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Analog Signal Chain Title and Intro (LC)

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More and more often your application is taking real world, analog input through sensing or human interaction and turning it into digital data. This data in turn enables analytics, automated control, visualization and storage functions. Avnet Silica will show you how to ensure the analog signals being captured are quickly and accurately being fed to your processor. We will work with you on every component or ‘link’ in the analog signal chain, making sure there are no weak links anywhere along the way.

A device for every function and performance level

Here is an overview of the type of products we offer for the analog signal chain.​

We also offer a wide range of evaluation kits and development tools for each of the individual analog signal chain components in our portfolio.

Experts who understand the art and science of analog

Our analog technical experts demystify the design process around managing the frequencies, amplitude and modulation of an analog signal. They’ll show you how to really get the most out of your application using reference designs, block diagrams and their years of practical experience. When you are ready to test your design, we have different options to complete the task. One is we will walk you through the steps using evaluation kits produced by our suppliers for their specific parts. The other is to use the development kits created by Avnet, which will show you how your signal chain will perform with your chosen processor

Analog Signal Chain Linecard (MM)

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Avnet Silica linecard: analog signal chain

Analog, Switch, and Multi covers a range of products dedicated to the processing of analog signals. These products are used across a wide range of instances where analogue signals must be amplified, attenuated, switched, filtered, or otherwise processed into the analogue domain. Applications include audio, visual, video, RADAR, RF and microwave.

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Related products

Maxim Integrated


The MAX30003 is a complete, biopotential, analog front-end solution for wearable applications. It offers high performance for clinical and fitness applications, with ultra-low power for long battery life.



EV12DS460 from e2v is the world’s first DAC to perform signal generation directly in the K-band frequency (18GHz-27GHz), removing the need for signal up-conversion and the costly mixers that perform this task.



This monitor IC family features a very wide input voltage range, high accuracy of transfer ratio, small size, low component count, low power consumption, ease of use, and low cost.

Silicon Labs

Si8920 current sense amplifier

The Si8920 is a galvanically isolated analog amplifier, which solves challenges of energy consumption and battery life for the world's harshest conditions.

ON Semiconductor


NCS40x is a high voltage, high resolution, high-side current sense amplifier. It features gain options of 14V/V, 20 V/V, 50V/V, and 100V/V with a maximum ±0.35% gain error over the entire temperature range.


Internet of Things

Avnet Silica has the perfect supplier offering to enable you to put your product development into the Internet of Things.



The automotive landscape is experiencing innovation like never before. Avnet Silica puts you in the driver’s seat by providing technical assistance every step of the way.


Embedded vision

Visual inputs are the richest source of sensor information. Avnet Silica will provide you with insights into our expertise, image sensors, camera modules, processing engines and even full reference designs.

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