Enabling the Industrial Internet of Things with Microchip

Microchip Technology Inc. is a leading semiconductor supplier of smart, connected and secure embedded control solutions, perfectly suited for the modern industrial market.  Its easy-to-use development tools and comprehensive product portfolio enable customers to create optimal designs which reduce risk while lowering total system cost and time to market.


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Microchip offers a broad line-up of devices for motor control. These solutions range from single-chip motor control and drive solutions to low-cost 8-bit PIC® and AVR® MCUs to high-performance 16-bit dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) that contain innovative motor control PWM peripherals including complementary waveforms, dedicated time bases and fast 12-bit ADCs. For applications that require variable speed with constant torque and field-oriented control for greater efficiency, the high-performance dsPIC includes DSP instructions for more precise control. For customers looking for 32-bit processing, Microchip provides a portfolio of Arm® Cortex® M0 MCUs, M4 and M7-based MCUs with floating point processing and DSP extensions as well as the 32-bit MIPS-based PIC32MK MCU series.

Microchip provides a full line of MOSFET gate drivers from low-voltage H-bridge BDC and stepper motors up to 3-phase full bridge drivers for PMSM and BLDC motors with integrated voltage supplies and feedback circuits. MOSFET driver support for high-voltage 3-phase full bridge ACIM or BLDC/PMSM motors is also available. In addition, for low current applications Microchip offers various motor drivers with MOSFETs integrated, which include BLDC motor drivers, stepper motor drivers and multi-channel half-bridge drivers.

  • MCUs and Digital Signal Controllers
  • FPGA & SoC
  • SiC Diodes, SiC MOSFETs, other Discrete / Modules
  • MOSFET Gate Drivers
  • Motor Drivers



Featured Products:


The MTS2916A motor driver is an integrated circuit able to drive both windings of a bipolar stepper motor or bi-directionally control two DC motors. The two output bridges can sustain 40V and deliver up to 750mA of continuous current each. The two output bridges can sustain 40V and deliver up to 750mA of continuous current each. The maximum output current, controlled by a PWM circuit, is determined by the user’s selection of a reference voltage, a sensing resistor and two logic inputs.The outputs have been optimized for a low output saturation voltage drop.

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MTS2916A microchip


The MCP8025 is a 3-Phase brushless motor gate driver and power module that integrates the following features: key-off Sleep mode, a LIN transceiver, a buck voltage regulator, two LDO regulators, power monitoring comparators, an over-temperature sensor, a zero-crossing detector, a neutral simulator, a comparator, and an operational amplifier for motor current monitoring.

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MCP8025 microchip


Microchip Technology packed two dsPIC digital signal controller (DSC) cores into a single chip to produce the dsPIC33CH, for high-end embedded control applications. The dsPIC33CH has one core that is designed to function as a master while the other is designed as a slave. The slave core is useful for executing dedicated, time-critical control code while the master core is busy running the user interface, system monitoring and communications functions, customized for the end application. The chip is designed specifically to facilitate independent code development for each core by separate design teams and allows seamless integration when they are brought together in one chip.

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dsPIC33CH microchip


Microchip’s dsPIC33CK family of digital signal controllers (DSCs) features a single 100 MIPS 16-bit dsPIC® DSC core with integrated DSP and enhanced on-chip peripherals. These devices are ideal for high-performance, robust applications.

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dsPIC33CK micro chip

Three phase MOSFET drivers

Three phase MOSFET drivers For ease of design, an integrated MOSFET driver provides an interface between the digital signal controller and the six MOSFET array controlling the three-phase motor. These devices feature low propagation delays, anti-shoot through outputs which are guaranteed to not overlap, and an overcurrent protection and an internal diode that charges the high-side gate drive bootstrap capacitor.

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MIC4605 microchip


Microchip addresses the needs of the Smart Everything market, Smart City, Smart Home etc.,   with application-specific, as well as standard microcontroller, microprocessor, security, memory, wireless and power-line connectivity devices. The application-specific portfolio is defined from the ground up to offer designers best-in-class feature sets and performance in various classes of equipment used in the smart grid.

Microchip is well-positioned to address various requirements of smart metering systems designers and engineers with a combination of discrete as well as highly-integrated system-on-chip solutions built around the same processing platforms. This will reduce time-to-market and enable unmatched level of flexibility in addressing new requirements.

  • Leading edge connectivity: Low Power Wireless and Power Line Communications (PLC) devices
  • Best-in-class Metrology: Dynamic range of up to 6000:1
  • Security and Encryption: Advanced security engines and CryptoAuthentication™
  • Integration & Flexibility:  Flexible (SW or HW) metrology and Multi-standard Wireless and PLC solutions
  • Broad MCU portfolio & tool support
  • KSZ9477 – A 7-port industrial Gigabit Ethernet switch and related evaluation board  EVB-KSZ9477-1


Featured Products:

PL360 Multi-Protocol Modem

PL360 Multi-Protocol Modem for Power Line Communication  The PL360 is a programmable modem for narrow-band Power Line Communication (PLC), able to run any PLC protocol in the frequency band below 500 kHz. This device has been designed to comply with FCC, ARIB, KN60 and CENELEC EN50065 regulations matching requirements of Internet of Things and Smart Energy applications.

