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LED and smart lighting from Universal Lighting Technologies

Stay in control of smart lighting

Universal Lighting Technologies, the North American flagship for Panasonic Lighting, has been on the cutting edge of high efficiency lighting design. For more than 70 years the company continues to push the industry toward increasingly higher standards of energy efficiency for LED systems, and control systems. As a member of the Panasonic Group, and a global leader, we can leverage global capabilities, and resources in R&D. No excuses. You are our priority. We bring you solutions. We provide what you need, when you need it. We are honored to have earned your trust over seven decades with our established expertise.

EVERLINE LED standard & custom modules

EVERLINE LED Standard Modules are designed for use in high performance lighting fixtures with features that include high efficacy, excellent lumen maintenance, and consistent color. EVERLINE LED modules are available in linear and round configurations for a variety of lighting fixture styles. You can also customize away with our custom EVERLINE LED modules capabilities. We provide modules for DLC Standard and DLC Premium luminaires. We also offer select assembled in the U.S.A. modules from our Huntsville, AL facility.

LED lighting panels

Why choose Universal's EVERLINE LED module solutions:


Clever engineering

Universal Lighting Technologies, Douglas Lighting Controls and Vossloh-Schwabe, sister companies are together wholly owned by Panasonic, a world leader in lighting, have a vast technical staff with expertise in optical, thermal, electrical, software development, communications hardware, embedded system design, and mechanical design. Our engineers look at the total LED light engine design to ensure a seamless unique solution. We can support a “matched” Module and Driver system for optimal light performance.

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High quality

Universal undergoes stringent design validation testing with a battery of rigorous tests to make sure the module works with a robust range of applications. We utilize state of the art, calibrated to NIST standards equipment to ensure everything works properly including electrical, optical, thermal, and photometric validation. Our industry-best testing helps you deliver your final precise product with confidence, and our control measures give you the quality you expect. One hundred percent of our production is tested to ensure the proper LED placement and operation, provide the designed light output, and are well within our 3 SDCM color consistency requirements. We stand behind our reliable product with 5 and select 10-year warranties.

  • Accelerated life cycle testing
  • Dielectric strength testing and ground bond testing
  • Individual module optical output validation testing
  • X-ray inspection of the solder joints and thermal imaging
  • Ongoing reliability testing
  • Electrical parametric validation
technician looking through magnifier at components

Flexible options

We are unique in the market because we offer a variety of patterns, shapes and sizes, from simple to complex designs. Universal offers thousands of standard and Zhaga models of modules in the EVERLINE LED family. Most of the modules we sell are custom solutions. We have the unrivaled broadest range of performance and form factor options, by which all others are measured.

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Material access

Universal begins with your original concept and looks at the whole system when recommending a solution. Universal has access to a wide range of components, from sourced LEDs, to Printed Circuit Board (PCB) materials, optical systems and connector types. Having the right materials for your solution means we can meet the rigorous requirements of your design in a wide variety of applications. We are not obligated to use a specific manufacturer’s product so we are not limited to specific devices. This independence allows us to provide the true light engine solution for your system requirement. Conformal coating material is an available option. It is applied to an electronic device to act as protection against moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extreme.

Manufacturing options

Universal offers a fully equipped North American manufacturing facility with flex assemblies, and PPAP/UL/ISO capability. Our engineering facility in Mexico is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and holds an IAS accredited lab. Universal’s focus on operational excellence begins with conceptual design and extends to volume manufacturing. As a long-time supplier of lighting components, Universal has adopted innovative processes in manufacturing and logistics to increase our flexibility. Our North American manufacturing helps mitigate risk of being out of product waiting for air freight on spike orders. We offer high volume potential with thousands of modules produced per day. We have assisted in over 500 custom module designs in the past year from custom linear architectural, outdoor, industrial high/low bay and cove lighting, to troffers, downlights, accent lights, pendants, and sconces. Custom module packaging is designed to comply with International Safe Transit Association (ISTA).

man sorting boxes in manufacturing setting

EVERLINE standard LED module categories include:


  • 22” ZHL linear modules
  • 11” / 22” / 23” ZH linear modules
  • 22” / 23” Zhaga linear modules
  • 22” / 23” dual row modules
  • Slimline linear modules
  • V Series modules
  • 22” High Lumen Modules
  • Finger modules
  • Rectangular modules
  • Square modules

Part number


  • Retail
  • Exterior / roadway / parking
  • Industrial / warehouse
  • Office / commercial
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Sign


EVERLINE drivers are designed for the latest generations of LED based indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. EVERLINE drivers feature a variety of controllable options including 0-10V Dimming, Step-Dimming, and tuning. The EVERLINE family of drivers from Universal is one of the most specified drivers used in fixtures in the lighting industry.

collection of LED driver devices

EVERLINE LED driver categories include :


  • Outdoor/Industrial (>100W)
  • Outdoor/Industrial (<100W)
  • Linear (>50W) 120-277V
  • Linear (<50W) 120-277V
  • Compact/Mini (>50W) 120-277V
  • Compact/Mini (<50W) 120-277V
  • Linear 347V
  • Compact 347V
  • DALI
  • Connected Digital Drivers
  • 12V and 24 V Constant Voltage

Part number


  • Retail
  • Exterior
  • Industrial / warehouse
  • Office / commercial
  • Sign


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GBL - Universal Custom LED Modules

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LED Lighting

Custom LED modules from Universal Lighting

Looking for a custom module project? Request a quote today!

custom LED modules
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