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The impact of horticulture lighting

Solid state lighting (SSL) technology provides unique advantages in horticulture to save energy and enhance plant growth.

SSL devices are unique light sources offering various emission spectrums and advantages. White SSL provide a continuous spectrum from IR to UV replicating the sun allowing indoor growth in secure, controlled environments. Monochromatic SSL's narrow wavelengths and instant dimming or on/off allow for excellent spectral control. Spectral control allows matching the light to the plant's unique spectra requirement and to adjust the light spectrum to enhance the growth stage.

SSL is a system. Adding optics to focus and intensify SSL light on the target plant has two benefits: increased PPFD and less light loss. This increases system efficiency. The higher SSL efficiency decreases radiated heat. Reduced heat allows for lighting to be placed closer to the plant increasing crop density and lowering water consumption.

The proper design of SSL systems enables the user to duplicate outdoor growing conditions in an energy efficient, secure, weather-proof nursery. SSL devices also allow the grower to supplement existing, natural or artificial light, enabling faster and more favorable results. Beyond the SSL light source, driver efficiency, environmental monitoring through air and in ground sensors and IoT communications enable efficient and remote control of the growing environment.

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