Avnet and Texas Instruments empower your supply chain

Texas Instruments customers throughout the supply chain count on Avnet. We deliver reliable, efficient services and customized solutions through our global capabilities, availability, flexibility and experience. 


Introducing our five focus capabilities

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Avnet supply chain solutions - your perfect partner

Solid planning leads to an efficient supply-chain

To realize their full potential, even the most innovative product ideas need an effective supply chain—from strategy to implementation. Avnet and TI can help you form a solid foundation for your success.

We take pride in seeing your business go beyond what you thought possible. What makes Avnet’s supply chain solutions unique is our assessment and planning methods—and that’s also what our customers appreciate most about working with us. We customize every solution that we create so that it’s specific to your requirements and optimized for your strategy. We follow the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) methodology to create a unique solution for you using our validated, proven services.

Tailored to your needs

We’ve developed Avnet’s supply chain solutions specifically to reduce costs, streamline materials management processes, and improve the flow of information. Our range of leading supply chain and B2B services can be tailored to your needs, helping you drive efficiencies that make you more competitive—now and in the future.

TI SCS Broad Availabilities (LC)

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Broad availabilities

  • We ship more than 560.000 TI line items each year across Europe, the United States and Asia.
  • 14 distribution centers worldwide
  • We‘ll manage your order process for the complete TI portfolio.


Smart logistics

We tailor logistics solutions to perfectly fit your specific requirements.

  • Avnet will manage your whole order process
  • We deliver individual customer solutions for small and large volume customers
  • Serving all kinds of customer businesses
  • Worldwide, Avnet hast 19 value-add centers and 25 third party logistics providers


Strong B2B solutions

We automate your supply chain while keeping it as simple as possible.

  • Reduce complexity for you customers
  • Accelerate your supply chain process
  • Higher quality business transactions


TI SCS Collaboration content (LC)

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Seamless collaboration

No matter how complex your needs are, you can rely on Avnet to focus on your key business.

  • We bring over 25 years of supply chain experience to our well-established partnership
  • Avnet and Texas Instruments have been partners for many years
  • Together, we deliver reliable services through seamless processes
  • We focus on customer satisfaction


TI SCS efficient solutions content )LC)

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Efficient solutions

Our experienced supply chain team around the globe has a reputation for getting things done for you.

  • We've customized more than 1.200 solutions for customers around the world
  • More than 60% of Avnet customers use our supply chain services
  • Our supply chain team includes 240 dedicated support specialists. Our ISAs and customer service representatives are always readto to take requests, as well. 
  • We offer you the full supply chain solutions portfolio

Our supply chain solutions

Texas Instruments

Newest Products

TI’s unique combination of comprehensive analog portfolio, application insight and design support help engineers deliver differentiated designs faster and more easily.

ASAP Program

Avnet’s Supply Chain Accelerator Program (ASAP) encompasses our whole approach to providing tailored supply chain solutions to our customers.

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RaBET is Avnet’s free, exclusive Rapid Benefits Estimation Tool. With very little customer data, RaBET shows you the true cost savings you will experience by adding Avnet as your supply chain partner.

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Supply Chain Navigator

Check out the latest issue of Supply Chain Navigator - the supply chain publication of Avnet.

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Vendor Management Inventory

Choosing Avnet’s VMI solution enables you to reduce the time and cost of inventory tracking and administration.


It is the forecast that drives how we all allocate our company’s resources.


Avnet’s Kanban solutions were developed to provide an alternative to traditional push-based replenishment techniques.

Value Added Services

Our product modification services include bar coding, tape and reeling, programming and many other services.

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Avnet’s consignment solutions help you meet your goals of swift and reliable replenishment with a delay in ownership until the actual point of consumption.

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B2B solutions

Traditional EDI

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has revolutionised the way trading partners send structured business data to each other.


Avnet’s Pareto solution provides a seamless supply of lower cost components - it frees you up to focus on A items where there are fewer line items but with a higher value.


With our AMICON service, our goal is to provide our partners with accurate supply chain data that can be uploaded into their own IT systems automatically.


The TICIO data exchange platform helps smaller companies to put order information into the different data exchange formats required by different industries.


Avnet’s innovative, web-based POURS system is a turnkey solution for customers who wish to use bar code scanning as a trigger for efficient replenishment.