Infineon smart lighting products

Addressing the key needs and value drivers for LED lighting

Our products and solutions range from LED driver ICs and MOSFETs suited for LED drivers, to microcontrollers, sensors and hardware that can be used to enable secure communication.

In addition to products with proven quality, a highly competent global lighting team – complemented by our channel partners – will provide you with the necessary support to design products and systems for LED lighting.

LED drivers - AC/DC

LED drivers are typically deployed to provide constant current to LED light engines for applications like commercial indoor lighting, street lighting and high bay lighting. The topology used in a design depends on the power rating and feature set. Low-power and cost-sensitive LED lighting applications usually turn to single stage flyback topology. For higher power ratings and larger feature sets, dual stage topologies with a dedicated stage for power factor correction (PFC) and a dedicated stage for flyback or LLC are common.


New ICL5102 – high performance PFC + resonant controller for LCC and LLC

The ICL5102 is a dual stage PFC flyback plus LLC/LCC current controller. When in Standby operation the controller changes into active burst mode which reduces power consumption to less than 300 mW. The controller has a comprehensive set of protection features built in to increase the system safety. It monitors in the run mode the complete system regarding bus over-and under voltage, open loop, overcurrent of PFC and/ or inverter, output overvoltage, over temperature and capacitive load operation.

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Infineon-ICL5102 IC

ILD2111 – Digital DC/DC buck controller

The ILD2111 is a high-performance configurable buck controller, designed as a constant current source with hysteretic output current regulation.

Parameters, such as current assignment and protection features, can be configured via a dedicated single-pin UART interface. The ILD2111 buck controller can be dimmed via an external PWM signal. The controller typically uses a low-side switch buck topology operating in a Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM). The device automatically selects an optimal operating window with respect to switching frequency and output current ripple. This ensures highest efficiency under various application conditions.

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Integrated circuit

XDPL8105 – digital flyback controller IC for LED driver

The XDPL8105 is a high performance configurable (OTP) digital single-stage flyback controller with power factor correction (PFC) for constant output current LED driver. The digital engine offers the possibility to configure operation parameters and protection modes, which helps to ease the design phase and allows to reduce the number of hardware variants. Accurate primary side output current control is implemented to eliminate the need for secondary side feedback circuitry.

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Infineon-XDPL8105 integrated circuit

XDPL8220 – Digital dual stage multi-mode controller for CC, CV, LP

Modern LED technology offers many advanced possibilities for lighting applications. The digital and configurable LED driver IC XDPL8220 enables the lighting industry to realize essential features for smart lighting and increases the benefits to the end user and the manufacturers.

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Infineon XDPL8220 LED driver module


Linear LED driver ICs

Linear LED driver ICs are often a better solution to traditional resistor-driven LED circuits because they help control current and, therefore, heat generated by devices. Using BCR linear LED drivers to drive LED currents between 10 mA and 250 mA will prevent thermal runaway.


New BCR430U ultra low voltage drop linear LED driver IC

The new BCR430U is the best choice when you need to drive low power LED strings and strips supplied by a DC voltage source and at the same time requesting more flexibility in voltage headroom.

Features and benefits:

  • Flexibility in design by ultra low voltage drop of the LED driver stage
  • Flexibility to adjust the current via an external resistor from 5 mA up to 100 mA
  • Smart over temperature protection extending the lifetime of LEDs

Flexibility to adjust the current via an external resistor from 5 mA up to 100 mA - Smart over temperature protection extending the lifetime of LEDs.

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Infineon-BCR430U LED driver IC

Infineon Designer

Infineon Designer, a digital prototyping engine, helps you easily simulate, modify and evaluate circuits and Infineon products. This powerful online SPICE and digital simulator contains a sophisticated circuit and waveform viewer, allowing you to quickly fine-tune your designs. This tool is available on the Infineon website. Look for the round icon with a cloud and wave to find suitable applications.

