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Luminus UV, horticulture, IR and smart lighting

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Luminus has one of the broadest specialty and smart lighting LED portfolios in the industry, designed to support a range of needs from horticulture to sterilization, curing to projection, and infrared to intelligent lighting. With package and power options to address virtually every need, Luminus LEDs are enabling new solutions and opportunities.

Ultraviolet – UV-A and UV-C

Luminus UV-A LEDs range from 1W to over 30 W of output power. These ultra-high power LEDs are designed for demanding applications such as Curing, Rapid-Prototyping, Maskless Lithography, as well as Industrial Curing and Medical applications.

Luminus UV-C LEDs are highly efficient, have compact form factors and enable applications such as healthcare disinfection, water and air purification, and surface disinfection of consumer appliances.

Search now: SST-10-UV | CBT-39-UV | CBM-40-UV | CBM-80-UV | CBT-90-UV | SBM-120-UV | CBM-120-UV | XBT-1313-UV | XST-3535-UV

Luminus Ultraviolet LED module
Model shown: CBM-40-UV


  • Curing
  • 3D printing
  • Endoscopy
  • Horticulture
  • Insect control
  • Machine vision
  • Maskless lithography
  • Scientific instrumentation
  • Air/Water purification
  • Surface disinfection


  • Wide range of UVA wavelengths: 365 nm to 420 nm
  • Vertical chip technology enables extremely high UV power from compact packages
  • High conductivity copper coreboard and ceramic packages for thermal management
  • Unencapsulated die with low profile windows facilitates high irradiance and efficient coupling into small-etendue systems
  • Large operating dynamic range
  • Most compact UVC LED package in the industry (1.3 mm x 1.3 mm)


  • Ideal solid state sources for 3D printing, fiber coupling and other etendue limited applications
  • Integrated Chip-On-Board design for ease of system integration and optimum cooling
  • Ultra-high W/mm2 from high current operation maximizes performance in curing and industrial applications
  • Medical & industrial grade products with minimal product changes to support multi-year life-cycle of medical instruments


Luminus horticulture LEDs offer industry leading PPF (photosynthetic photon flux) and PPF/W performance and are available in a variety of packages types including midpower, high power and COB LEDs.

The SMD and midpower horticulture portfolio spans the spectrum from 280 nm (UV-B) to 730nm (Near Infrared Red) while horticulture COBs provide high PPF in a custom spectrum suited for indoor lighting of specific crops.

To make a more comfortable working environment for people, Luminus offers a horticulture white LED that can increase blue spectrum and make it easier to identify plant diseases.

Search now: SST-10-UV | SST-20-B |  SST-10-SB (470 nm) | SST-10-G | SST-10-R | SST-10-DR | SST-10-FR | SST-20-WxS | SST-20-WxH | CXM-14 | CLM-22 | CXM-22 | MP-3030-110H | MP-3030-210H | MP-1616-1103 | XBT-1313 | XST3535

Model shown: SST-10-R


  • Top lighting, inter lighting and multi-layer cultivation
  • Urban farming
  • Agriculture lighting and algae growth lights


  • Extensive range of LED packages with excellent PPF and PPF/W values
  • High-power 3535 series offered in 90 and/or 130° viewing angle at 50% Iv
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Built-in ESD protection
  • RoHS and REACH compliant


  • 3535 packaging solution covering wavelengths from UV (280nm) to Far Red (730nm) for high power applications
  • Plant-specific spectrums in COB package
  • High PPF efficacy mid-power LEDs for cost-constrained horticulture fixtures

Infrared / Near-infrared

Luminus’ IR portfolio is designed for performance in challenging environments in or out doors. Solutions span from sub 1W SST SMD series to over 10W COB with wavelengths ranging 730 nm to 940 nm. With flexible lens options and high current pulsing ability, Luminus IR product line meets for the most demanding sensing, industrial and vision applications.

Sampling now: Dual junction IR LEDs are sampling now. Contact your Avnet FAE for samples and data.

Search now: SST-10-IR | SST-10-FR | CBM-120-FR.

