A letter from Bill Amelio

To the Avnet global team,

In the past year, we’ve seen some very big changes at Avnet. Change isn’t easy. But leadership demands anticipating change and staying one step ahead of it. That, in turn, demands a lot from an organization – even more from the people who make change possible.

So, with an open and grateful heart, I want to thank the employees of Avnet for what they’ve accomplished in the past year. Together, we transformed the company.

Because of you – the people of Avnet – we have once again reinvented our organization. Your “can do” attitude is incredible. Your combination of open mind, rolled-up sleeves, and singularity of purpose is inspiring.

For nearly one hundred years, Avnet has stayed one step ahead of the market by navigating countless ups and downturns. We’ve changed because the world of business and technology keeps changing.

Development is being democratized and distributed, accessible to more and more people. Businesses - fueled by the ubiquity and transparency of the web, embedded technologies, and the Internet of Things - are themselves being digitally transformed. And no matter what sector you are in, we live in a world of digital experiences that are increasingly dependent on being able to identify, harness and create value from a connections-based economy.

What does all this mean?

It means the next new things aren’t coming from just big technology companies, but also from individual engineers, makers, tinkerers – a whole new generation of technology entrepreneurs.

It means that more than ever, companies need partners who can find the simplest, smartest ways to maximize today’s business models while investing for the business of tomorrow.

It means that today’s Avnet – the one you’ve helped transform – is more relevant in today’s business world than ever before.

We have dramatically expanded our already broad inventory of enhanced digital capabilities. We now have an even greater range of design, engineering, online community, and commerce offerings.

Our design-centric network enables faster and easier transition from concept to design to production. And we have coupled these expanded services with our unparalleled long-standing and trusted global partnerships.

In short, today’s Avnet is uniquely positioned to guide anyone – from the largest multinationals to the smallest start-ups – swiftly and seamlessly from idea to product and from product to market.

We will continue to shift and adapt to stay that one step ahead in an industry where change is a way of life. But some things, I promise, will never change: the culture of our company, the character and integrity of our people, and the confidence of our technology partners in us.

The Avnet culture, philosophy, and business model will always be based on an equal measure of collaboration and ingenuity. And the Avnet employee will always be known for their objectivity, the empathetic ear they bring to their customers’ needs, and the know-how in finding the optimal path for success.

So, thank you.

Thanks for helping build the next generation Avnet that continues to guide ideas - no matter where they are or who they come from - into tomorrow’s technological wonders.

Because of you, Avnet will always be the partner of choice. Because of you, Avnet will continue to expand, adapt and help deliver that next technology breakthrough. Because of you, Avnet will not just help others go forward, Avnet will enable them to reach further.


Bill Amelio
CEO, Avnet

Avnet CEO Bill Amelio