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Amphenol Military & Aerospace Operations is perfectly aligned to provide the latest technologies, cost-effective manufacturing and supply chain management, and local support to solve any military and aerospace interconnect need.  We apply over 80 years of industry-leading knowledge and experience in all markets to design the right solution for you.  We utilize the latest manufacturing and process technologies to support our extensive dual production and off-set options around the world.  We constantly focus on continuous improvements, from management to local customer support, to build the highest quality, on-time products.  We provide a complete, integrated solution for all system needs, from concept and design to manufacturing and sourcing.

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Waterproof (IP67 & IP68) Adapters

Amphenol Waterproof (IP67 & IP68) AdaptersAmphenol SVMicrowave logo

RJF TV-Transversally Sealed


Amphenol RJF TV-Transversally SealedAmphenol PCD logo



Amphenol USB 3Amphenol PCD logo

High Speed RF PCB Edge Mount Connectors

Amphenol High Speed RF PCB Edge Mount ConnectorsAmphenol SVMicrowave logo

VITA 67 Product Line


Amphenol VITA 67 Product LineAmphenol SVMicrowave logo


Line Replaceable Module (LRM)

Amphenol Line Replaceable Module (LRM)Amphenol Aerospace logo

RF Cable Assemblies

Amphenol RF Cable AssembliesAmphenol SVMicrowave logo

Cable Glands

Amphenol cable glandsAmphenol Industrial logo



Small, lightweight, low-cost circular solutions

Amphenol LuminusAmphenol PCD logo


Small, lightweight, rugged connectors


Amphenol PegasusAmphenol PCD logo



Small, lightweight, low-cost rectangular solutions

Amphenol SolarisAmphenol PCD logo

Backshells & Dust Caps

Amphenol Backshells & Dust CapsAmphenol PCD logo


D-Sub Rectangular

Amphenol D-Sub RectangularAmphenol PCD logo


High Frequency RF Contacts

Amphenol High Frequency RF ContactsAmphenol SVMicrowave logo


D38999 and 2M (Micro D38999)

Amphenol D38999Amphenol Aerospace logo

OBTS Series

Amphenol OBTS connectorsAmphenol Industrial logo

AC Series

Amphenol Threaded Standard Cylindrical ConnectorsAmphenol Industrial logo

ACA-B – Reverse Bayonet

Amphenol Reverse Bayonet Coupling ConnectorsAmphenol Industrial logo

Amphe-Lite & Amphe-Lite M3

Amphenol Subminiature Cylindrical ConnectorAmphenol Industrial logo

Amphe-PPM Quick Disconnect Connectors

Amphenol PPM Quick Disconnect Connectors Amphenol Industrial logo

GT-Reverse Bayonet

Amphenol Reverse Bayonet Coupling Connectors Amphenol Industrial logo

PT/26482 Series 1

Amphenol Miniature Cylindrical ConnectorsAmphenol Industrial logo

Max-M12 Series

Amphenol Max-M12 seriesAmphenol Industrial logo

AT Circular Connector Series

Amphenol AT Circular Connector SeriesAmphenol Industrial logo

LPT Series Connectors

Amphenol LPT Series ConnectorsAmphenol Industrial logo

UPT Connector Series

Amphenol UPT Connector Series Amphenol Industrial logo

5015 series

Amphenol 515 cabble connectorsAmphenol Industrial logo

97 Series

Amphenol 97 series cabble connectorsAmphenol Industrial logo



Amphenol filterAmphenol Aerospace logo


Fiber and Converters

Amphenol Fiber and ConvertersAmphenol Aerospace logo


RADSOK® Power to Board

Amphenol RADSOK® Power to BoardAmphenol Industrial logo


Amphenol RADSOK RADSERTAmphenol Industrial logo

SurLok Plus

Amphenol SurLok PlusAmphenol Industrial logo

UPC Connector

Amphenol UPC ConnectorAmphenol Industrial logo


Amphenol UPC ConnectorTEMP IMAGEAmphenol Industrial logo

PD Power Entry Connector

Amphenol pd connectorsAmphenol Industrial logo

Power Lite

Amphenol Power LiteAmphenol Industrial logo


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The SV Microwave 3mm coaxial between board spacing PCB interconnects allows for the lowest stacked height (3mm) of any board-to-board high frequency coaxial connection system.

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Amphenol Military & Aerospace Operations (AMAO) offers unique advantages that no other interconnect manufacturer can.


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