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Engaging Avnet's value

Avnet aligns customers with capabilities and services to address the entire range of IoT complexities, such as sensor design and development, infrastructure and gateway solutions, connectivity options, cloud IoT platforms, and global inventory management. We have specialist knowledge of vertical markets and on-the-ground expertise in every part of the IoT supply chain.


Avnet designed IoT development platforms

Avnet’s engineers have created fully integrated, complete and interoperable development platforms for designers looking to implement IoT functionality into their product or application. These development platforms include a wide range of sensors, multiple connectivity options spanning the entire spectrum from near field communication to mobile broadband and have been enabled with direct access to the leading IoT cloud hosting platforms and the robust set of services within.

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Visible Things evaluation and development platfo

Visible Things is an evaluation and development platform for edge to enterprise IoT projects. The platform delivers hardware and embedded software to connect smart sensors right through to the cloud and enterprise software. Avnet will support an ever increasing range of sensor, connectivity, gateway, security, and cloud technologies. We’ll regularly add new features, provide updates and deliver training on our Visible Things platform.

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Avnet MicroZed industrial IoT starter kit

The Avnet MicroZed Industrial IoT Starter Kit supports designers’ edge-to-cloud development of Internet-connected solutions and includes all the necessary building blocks for developing a production-ready, IoT-enabled, industrial processing system.

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AT&T cellular IoT starter kit

Avnet’s AT&T Cellular IoT Starter Kit enables designers to easily develop and prototype cellular connected IoT devices utilizing AT&T’s 4G LTE network. The kit includes all the elements required to collect sensor data, connect to the AT&T network, and utilize various cloud services for the management, storage, and analytics of a connected IoT device.

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Avnet BCM4343W IoT starter kit

The Avnet BCM4343W IoT Starter Kit enables designers to easily prototype cloud-connected IoT designs and then rapidly move from development to production with a pre-certified wireless SoC module.

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LSR wireless shield

Designed as a wireless connectivity expansion board for Arduino™ form-factor microcontroller boards, the LSR Wireless Shield features FCC certified WiFi and BLE modules from LS Research, plus Avnet reference designs for use with ARM® Cortex™ M based NXP MCU evaluation boards.

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Lifecycle Services

Avnet provides global services that help customers create actionable IoT strategies and realize value throughout the entire technology lifecycle, including engineering, installations, warranty services, and global repair, replace and recycling.

Supply Chain Management

Avnet bridges the design chain, physical supply chain, and the digital supply chain to provide a holistic foundation to support IoT initiatives. With best-in-class technology suppliers and our unmatched design, engineering and global supply chain management capabilities, Avnet helps customers design, build and distribute IoT edge devices, gateways and cloud infrastructure around the world.

Cloud IoT Platforms

Avnet helps customers determine and implement their best approach to cloud, including private, public or hybrid cloud solutions. Uniting market-leading cloud service providers, IoT packaged offerings, and payment options, Avnet enables partners to launch a cloud platform quickly and easily.

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