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Increased data transfer rates between boards in a system or system to system in a network require advanced high-speed interconnect technologies. The TE Connectivity (TE) portfolio of connectors and packaging products fit the requirements of these applications in support of the FPGA or SoC that drives the overall system performance for the telecommunications, video and data transmission, test and measurement or defense and security markets.

Pluggable Connectors & Cages
Speed, density, flexibility, efficiency, and standardization. These are the five words that best describe TE's rich portfolio of pluggable I/O interconnects. TE products are continuously improved to move data faster while also keeping system thermal management in mind. TE products are designed to industry standards specifications to ensure compatibility with complimentary FPGA and SoC devices.

High Speed Board-to-Board Power Connectors
TE Connectivity high speed power board-to-board connectors are optimized for any application where signal transfer is required. With a wide range of options, these products are ideal for industrial control and medical devices.

High Speed Backplane Connectors
Designers of electronic products are continually challenged to evolve those products, which requires incorporating the newest features while addressing trends toward higher density, greater speed, expanded connectivity, and improved power management. High Speed Backplane Connectors are the backbone of data center architectures. TE solutions can provide high speed and scalability for what’s next. Increasing bandwidth demands require better-performing high speed connectors. TE’s assortment of 6.25 – 56 Gbps backplane interconnects provides the connections needed to keep data flowing.

Connectors & Cages

zqsfp-hi-res.jpgzQSFP+ (QSFP28) Connectors & Cages

See zQSRP Details

The zQSFP+ (z-Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus) connector and cage assembly is a high-density, high-speed product solution designed for applications in the telecommunications, data center and networking markets. The interconnect offers four channels of high-speed differential signals with data rates ranging from 25 Gbps up to potentially 40 Gbps, and will meet 100 Gbps Ethernet (4x25 Gbps) and 100 Gbps 4X InfiniBand Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) requirements.


  • Offers four channels (4x) of high-speed differential signals with data rates up to potentially 40 Gbps
  • Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) requirements that supports 100 Gbps Ethernet and 100 Gbps InfiniBand (IB)
  • Increase bandwidth - can be used in current 10 Gbps and 16 Gbps applications with substantial margin
  • Shares the same mating interface as the QSFP and QSFP+ form factor, making it backwards-compatible
  • Enhanced EMI cage design helps provide excellent thermal performance and electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection
  • Belly-to-belly mount capability for panel density

zSFP+ (SFP28) Connectors & Cages

See zSFP Details

The zSFP+ (SFP28) pluggable I/O interconnect was designed to quickly and easily upgrade SFP/SFP+ connectors from current 10-16 Gbps speeds to future 28 Gbps speeds. The product is backwards-compatible to SFP+ products-in footprint, mating interface and cage dimensions- to allow for easy drop-in replacement within current communication systems.

For newer equipment designs, the zSFP+ (SFP28) interconnect can support either 10 Gbps Ethernet or 16 Fibre Channel Gbps data rates-while accommodating a long-term upgrade path for 28- or potentially 40- Gbps performance. This equates to long-term cost savings as the product eliminates the need to fully redesign or reinstall communication equipment for higher performance. 

  • Press-fit cages for one-step, easy PCB placement
  • Coupled, narrow-edged, blanked- and formed-contact geometry and insert molding for superior signal integrity, mechanical and electrical performance
  • Backwards- compatibility: shares same PCB footprint, mating interface and cage dimensions with the SFP+ connector
  • Single-port high cages (1xN) for design flexibility / accommodates belly-to-belly applications to increase density while saving PCB space
  • Offers stacked cages in 2x1, 2x2, 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10 and 2x12 port configurations
  • Heat sinks, LEDs and plating choices offered for various design specifications



Power Connectors

multi-beam-xle-hi-res.jpgMULTI-BEAM XLE Power Connectors

See MULTI-BEAM Details

MULTI-BEAM XLE connectors feature a 3-beam contact, made from a thicker/higher conductivity material than the original single or 4-beam designs. The new 3-beam design allows for a greater angular mis-alignment between mating connectors and a lower mating force. In addition, MULTIBEAM XLE slimmer housing design reduces the overall PCB footprint and has the option of using a low power Universal Power Module (UPM) contact.

