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Offline Voice Control

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Microcontroller based offline Far-Field automatic speech recognition (ASR) solution for local voice commands


Edge based automatic speech recognition (ASR) on a microcontroller

  • Local voice eliminates cost, latency & privacy issues of cloud
  • Microcontroller implementation lowers Bill of Materials (BOM) cost ~50% compared to high-end microprocessor implementations
  • Bundles automatic speech recognition software and includes softDSP AFE for far-field voice
  • Turnkey solution reduces time-to-market
  • Full reference design, software source, schematics, BOM & layout
  • From concept to product launch in 4 months
Offline voice control microcontroller with lid removed


Applications / Use Cases

Smart Home

  • Smart light switches, shade and fan controls
  • Smart plugs and outlets
  • Thermostats
  • Alarm panels
  • Home gateways, routers and access points
  • Garage door openers

Smart Appliances

  • Fridge, oven, washer, dryer, etc…

Advantages of Far-Field Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Far-field speech and voice recognition is the ability to interact with smart devices using natural human language from a distance ranging from 1 to 10 m. Far-field speech recognition systems are used to recognize the user voice in a noisy environment based on speaker localization using a microphone array.

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