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Artificial intelligence (AI) strives to design sophisticated machines that can learn from external data, adapt to change and perform tasks commonly associated with human intelligence. While humanoid robots are still an image of the future, many smart devices such as autonomous vehicles, interactive games or smart home appliances already became an integral part of our daily life.

While tools like logic programming or neuronal networks enable a device’s deep learning and problem-solving ability, all software is limited by its hardware performance. To allow for maximum computing power, all deployed components must meet the highest standards with regards to efficiency and reliability.

In the world of semiconductors, Nexperia is the efficiency company, delivering the highest quality discrete and MOSFET components as well as analog & logic ICs in industry-leading small packages. We offer a one-stop-shop portfolio with state-of-the-art technology, leading the market in product and package range.

Our products are benchmark in efficiency, robustness as well as system protection and signal integrity. Through highest power density our discrete solutions counteract the growing power consumption in smart applications directly improving a system’s efficiency. Besides improving static parameters like reduced leakage currents (IR) our high performance rectifier provide best-in class dynamic switching behavior necessary for modern power supplies. Our best-in class mechanical and thermal robustness - such as for our low RDS(on) MOSFETS in LFPAK packages - allow for an enlarged safe operating area (SOA), crucial in harsh environments such as smart lighting or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). And to safeguard increasingly sensitive ICs while enabling the growing data transfer and processing within and between intelligent machines, our TrEOS ESD protection technology offers the market’s best combination of lowest clamping behavior, minimal capacitance and highest surge robustness.

Over 65 years, we have developed these strong innovation and manufacturing capabilities, and today have more than 11,000 employees. Our partners and customers value the passion that drives our work, the reliability and service that we provide, and the efficiency that runs through all that we do. Together our role is simple: create the world’s best essential semiconductor components.

Through our flexible supply chain, consisting of our own fabrication, assembly and testing facilities, we produce and supply to the highest industry’s standards - automotive quality - meeting global demand of more than 90 billion products each year. With best-in-class quality, a portfolio of 15,000 devices and unique experience within the industry, Nexperia is finely tuned to dynamically address changing global trends such as AI and meet the growing reliability requirements for instance starting from Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) up to the challenges of fully autonomous driving.

Furthermore, intelligent electronical designs - especially in a mobile environment - demand for discrete solutions in smallest footprints. Driving the miniaturization trend, Nexperia offers industry-leading small packages that save valuable energy and space in customer design.

Our Vision: A world where every electronic design is empowered by the efficiency of Nexperia.


Artificial Intelligence systems are only as good as the data that they base their decisions upon. Thus reliable input data is key in this context. In the era of edge computing, input data is mostly provided by a growing number of IoT  (internet of Things) devices. Whether it is equipment and tools in a connected factory or sensors in a smart home, IoT devices form the backbone of modern data processing and AI. 

With data bandwidth increasing in 5G technology, energy consumption becomes a concern. Nexperia offers lowest RDSon PowerMOS devices to ensure efficient designs. Neperia’s TrEOS protection devices ensure best in class system level protection without compromising signal quality high speed data rates needed at the edge. Striving for highest performance of every single component is important to meet the challenging efficiency goals.

Every single IoT devices needs to work reliably and efficiently to keep service intervals low and maintain a low energy consumption. To assure safe operation in space constraint areas, Nexperia provides the latest technology developments in the market’s smallest DFN packages across the full portfolio of diodes, bipolar transistors and MOSFETs. Nexperia brings logic devices into the smallest X2SON packages (MicroPak) that can be used without a step-down mask.

Nexperia offers products with the highest performance that also meet the maximum quality standards to power all the channeling demands of today´s 5G and edge computing systems.



In virtually every application, getting the right balance of power density and RDS(on) in the right footprint is becoming increasingly critical. Nexperia offers a broad portfolio of N- and P-channel power MOSFETs, ranging from 12 V to 100 V, in space-saving and efficient package options including our proven copper-clip LFPAK technology. And as a long-term supplier to the automotive industry, you can be assured we maintain the highest quality and reliabilty standards.

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Ultra-small footprint, increased power efficiency, 0.35 mm pitch. Nexperia’s smallest MOSFET package DFN0606 provides the most minute DFN solution in today's commonly used pitch size of 0.35 mm. An ideal replacement solution where space is paramount, this ultra-small package offers significant space efficiency whilst providing minimal efforts on assembly adjustment. The ideal MOSFET of choice for wearable applications such as mobile and portable products, enhanced by Nexperia’s in-house production capacity for high-volume production.

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Trench Schottkys in CFP Packages

Ideal for automotive, industrial, and computing applications, the Schottky rectifier portfolio in CFP meets the challenging demands of efficient and space-saving designs. Clip-bonded FlatPower (CFP) packages with high power capabilities offer a true alternative to SMA, with better thermal performance.

