Avnet Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments

Do you have cryptocurrency burning a hole in your pocket? Has a customer paid you in Bitcoin, and now you’re looking to cash in? Well, you’re in luck, because Avnet is now an industry leader in an exciting new arena. We’re breaking down payment method norms by offering our complete range of solutions and products for sale in cryptocurrency.

By partnering with BitPay, we’re supported by the largest cryptocurrency transaction platform in the world. What does that mean for you? Well, simplicity, for one. And cost efficiency, for another. With BitPay helping process purchases made with cryptocurrencies, you can count on:

  • real-time conversion rates, calculated down to a 15 minute window
  • a fixed 1% fee, which will look like nothing when compared with traditional intermediaries
  • the ease of use you’ve come to expect with online platforms.

Keeping it simple

Not only have we decided that the future is now when it comes to accepting payment in cryptocurrencies, but we’re aiming to make these as simple for you as any other business transactions. To initiate your cryptocurrency transaction, it’s as simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Tell your Avnet account manager you’d like to pay in cryptocurrency so they can confirm it is accepted in your country
  2. Create a BitPay account
  3. Agree upon the invoice we send you through BitPay’s online interface
  4. Confirm your purchase on your digital wallet
purchasing agent using cryptocurrency as payment using smartphone and laptop - photo credit: BitPay
Photo courtesy of BitPay

With approximately 250,000 on-ledger Bitcoin transactions being made every day, we understand that the landscape is changing, and we’re positioning ourselves – and our clients – to be ready for it. From entrepreneur to enterprise, and at any point along your product lifecycle, Avnet is prepared to foster your innovative ideas and help you reach further.

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