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From outdoor luminaires to refrigeration, innovation in lighting is taking advantage of broadbased technological progress. Whether you are creating a new system or enhancing an existing design, TE is your lighting solutions provider for electromechanical and electronic components that seamlessly integrate controls and transmit power and data across multiple building systems.

BUCHANAN WireMate Two Piece Poke-In Connectors

TE Connectivity’s (TE) BUCHANAN WireMate two-piece poke-in series of products provide designers a three directional solution for wall mounting a device and improve the overall installation experience for the novice installer. Wires are routed through an opening in the wall to TE’s BUCHANAN WireMate connector mounted on a wall plate. The wires are stripped of insulation and easily poked into the terminal block device providing a reliable termination without the need for tooling. Wire extracting is also made easy, with simple levers to release individual wires. The mating header is surface mount attached to the PCB in the device to be mounted on the wall. The two-piece combination allows wall mounting of a device in three different directions; into the wall, along the wall and in a twist or rotating motion.

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LED poke-in connector assembly

Flex Grip Connectors

Flex Grip wire connectors for fast, flexible and easy wire termination. The new connectors, which accommodate any combination of solid and stranded wires between 24 and 14 AWG (0.2 – 4.00 mm²), feature an operating lever that allows releasable and reworkable wire termination. The transparent housings enable users to visually confirm the proper wire strip length and insertion for good electrical installation. With the built-in test slot, the installers can conveniently conduct the electrical test while keeping the wires terminated.

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electrical connectors


LUMAWISE Z50 High Performance LED Holders

TE Connectivity (TE)’s LUMAWISE drive LED Holder Type Z50 allows luminaire designers to remove driver boxes from spot and track lighting, creating a more aesthetically pleasing solution and removing cost from the system. The LUMAWISE drive Type Z50 brings integrated functionality to TE’s already successful, Zhaga inspired, Z50 range of LED holders. Incorporating a DC/DC driver into the holder itself provides a low profile constant current driver for CoBs, spot and track lighting. Designed for 48VDC input, it works with a wide range of readily available constant voltage power supplies meaning powering multiple fixtures off a single power supply is now possible. A 0-10V dimming option adds dimmability to the holder for added functionality.

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TE Connectivity (TE) introduces the new LUMAWISE Z45 LED Holder to their broad offering of LED holders for chip-on-board (COB) LEDs. The Z45 LED holder is TE’s next generation LED holder using a high strength, highly reflective and halogen free housing material. It carries over from previous TE holders adhesive tape and poke-in wire connections for fast and easy assembly of COB LEDs into the luminaire without the need for a clamping system. A standard 35mm screw pitch enables the use of standard heatsink drilling and mounting procedures, and a 120 degree optic angle incorporated to the housing of the Z45 holder keeps light loss to a minimum. TE’s LUMAWISE Z45 LED Holders enable compliance to the Zhaga book 3 standard and are compatible with other Zhaga LED lighting components.

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LED holder

ANSI C136.41 Compliant Dimming Receptacles

TE Connectivity (TE) introduces a new ANSI C136.41 compliant, fully rotatable dimming receptacle, providing an electrical and mechanical interconnection between an ANSI C136.41-2013 photo control cell and a luminaire. Ideal for outdoor commercial and utility lighting, this new receptacle is available with two or four dimming contacts to support either 0-10 VDC dimming methods or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI), providing a reliable power interconnect with three robust twist lock contacts.

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LED dimming connector module

ANSI 136.41 Compliant LUMAWISE Photo Control Base Assemblies, Sleeves and Covers

TE Connectivity (TE) introduces ANSI 136.41 compliant 76mm and 81mm diameter LUMAWISE photo control base assemblies with sleeves and covers in varying heights, providing a total power and signal interface between the photo control and dimming receptacle. This interface can be used in applications such as LED outdoor roadway, street and area lighting fixtures. The base assembly solution includes power twist lock terminals, spring leaf signal terminals and a separately packaged foam gasket. When coupled with the 5VA rated cover or in combination with side or the topside aperture opening colored sleeves, the fully assembled photo control achieves an IP66 seal rating.

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76mm base, sleeve and cover:

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81mm base, sleeve and cover:

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LED lighting connector

SCHRACK RT1 power PCB relay

With one or two poles and maximum contact ratings from 3A to 16A, low power PC board relays meet a range of switching requirements within intelligent buildings. The many different models within the TE product line allow users to select a model meeting their particular requirements for control circuits in elevators, lighting, HVAC, security and more. Various options are offered in contact rating, contact configuration, coil, enclosure and termination.

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Meeting the requirements of National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 410 and complying with standardized PCB footprints, TE offers a wide range of inrush current capabilities and addresses the complete spectrum of requirements in the lighting industry.

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Power PCB Relay RTX, Reduce cost and save space with one relay for capacitive and for inductive loads. Minimizes use of zero cross drives.

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Corcom FB Power Line Filter Series

TE Connectivity has launched the new Corcom FB power line filter series. The FB Series power line filters are specially designed for lighting devices, fluorescent lamp and related lighting ballasts but are also suitable for applications requiring 277 VAC or 277 VDC. The compact size of this filter allows installation in most standard lighting tracks. Current ratings range from .5A to 5A. The new FB Series offers good attenuation in the range of 100kHz to 30MHz. These products are UL listed to UL 935, the industry standard for florescent ballasts.

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powerline filter electronic components

Metalized polyester labels

Metalized polyester film with permanent acrylic adhesive and special top-coat designed for use with laser and ink jet printers. Ideal for applications requiring a "metal look."

  • Ident’s MP series labels for fixtures
  • HW & HM for outdoor fixtures
  • T1K & T2K labels for circuit boards
  • TN & MV tamper labels
  • Standard labels

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TE Connectivity (TE) is your lighting solutions provider for electromechanical and electronic components that seamlessly integrate controls and transmit power and data across multiple building systems

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