Indoor lighting controls

An indoor lighting control system benefits building owners and occupants along with facility management companies. Thanks to intelligent indoor lighting control, light levels can be individually adapted to meet occupants’ needs. A lighting control system can also help save energy by automatically switching off the lights when no one is present.


XMC™ microcontroller for intelligent LED drivers

The XMC1000 family of ARM® Cortex®-M0-based industrial microcontrollers offers a broad portfolio of microcontrollers with dedicated peripherals for LED lighting, which are designed to cover a range of use cases and different topologies for lighting applications requiring advanced features.

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Infineon-XMC1000-Series LED drivers

XMC1200 lighting evaluation kit

Modular kit consisting of a XMC1200 boot kit and 2 LED cards. Software examples and supporting DAVE™ APPs are available for this kit.

Color LED card contains 3 RGB LEDs, 10 mA. White LED card contains 20 LEDs in 4 strings, 20 mA.

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Infineon-XMC1200 family of lighting evaluation boards

Radar Sensors – 24 GHz radar demonstrator kit for presence detection

Infineon’s range of radar offerings provide unique benefits not possible with traditional motion sensing technology. Whether you require increased range coverage for outdoor lighting or a small form factor solution to enable soft landing in your multicopter our radar provides you with the ability to make your motion sensing applications perform in a way previously not possible.

The BGT24M/L family is the largest and highest integrated 24GHz ISM band radar transceiver family currently in the market, providing a range of different transmitter and receiver channel configurations, supporting different application requirements. The BGT24MTR11 combines one transmit and one receive channel, the BGT24MTR12 one transmit and two receive channels, and the BGT24MR2 two receive channels. The BGT24LTR11, the smallest 24 GHz MMIC in the market, is a low power radar transceiver that combines one transmit and one receive channel.

Watch video: 24 GHz Radar demonstration with SDH's algorithm

Watch video: Radar for smart lighting (at Lightfair 2018)

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Sense2GoL development kit

24 GHz sensor development kit utilizing Infineon BGT24MTR11 RF transceiver and XMC4200 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 MCU series.

This development kit allows the user to implement and test several sensing applications at the 24 GHz ISM band such as Doppler based movement detection, Doppler based direction of movement detection, and Doppler based speed measurements of targets. The kit consists of the BGT24LTR11 transceiver MMIC and a XMC1300 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 for signal processing and communication via USB.

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Infineon-BGT24LTR11 development board

IM69D130 high performance MEMs microphone

The IM69D130 is designed for applications where low self-noise (high SNR), wide dynamic range, low distortion and a high acoustic overload point is required. Infineon’s Dual Backplate MEMS technology is based on a miniaturized symmetrical microphone design, similar to studio condenser microphones, and results in high linearity of the output signal within a dynamic range of 105 dB. The microphone distortion does not exceed 1 percent even at sound pressure levels of 128 dBSPL. The flat frequency response (28 Hz low-frequency roll-off) and tight manufacturing tolerance result in close phase matching of the microphones, which is important for multi-microphone (array) applications. The digital microphone ASIC contains an extremely low-noise preamplifier and a high-performance sigma-delta ADC. Different power modes can be selected in order to suit specific current consumption requirements. Each IM69D130 microphone is trimmed with an advanced IFX calibration algorithm, resulting in small sensitivity tolerances (±1 dB). The phase response is tightly matched (± 2°) between microphones, in order to support beamforming applications.

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Infineon IM69D130 microphone

GBL - Infineon XDPL8220 Product Brief

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Product Brief

Controllers for smart lighting

Infineon XDPL8220 is the simple and innovative entry point to smart lighting

GBL - Infineon Sense2GoL development kit

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Product Brief

Radar system for smart home applications

This development kit allows the user to implement and test several sensing applications at the 24 GHz ISM band such as Doppler based movement detection, Doppler based direction of movement detection, and Doppler based speed measurements of targets

lighting and radar evaluation board
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