A letter from Bill Amelio

I’m Bill Amelio, CEO of Avnet.

I believe that many of the next new inventions are just as likely to come from an innovator’s garage or kitchen table, as they will from a company’s research lab. 

That is why we’ve just announced a partnership with the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for creative projects – Kickstarter – along with the leading provider of manufacturing solutions and software for the maker market – Dragon Innovation. 

Together, we’re launching something we’re calling “The Hardware Studio.”

If you are a designer, engineer, maker or inventor, The Hardware Studio will soon give you everything it takes to turn your idea into reality – from the most advanced and cutting edge technologies to the most experienced launch advisory services to funding resources.

So I invite you to sign up now at www.kickstarter.com/hardwarestudio.  And when you do, you will be contacted later this Fall to become part of a new community that will have unprecedented access to everything you need to move from idea to product, and from product to market.

Avnet is committed to fostering the democracy of design and empowering the visionary. We believe that by enabling the Maker movement, we can serve as a catalyst for technology-based solutions that address not only personal needs and business applications, but also today’s most pressing environmental, safety and social concerns.

The Hardware Studio will have a community site where designers will be able to consult with Avnet experts who can help move them swiftly and seamlessly from idea to design and from prototype to production. For more complex projects, an application-based program – facilitated by Avnet and Dragon – will give makers access to more hands-on design support from Avnet, as well as discounts on components and services. The Studio will also host a series of tutorials, live webinars and give access to powerful development tools.

The Hardware Studio will complement other elements of Avnet’s innovator ecosystem including Hackster.io a community dedicated to designing, creating and programming Internet-connected hardware and Makersource.io, a collaborative environment that showcases new products and encourages knowledge sharing.

By signing up now, you can reserve your spot at The Hardware Studio, stay informed about its development and be one of its first members when it launches in the Fall of 2017.

With the changes we’ve made this year at Avnet, we can now help anyone – from an individual innovator to a large enterprise – guide today’s ideas into tomorrow’s technology.


Bill Amelio



Avnet CEO Bill Amelio