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TrEOS High-Speed ESD Protection

Uncompromising ESD protection for sensitive high-speed interfaces, Nexperia invented TrEOS to offer a combination of low capacitance, low clamping voltage and high ESD robustness, effectively safeguarding systems with 10Gbps+ data lines. Our TrEOS portfolio is comprised of extremely high surge robustness and extremely low peak voltage devices. TrEOS solutions are available in single- and multi-line packages.

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Zener Diodes in Leaded and Leadless packages

You can use our Zener diodes as voltage regulator diodes in most of your electronic applications. Our broad AEC-Q101 portfolio includes both Japanese and European selection groups in a wide variety of voltage, package and configuration options. In fact our comprehensive selection (± 1500 product types) gives you the option of customized designs in small scale, high density circuit designs. 

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Artificial Intelligence helps enabling the mega trend of autonomous driving by providing self-learning algorithms that are used for image recognition and decision making. While the development of the software side is rapid and visible throughout the media, the hardware is the essential part when bringing this technology to the street. Even with the brightest software, a self-driving car is dangerous and - in the end - useless without robust and reliable hardware. Nexperia supplies diodes, transistors, analog and logic devices, as well as MOSFETs, ESD protection and LED drivers to the automotive industry with highest ruggedness and reliability enabling the platforms required for self-driving cars.

Every computing platform, from a desktop PC to a mainframe and modern platforms to host self-learning algorithms enabling autonomous driving, consist of dozens to hundreds of the above-mentioned products of Nexperia’s portfolio. In automotive, most products are used in classic leaded SMD packages. Nexperia’s automotive DFN packages provide an alternative allowing to safe significant amount of space on the PCB while better thermal performance enables higher system reliability. For power MOSFETs, BJTs and rectifier used in the power supplies of such systems, Nexperia offers the highly rugged clip bond packages designed for harsh automotive environment up to 175°C.

Despite the reliability of individual systems, the connection of systems plays and integral role when bringing artificial intelligence into automotive. Sensors used for autonomous driving need to be connected to the computing platform and the car itself forms a node in the dynamic 5G environment. Nexperia’s cutting edge ESD protection devices for CAN FD, automotive Ethernet and the TrEOS automotive family for dedicated high-speed interfaces allow to maintain highest bandwidth while enabling outstanding system level ESD robustness.

When ICs with different operating voltages need to communicate, Nexperia’s benchmark level translators are used. The combination of Nexperia’s leading technological position in the mobile industry and dedication to automotive quality provides the right products for 5G applications for the connected car.


Automotive In-Vehicle Network Protection

The car is an extremely interconnected system, with over 100 ECUs all attempting to communicate with other systems in the car. To handle relatively low-data rate automotive specific traffic, three dedicated bus systems are used - CAN, LIN and FlexRay. Offering increased system robustness, our IVN bus line protection solutions are well suited to automotive bus protection without impeding signal integrity in this electrically noisy environment.description

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LFPAK33 Trench 9 Automotive

The LFPAK33 is the ultimate in automotive MOSFET performance within a compact power footprint. Bringing Nexperia’s robust and reliable copper clip technology to the Power33 (3.3 mm x 3.3 mm) footprint. It  is an extension of the LFPAK family into smaller power systems.The LFPAK33 uses advanced copper clip technology and its portfolio can address a wide range of automotive applications. The LFPAK33 supports easy optical inspection and enhanced board level reliability and is compatible with alternative packages in the power33 footprint.

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MicroPak Automotive Q100

As the leader in Mini Logic for Automotive, Nexperia is addressing space constraints in automotive applications with innovative MicroPak solutions that exceed AEC-Q100 requirements. The Q100 portfolio now includes more than 20 Automotive-qualified functions in XSON leadless extremely-thin small-outline packages. Single-gate and dual-gate functions in LVC (1.65 V to 5.5 V), AUP (0.8 V to 3.6 V) and AVC (1.2 V to 3.6 V) technologies are now available in Automotive-ready XSON6 and XSON8 packages. Functions include buffers/inverters, gates, translators, Schmitt-triggers, transceivers and more.

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Small Signal low RDSon automotive

Nexperia's automotive, small signal MOSFETs with low RDS(ON) of 15 mΩ minimum to 6 A maximum drain current are available with +175°C TJ maximum, and they fully comply with the automotive AEC-Q101 standard. A few of the many suitable applications include body control units such as window lifts and seat controls, entertainment systems such as car radios and navigation, and safety and control systems such as air bags

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LED Driver

Comprising a resistor-equipped PNP transistor with two diodes on one chip, our LED drivers come in small SOT23 and SOT457 plastic packages. High current accuracy and stabilized output currents of 10 – 50 mA. These space saving solutions are ideal for constant current source and automotive applications.

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