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Complete solutions for medical device designers

As the healthcare industry rapidly evolves, your ability to design smart, connected and secure IoT-enabled medical devices is critical. As an experienced medical supplier, Microchip can help you meet these design requirements quickly. We’ve helped medical companies design and manufacture clinical, wearable, implantable and life-critical medical devices for many years. Not only do we have a comprehensive product portfolio, but we lower design barriers with our easy-to-use tools, software and design files. Microchip can also significantly lighten your regulatory burden by providing product with an unmatched history of long product lifecycles to remove the risk of forced redesigns and re-certifications, along with our world-class global support and our relentless commitment to quality.

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Smart, connected and secure

Designing smart and secure cloud-connected medical devices does not have to be a difficult process. You can give your next Internet of Things (IoT) medical device design a quicker start by using one of Microchip’s many medical demo designs along with one of our IoT development boards.

A connected healthcare world

In today’s connected world, there is a growing need for remote medical care services and wireless fitness monitoring capabilities. The latest advances in smartphone, wired and wireless communication technologies are making this connectivity possible. Microchip offers a broad portfolio of wired and wireless communication solutions such as AWS Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, Bluetooth Smart and ZigBee® products. Microchip’s connectivity products include solutions that are integrated into microcontrollers, as well as external transceivers, modules, switches, controllers and hubs. Its agency-certified surface mount, low-power Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart modules allow you to quickly and seamlessly add wireless connectivity to medical and fitness devices. We offer you all the resources you need to get your connected medical or fitness product to market faster.

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Experienced medical solutions supplier

Medical and wellness device designers and manufacturers have partnered with Microchip to take their idea to a marketable product. Microchip’s total system solution approach will help you create differentiated designs for all medical device class types, including FDA class 1, 2 and 3, while lowering the cost and risk often associated with innovation.

Together, with Microchip, Avnet is committed to provide innovative solutions, in order to enable you to succeed.

Home monitoring

  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Digital medical weight scale
  • Digital thermometer
  • ECG
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Wearable activity monitors

Drug delivery

  • Glucose meter
  • Iontophoresis
  • Medical drug delivery pumps
  • Nebulizers

Security solutions for medical and wellness devices

Are you concerned about the security of your medical device design? In today’s vast interconnected world, the need to provide greater security in medical designs is quickly becoming a standard requirement. Whenever there is a communication link, there is an opportunity for the data to be intercepted by an unauthorized party. This is clearly unacceptable if the data being transmitted is sensitive medical information. Medical professionals and patients alike are also concerned about the possibility of unauthorized access and control of life-saving medical devices. As a designer of medical devices, you face the challenge of providing more complex systems with security features which allow users to stay one step ahead of the criminal element. Adding secure encryption to the programming of MCUs allows every link in the data chain to be secured, increasing the confidence of users of connected medical devices. Our high-performance, cost-effective security and authentication products and development tools can simplify and accelerate your development of secure medical devices. For example, CryptoAuthentication with Microchip’s ATECC608A Secure Element (Trust & Go) for Cloud Authentication provides the robust  security and trust that you expect in a medical application.

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Support for regulatory compliance

Medical device manufacturers are constantly dealing with government regulatory issues. Their regulatory burden can be significantly increased when a semiconductor supplier discontinues a product used in designs that are going through or that have already gone through the regulatory compliance process. Microchip’s documented change control process and unmatched history of long product lifetimes offer an uncommon stability which can help lighten the regulatory burden of medical device manufacturers.

No compromise on quality

A critical aspect of an electronic medical device’s reliability is the quality system used by the semiconductor supplier. Microchip’s culture embraces quality at every level. The company’s quality systems and operations are periodically examined by independent outside auditors to verify conformance to the stringent standards of the International Standards Organization (ISO). Microchip’s strict adherence to the ISO/TS-16949 quality standard aligns well with the requirements of medical device manufacturers for stability and high reliability. Microchip’s quality systems are designed to address the ZERO DEFECTS challenge for every product that we sell.

World-class global support

In addition to hundreds of dedicated field applications engineers located around the world, Microchip’s 24/7 global technical support line offers technical support resources any time help is needed. Medical and fitness device designers can also take advantage of technical seminars from Microchip Regional Training Centers, standard code libraries, medical reference designs and application notes. These resources support the needs of a large base of customers who produce a wide range of medical and fitness devices.

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