, secured communication, certificate management, system resilience, near real-time execution, power management, data security, encryption services, secure boot or secrets storage, we make finding and implementing the right security measures easy.

Featured Products


Industry’s first and lowest power Arm® Cortex®-M23 featuring chip-level security and ARM® TrustZone® Technology, consuming less than 25uA/MHz in active mode and less than 100 nA in sleep mode. It features secure key storage, chip-level tamper resistance, crypto accelerators, secure boot, secure bootloader, enhanced peripheral touch controller, advanced analog, ISO7816 smart card interface, event system and SleepWalking peripherals. SAM L11 achieved EEMBC Certified ULPMark Core Profile score of 410 & Peripheral Profile score of 167.

Microchip's SAM L11 Arm® Cortex®-M23


Widely used security approaches to prevent hacking have failed as attacks have increased.  Today’s top cloud service providers are now increasingly talking about hardware-based security that relies on proven industry-standard cryptographic keys, a secure element like the ATECC608A for isolating them, and a secure boundary so the keys are never exposed. With this approach, each device has a trusted, verified and protected “true” (not spoofed) identity, and the client and host can establish the authenticity of this identity before any devices communicate.

Microchip's ATECC608A


The SAMA5D2 series is a high-performance, ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-A5 processor based MPU. The devices offer advanced security functions to protect customer code and secure external data transfers. These include ARM TrustZone, tamper detection, secure data storage, hardware encryption engine, on-the-fly decryption of code stored in external DDR or QSPI memory and a secure boot loader. The devices come with a free Microchip Linux distribution. The SAMA5D2 Xplained Ultra is a fast prototyping and evaluation platform for the SAMA5D2 series of microprocessors (MPUs).

Microchip's SAMA5D2 ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-A5 processor based MPU


The SAMA5D4 MPU is ideal for any high-performance, secure, and cost-sensitive industrial application. High-speed computing needs are supported by ARM Neon and a 128kB L2 cache that increases the overall system performance. The SAMA5D4 is an ideal fit for low-cost user interface applications that require video playback.

Microchip's SAMA5D4 MPU


The SAM E5X micro-controller series features a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 processor with Floating Point Unit (FPU), running up to 120 MHz, up to 1 MB Dual Panel Flash with ECC, and up to 256 KB of SRAM with ECC .  This series offers excellent features with class leading power performance and integrated hardware security making it an ideal choice for low power secure connected applications.

Microchip's SAM E5X micro-controller


The CEC1702 is a Microsoft Azure for IoT Certified device with DICE (Device Identity Composition Engine) hardware capability.  CEC1702 is a full-featured ARM® Cortex®-M4-based microcontroller with a complete hardware cryptography-enabled solution in a single package. This low-power but powerful, programmable 32-bit microcontroller offers easy-to-use encryption, authentication, private and public key capabilities and allows customer programming flexibility to minimize customer risk.

Microchip's CEC1702

16-bit MCUs

Microchip's 16-bit family offers a good balance between low cost, low power, high performance and robustness.

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Microchip is a leading provider of cost efficient microcontroller and analog semiconductors providing faster time to market for thousands of diverse customer applications worldwide.

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Microchip's broad portfolio of standalone analog and interface devices offers highly inte-grated solutions that combine various analog functions.

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8-bit MCUs

Microchip’s portfolio of more than 1,200 8-bit PIC and AVR MCUs is not only the industry’s largest, but also offers superior flexibility and performance.

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32-bit Microcontrollers

Microchip Technology’s world-leading 32-bit family offers a wide range of products from the industry’s lowest-power to highest-performance MCUs.

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