Luminus-CBM-120-FR infared LED module
Model shown: CBM-120-FR


  • Surveillance systems/CCTV
  • License plate scanning
  • Automotive sensing
  • Machine Vision
  • Night Vision


  • High power density and uniform emission
  • 3.5mm x 3.5mm package
  • Low thermal resistance package
  • Offered in 90 and 130° viewing angle at 50% Iv with 40 and 60° versions sampling


  • Available in 730, 810nm, 850nm and 940nm wavelengths to provide optimized performance for a large variety of end applications
  • Different emission patterns to address diverse application needs, high punch, long range and high uniformity
  • 3535 package and footprint compatible with SST white and color series product line

Smart Lighting – Dim-to-Warm and Dynamic CCT

Smart lighting means color control and the Luminus warm dimming and dynamic tuning modules deliver uniform color and control across any environment and enable consistency from fixture-to-fixture.

The Warm Dimming module tunes the white light from 3000K to 1800K or 4000K to 2700K. Two dimming curves are available, a “halogen like” curve or a “linear style” curve. This is the light that is prized in hospitality environments.

The two-channel CCT Tunable Modules allow for a broad range of color (6500K to 2700K or 4000K to 1800K) and output control over the lit environment with independent color and dimming management. In office and commercial environments, this color tuning can replicate changes in daylight from morning through evening or can be optimized based on human-centric parameters.


Warm dimming LED spot modules

Search now: CDM-6-3018-90-18-DW0x | CDM-6-4027-90-18-DW0x | CDM-9-3018-90-36-DW0x | CDM-9-4027-90-36-DW0x | CDM-14-3018-90-36-DW0x | CDM-14-4027-90-36-DW0x | CDM-18-3018-90-36-DW0x | CDM-18-4027-90-36-DW0x


  • Hospitality / hotel / restaurant lighting
  • Residential lighting
  • Retail shop lighting
  • Public, commercial buildings
  • Ceiling and wall mount lights


  • Dim-to-warm with IC chip and LM-80 tested MP-1616 XNOVA Cube LEDs on metal PC boar
  • High lumen density for directional lighting
  • Enables system beam angles from 10 to 40 degrees
  • Simplifies lamp and luminaire design
  • Compatible with most single channel drivers and dimmer switches
  • 90 & 97 CRI 3000 K to 1800 K warm dimming for residential and hospitality lighting
  • 92 CRI 4000 K to 2700 K warm dimming for commercial lighting
  • Two dimming curve options: “halogen-like” -DW01 and “linear-style” -DW02
  • Consistent white light <3 SDCM
  • Specified “hot” performance and 100% factory tested at Tj = 85°C
Luminus-CDM-18-4027-90-36-DW0x LED module
Model shown: CDM-18-4027-90-36-DW0x

CCT tunable LED spot modules

Search now: CTM-9-4018-90-36-TW01 | CTM-9-6527-90-36-TW01 | CTM-14-4018-90-36-TW01 | CTM-14-6527-90-36-TW01 | CTM-18-4018-90-36-TW01 | CTM-18-6527-90-36-TW01 | CTM-22-4018-90-36-TW01 | CTM-22-6527-90-36-TW01


  • Human centric lighting
  • Hospitality / hotel / restaurant lighting
  • Residential lighting
  • Museum and high-end retail lighting
  • Circadian lighting in hospitals, offices, or schools
  • Public, commercial buildings
  • Ceiling and wall mounted lights
  • Multi-function space lighting


  • Two channel cool and warm 90+ CRI MP-1616 XNOVA Cube LEDs on metal PC board
  • 95 CRI typical with both channels powered on
  • High lumen density for directional lighting
  • Enables system beam angles from 10 to 40 degrees
  • 4000 K to 1800 K CCT range for residential and hospitality lighting
  • 6500 K to 2700 K CCT range for commercial lighting
  • Robust design with LM-80 tested MP-1616 series LEDs
  • Consistent white light <3 SDCM
  • Specified “hot” performance and 100% factory tested at Tj = 85°C
Luminus CTM-18-6527-90-36-TW01 LED Module
Model shown: CTM-18-6527-90-36-TW01

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