  • Released in 2008 based on MULTI-BEAM XL
  • Features two new power contacts:
    • High power contact – rated at 50 Amps
    • Low power contact – rated at 25 Amps
    • Both pass UL Hot-Plug tests
  • Passes mixed flowing gas testing in un-mated condition
    • Contacts treated with pore blocker
  • Contacts designed for true hot-plug application
  • Ventilated housings
  • Slim guide pins – save approx. 5mm OAL
  • Fully modular / scalable mold
  • 1.1 lb mating force per high power contact
  • Joint qualification with FCI completed in Q1 CY2014



Backplane Connectors

strada-whisper-hi-res.jpgSTRADA Whisper Backplane Connector

The STRADA Whisper backplane family was designed with your end customer’s need for high-performing, high-bandwidth systems in mind. Its revolutionary design transfers data at blinding speeds of 25 Gbps and offers unparalleled scalability up to 56 Gbps—allowing you to achieve efficient future system upgrades without costly backplane or midplane redesigns.

  • 25 to 56 Gb/s speeds
  • Design flexibility: mid-plane orthogonal, traditional, cabled-backplane and embedded cap
  • Power Sum FEXT lower than -50 dB for system implementation at 12.5 GHz
  • Insertion loss < 1 dB and linear up to 20 GHz
  • Individual shielded pairs for excellent signal integrity / EMI performance
  • Little to no skew through high-speed differential pairs
  • Common mode impedance controlled throughout the connector, footprint and mating interface
  • Electrical performance maintained in a 1.5 mm unmated condition

Z-PACK HM-eZd+ Connector for ATCA Applications

  • Designed for data rates of 20 to 25+ Gbps
  • Backwards compatible mating interface
    • Product is inter-matable with entire Z-PACK HM-Zd product family including competition.
  • 4 Pair, 10 Column version available
  • New footprint for the receptacle and header
  • Most noticeable difference is the flat ground shield
  • Ideal for 100G ATCA – Next generation standard
  • Target Market
    • Existing HM-Zd customer base

Z-PACK Slim UHD Backplane Connector

Accommodating a broad spectrum of speeds up to 20 Gbps, TE's Z-PACK Slim UHD backplane connector lets you design for today’s speed while planning for tomorrow’s. Designed to be the densest connector in the smallest possible footprint, the connector frees up PCB space, giving you more room to design for performance. Through a highly configurable design, the Z-PACK Slim UHD connector offers the flexibility needed to design intricate communication systems.

  • Speed Scalability and Configurability: The Z-PACK Slim UHD connector transfers data at 12.5 Gbps, with scalability up to 20 Gbps, allowing you to efficiently increase your communication system's speed without modifying the existing PCB footprint.
  • Space Savings: Owing to its small size, which is about 10% smaller than similar products on the market, the product fits into tight 15mm (0.6 inch) slot pitch applications, offering significant PCB space savings.
  • Design Flexibility: Through a highly configurable design, multiple pin assignments can be achieved.

IMPACT Connectors

See IMPACT Connectors Details

The IMPACT backplane connector and cable system from TE pushes the speed and density envelope to meet the growing demands of next-generation telecommunication and data networking equipment; the system is available in 2-6 pair configurations with a complete range of guidance and power-solution options plus right-angle cable assemblies.

The IMPACT system is available in two compliant in design options on both daughter card and backplane connectors, providing customers ultimate flexibility to optimize their designs for advanced mechanical and electrical performance.

  • Data rates up to 25 Gbps
  • High differential pair density (up to 80 pairs per linear inch)
  • Reduced crosstalk with broad-edge-coupled, differential-pair systems running higher data rates
  • Application with compliant, press fit tails
  • Excellent mating performance with inline staggered, bifurcated contact beams in a daughter card interface
  • Flexibility and superior mechanical and electrical performance with two compliant-pin attachment options
  • Reduced PCB routing complexity and cost with 1.90mm x 1.35mm grid on backplane and daughter card
  • Mechanical reliability and guidance into connector module with polarized housings

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FPGA Solutions

The field-programmable gate array (FPGA) as a primary processing element offers many design, debug, and production benefits.