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A breakthrough system performance is shaped by vision and expectations—which can vary considerably from product to product. To get where you want to go, your selection of processor should be determined by product definition, the application it supports, and the ideal user experience. 

If you do the research, you’ll quickly realize there is no shortage of processing options for achieving your desired level of performance. As you’re looking to select and design the right processing engine into your product, you’ll want a partner that can provide a range of options and has the know-how to get the most out of each one.

With Avnet Silica as a partner, you’ll save time on research and get the guidance you need to select the right processor for delivering that breakthrough performance.

Microcontrollers include a range of products offering digital processing under software control. Microprocessors (MPU) and microcontrollers (MCU) are available in data widths from 8 to 64 bits, targeting a variety of both generalist and specialist applications. Applications include domestic appliances, handheld devices, servers, automotive, network infrastructure, image processing, and communications.

Avnet Silica linecard: microcontrollers & microprocessors

Having worked with renowned suppliers over many years, Avnet Silica is known to be an expert in the fields of MCUs and MPUs. Have a look at the linecard to see our complete MCU and MPU offering. 

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MCU MPU Featured Products (LC)

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Featured products



NXP Semiconductors has announced the new LPC8N04 MCU. It’s the latest addition to the rapidly expanding LPC800 series of 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0+ based MCUs.

Product image of NXP's LPC8N04 MCU

Silicon Labs


The Flex Gecko family of wireless solutions combines an energy-friendly MCU with a highly integrated radio transceiver supporting 2.4 GHz proprietary wireless protocols.


LPC84x MCU Family

LPC84x are an ARM Cortex-M0+ based, low-cost 32-bit MCU family operating at CPU frequencies of up to 30 MHz. The LPC84x support up to 64 KB of flash memory and 16 KB of SRAM.

NXP LPC84x sample image

Prod Intel Quark SE Microcontroller (BN)

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Quark™ SE Microcontroller

The Intel® Quark™ SE microcontroller brings intelligent power to the edge by combining a microcontroller with an onboard sensor subsystem to manage power consumption through programmable wake cues.

Prod Silicon Labs EFM8 Laserbee (BN)

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Silicon Labs

EFM8™ Laser Bee MCUs

Silicon Labs' EFM8™ Laser Bee 8-bit MCUs deliver the highest analog performance and peripheral integration in the 8-bit market.


Quark™ D1000 MCU

The Intel® Quark™ microcontroller D1000 (MCU) is an extremely low power microcontroller at the top of its class in computational performance. It is optimized for long battery life applications such as wearable sensors and RFID tags.



The PIC24F “GB4” family provides eXtreme Low Power (XLP) with an integrated hardware crypto engine for portable applications.


S32K144 32-bit MCU

The NXP® S32K product series of 32-bit automotive microcontrollers provides a highly integrated, low-power, safe and secure single-chip solution


LPC5410x MCU

The LPC5410x are ARM Cortex-M4 based microcontrollers for embedded applications.

Prod Renesas Synergy S5D9 (RM)

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Synergy S5D9

Renesas Synergy™ S5 Series MCUs cover many different embedded system requirements leaving room to grow as needed.


Internet of Things

Avnet Silica has the perfect supplier offering to enable you to put your product development into the Internet of Things.

Maxim Seminar Create your isolated System (GBD)

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Seminar | Maxim Integrated

Designing Your Isolated System

If your next design involves isolation and you want to learn how to make it right from the beginning while using start-of-the-art solutions available in the semiconductor space, this seminar is definitely for you!


Embedded Vision

Visual inputs are the richest source of sensor information. Avnet Silica will provide you with insights into our expertise, image sensors, camera modules, processing engines and even full reference designs.

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