Award-winning microcontroller with industry-leading security features

Microchip's first microcontroller featuring Arm’s TrustZone® Technology supports external provisioning.

Microchip’s SAM L11 microcontroller takes an innovative approach to address increasing security concerns. As the industry’s lowest power 32-bit MCU in its class and the first to offer chip-level security and Arm® TrustZone® Technology, SAM L11 provides robust security features that protect against remote attacks to create secure applications without battery constraints.

SAM L11 MCUs leverage Secure Thingz’ Secure Deploy architecture to allow for provisioning at external programming centers. Designed to enhance security of critical intellectual property, the Secure Deploy architecture protects the creation, manufacturing and management of your product.

By providing ultra-low power consumption, enhanced Peripheral Touch Controller and advanced analog features, the SAM L11 is ideal for targeted use in IoT and security, low-power, capacitive touch and general-purpose embedded control applications.

Microchip’s SAM L11 microcontroller

Industry-leading security features

SAM L11 MCUs are designed with robust security features to combat every level of security threats and attacks. The combination of Arm® TrustZone® Technology and integrated hardware security features provides a comprehensive security solution framework to protect against software attacks, vulnerable firmware upgrades and communication attacks.

With effective countermeasures to defend from remote threats to cloning and intellectual property theft, SAM L11 MCUs deliver an end-to-end security solution. SAM L11 MCUs help ensure the security of your product at every touchpoint from secure key provisioning to cloud onboarding and complete lifecycle management.

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Key security features include:

  • Secure boot
  • Chip-level tamper resistance on 256 bytes of RAM
  • Arm TrustZone® technology
  • Crypto accelerators: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) and Galois/Counter Mode (GCM)
  • True Random Number Generator (TRNG)
  • Key storage
  • Secure pin multiplexing
  • Secure debug

Groundbreaking power efficiency

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With the industry’s most power-efficient design, SAM L11 MCUs allow developers to rapidly optimize system designs and secured applications without the typical battery constraints of MCUs. Including picoPower® technology in the SAM L11 design enables ultra-low power consumption and provides flexible power saving modes to deliver improvements to battery life.

Key power saving features include:

  • picoPower® technology
  • Under 25 uA/MHz active
  • Under 100 nA Sleep
  • Fast wake up times: 1.5 μS
  • SleepWalking peripherals
  • Dual performance levels
  • Power domain gating
  • Event system
  • Power debugger and data visualizer tool support

External provisioning capabilities & Avnet’s programming centers

The integration of Secure Thingz’ Secure Deploy architecture enables SAM L11 MCUs to be provisioned at secure external programming centers. By partnering with Avnet’s programming centers for provisioning, you will reduce the time, cost and complexities of bringing your products to market.

Our thorough and comprehensive secure provisioning process is designed to keep quality high and defects low. From first article creation and approval to employing a two-stage decryption process and implementing multiple formal review quality checks, you will be able to protect your critical intellectual property and eliminate over production and counterfeiting through constrained device programming.

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  1. Initiate provisioning inquiry by submitting the form on this page
  2. Complete provision packet and checklist
  3. Programming and sales teams help customer request a First Article
  4. First Article is assembled on a sample device and prepared to customer specifications at an Avnet programming center and sent to customer for approval
  1. Once approved, orders can be placed and released to production, where parts are picked and sent to the programming center for processing
  2. In addition to secure provisioning, Avnet offers other value-add services such as marking (laser etch, label and ink dot), 2D and 3D lead scan, dry bake, tape and reel and more
  3. Final inspection phase
  4. Product delivery

As a global technology solutions provider, Avnet has developed a comprehensive approach to deliver transformative possibilities in provisioning your SAM L11 MCUs.

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The SAM L11 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kits offer a simple way to accelerate development and explain how to integrate the device in a customer design. Evaluate and prototype your SAM L11 with the hardware platform supported by the Atmel Studio integrated development platform.

Key features:

  • SAML11 32 pin TQFP
  • Memory
    • 64KB flash
    • 16KB SRAM
  • 32MHz ARM® Cortex®-M23 with security: o ARM® TrustZone®
    • Secure boot
    • Crypto accelerator (AES128, GCM & SHA256)
  • mikroBUS header
  • Xplained Pro extension headers
  • Onboard debugger
  • XAM for power debugging
  • ECC508A

Use cases:

  • IoT nodes /smart sensors
  • Accessory authentication
  • Secure remote keypad
  • Encryption