What is Ask AvnetBeta

Your Intelligent assistant

Ask Avnet is the first digital platform in tech distribution to combine AI and human expertise.

  • Allow Ask Avnet to help you find products available on the Avnet site. Search by product name, product number, or just the category and our intelligent assistant will help guide you to the part you need. 
  • Track your orders from any page of the Avnet site, so you can keep up to date without losing your place. Logged in users can see the order status of all the orders on that account and logged out users can check with their order numbers.
  • Hackster and element14 available with the click of a button. Search Hackster projects or element14 articles for the parts you're looking at, so you can stay informed and inspired.
Intelligent assistant


Ask Avnet - Expert on Demand

Connect with the right people

If a question is more complex and best suited for a human being, Ask Avnet can hand the user off to customer service, technical support or even an engineer on demand.

  • Do you want to talk to an Avnet agent? Ask Avnet makes it quick and easy to connect you with the right person for your need.
  • Need more in-depth help? Ask Avnet can get you connected with an Avnet Engineer who can help answer your questions about how Avnet parts can work for your designs.
  • After your chat you can rate your experience, so Avnet knows how we're doing and can better serve you the next time you need us.

Personal site sherpa

Ask Avnet helps guide you to information that's relevant to you from anywhere in the Avnet ecosystem..

  • Ask Avnet helps you discover articles and projects based on products you're looking at. Keep learning and get updates on what's new in the industry.
  • Lost? Avnet will help you get back on track by giving you easy access to customer support when you need it the most.
Intelligent assistant



Access to Avnet's end-to-end ecosystem

For the first time, you can leverage the entire Avnet ecosystem, meaning you can access the diverse engineering knowledge base across Avnet, Hackster.io and element14.