PL360B microchip


A 7-port industrial Gigabit Ethernet switch and related evaluation board EVB-KSZ9477-1 The KSZ9477S is a highly-integrated, IEEE 802.3 compliant networking device that incorporates a layer-2 managed Gigabit Ethernet switch, five 10BASE-Te/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T physical layer transceivers (PHYs) and associated MAC units, and two individually configurable MAC ports (one SGMII interface, one RGMII/MII/RMII interface) for direct connection to a host processor/controller, another Ethernet switch, or an Ethernet PHY transceiver.

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KSZ9477 microchip


SAM L11 Industry’s first and lowest power Arm® Cortex®-M23 featuring chip-level security and ARM® TrustZone® Technology, consuming less than 25uA/MHz in active mode and less than 100 nA in sleep mode. It features secure key storage, chip-level tamper resistance, crypto accelerators, secure boot, secure bootloader, enhanced peripheral touch controller, advanced analog, ISO7816 smart card interface, event system and SleepWalking peripherals. SAM L11 achieved EEMBC Certified ULPMark Core Profile score of 410 & Peripheral Profile score of 167.

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ATSAML11E15A microchip


ATECC608A Widely used security approaches to prevent hacking have failed as attacks have increased.  Today’s top cloud service providers are now increasingly talking about hardware-based security that relies on proven industry-standard cryptographic keys, a secure element like the ATECC608A for isolating them, and a secure boundary so the keys are never exposed. With this approach, each device has a trusted, verified and protected “true” (not spoofed) identity, and the client and host can establish the authenticity of this identity before any devices communicate.

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ATECC608A microchip

WINC1500 Wi-Fi Module

WINC1500 Wi-Fi Module:The ATWINC15x0-MR210xB is a low power consumption 802.11 b/g/n IoT (Internet of Things) module, specifically optimized for low power IoT applications.

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FPGAs and SOCs

FPGAs and SOCs  Microchip's PolarFire FPGAs (formerly Microsemi), deliver the industry’s lowest power at mid-range densities with exceptional security and reliability.

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FPGA PolarFire microchip


ATSAMR34 Microchip has a LoRa® technology wireless solution to address increasing demands on end-devices for long range connectivity, low-power for battery operation, and low infrastructure cost for volume deployment. The SAM R34/R35 is a highly-integrated LoRa® System-in-Package (SiP) family which includes an ultra-low power, high-performance 32-bit microcontroller (MCU), LoRa transceiver and software stack.

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ATSAMR34 micro chip


AC164164 The PIC-IoT WG Development Board combines a powerful PIC24FJ128GA705 MCU, an ATECC608A CryptoAuthentication™ secure element IC and the fully-certified ATWINC1510 Wi-Fi® network controller - which provides the most simple and effective way to connect your embedded application to the Google Cloud IoT Core. The board also includes an on-board debugger, and requires no external hardware to program and debug the MCU.

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AC164164 micro chip


Intelligent power supply implementations solve problems in a wide range of applications, with power solutions ranging from the most basic level of intelligent power control/integration to the most advanced digital control topologies. In a basic design, microcontrollers (MCUs) can perform supervision and sequencing; in a more advanced design, the digital control engines integrate Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs), digital control algorithms, and Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) generators to close the loop with firmware. Microchip delivers everything you need for your power conversion design including low-risk product development, lower total system cost, faster time to market, outstanding technical support and dependable delivery and quality.

Our robust portfolio for industrial designs includes:

  • FPGA & SoC
  • MCUs,  MPU’s, Digital Signal Controllers
  • SiC Diodes, SiC MOSFETs, other Discrete / Modules
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Battery Chargers
  • Power Management ICs and modules


Featured products:

Power Management

SEARCH PARTS: Power Management


PD69204T4ILQ-TR b

Power Over Ethernet Controller - PoE 32V to 57V 95W 8-Pin QFN T/R



PoE Midspans

Single-Port Outdoor PoE Midspan 60W 24VDC



Silicon Carbide (SiC) Devices and Power Modules

Silicon Carbide (SiC) semiconductors are innovative, new options for improving system efficiency, supporting higher operating temperatures and reducing costs in your power electronic designs.

SEARCH PARTS: (SiC) Devices and Power Modules


Voltage regulators

Our basic power management solutions include several automotive-grade linear and switched voltage regulators. Linear regulators feature low dropout voltages, ultra-low quiescent currents, wide input voltage ranges, load dump and reverse battery protection. Switching regulators support buck, boost, buck-boost and SEPIC designs from 100 mA to 12A output currents.  

SEARCH PARTS: MCP1790x | MCP16311x | MCP16331x


MOSFET drivers

Microchip’s portfolio of MOSFET drivers comprises a wide variety of configurations providing for flexibility of design. Half-bridge drivers with adaptive dead-time and shoot-through protection, single and dual low-side drivers available in inverting, non-inverting and complementary configurations, and high-side drivers that feature latch up under-voltage lockout protection.



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Intelligent lighting and control solutions from Microchip can meet the technical needs of lighting engineers with a large array of 8-, 16-, 32-bit PIC® microcontrollers, analog, wireless and human interface products.

A scalable Microchip solution provides significant flexibility versus that of pure analog or ASIC implementation with its advanced peripheral integration and support for all lighting technologies including LED and fluorescent. Designing with Microchip-based lighting solutions enables innovation that expands lighting product capabilities and provides product differentiation.

Intelligent lighting solutions are a key part of smart homes and buildings.

The capability to connect and control all light sources in a home or space offers many advantages, including energy savings, custom atmospheres and increased security. Microchip has the solutions, know-how and partnerships to help you successfully add cloud connectivity to your lighting product.


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