Artificial Intelligence at the Edge


Artificial Intelligence is rapidly driving growth in the information and operational technology domains. For years, Renesas has been a leader in OT endpoint applications with microprocessor and microcontroller solutions. Leveraging that experience, Renesas AI solutions are enhancing OT-based systems and products that we use every day by placing AI where it matters the most – at the endpoint – while decoupling dependency on the Cloud for real-time decisions and real-time action.


Renesas delivers embedded AI technology with intelligent data processing at the endpoint, the origin of information. To meet the demands of Industry 4.0/IIoT, production systems must provide advanced control and maintenance. Precise sampling and collection of data at the endpoint is essential. Flexible, scalable solutions from Renesas are unique in the industry and address the specific needs for artificial intelligence in embedded devices at the endpoint.



Wireless flow rate, humidity, and temp sensing eval kit

Communicates humidity, temperature, and flow sensor measurement data to the kit’s 6LoWPAN-WiFi hub. The SDAWIR hub functions as a WiFi hub, allowing a linked device to display and graph the measured data in real time.

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Small, ultra-low IQ and low-power switching regulators

Compact high-efficiency, low-power Buck and Buck-Boost regulators for IoT, battery-operated applications

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High-speed embedded AI-based image processors with DRP technology

Designed for e-AI based imaging in smart appliances, networked cameras, service robots, scanner products, and industrial machinery requiring high-speed image processing

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RX65N 32-bit MCU family are ideal for IoT edge devices development

RX65N and RX651 32-bit MCUs are optimized for IoT devices with enhanced security, connectivity, and HMI. Connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud easily with the RX65N Cloud Kit.

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RX66T 32-bit MCU failure detection e-AI solution for motor-equipped appliances

RX66T MCUs are optimized for Motor Control in Industrial, Home Appliance, and Robotics devices. Extra processing capacity allows developers to add programs utilizing embedded AI (e-AI) for motor fault detection or predictive failure diagnostics requires endpoint MCUs to be securely updated with learning results generated in the cloud. Also includes built-in Trusted Secure IP (TSIP) provides secure firmware updates and encrypted communication.

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